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  • NCAA Tourney overview

    I have to admit, the one job in the whole world I would not want is to be a member of the NCAA Basketball Selection committee. That nomination is subject to tongue lashing and being called everything but a human being. However, this year, I do think they did a great job.

    The deal Dick Vitale is bringing up about conferences only being allowed 5 teams into the tournament is not supported here. I am a big fan of the mid-majors, but I do think Missouri beats Butler 9 out of 10 times. Congrats to SIU-C, they deserved to get in.

    Now, upsets are going to be abundant this year, actually I may make a huge pick now: No #1 seed will be in the Final Four.

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    there's no friggin' way Gonzaga should be a #6 seed when they are RANKED #6 in the whole country.


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      I agree with that one. No way should Georgia be in front of them.