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  • Opening Day

    Its Opening Day in baseball, and my beloved Cardinals are facing that nemesis Mike Hampton. It has been tough for me to get excited about baseball the past few years, but this year Cardinal Nation is excited. Great lineup with Vina, Polanco, Drew, Pujols, Edmonds at the top. Pitching looks deep, something that has hurt them in the past. Last year, the front office got some help and this year landed Jason Isringhausen as the stopper. I like our chances.

    "Thanks for your time this time till next time, so long everybody." Mr. Jack Buck

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    The Card's definitely look good. My hometown is a AAA town (Rochester Red Wings) so i'm into that. I don't really have a favorite MLB, although i do favor the Tigers I guess. As long as they aren't the yankees or braves i'll root for them. Cards definitely look impressive.

    I've been upset with MLB since the big strike, but i'm a sports fan so i watch it anyway. SOOO many things need to change, but baseball is baseball i guess.


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      YANKEES: you either love em' or hate em' but you gotta respect em':king: ;)
      DJ, I hear you bout the Braves, and I'm worried that if the Rams don't win this year, they'll be like those bums in HotLanta. Anybody else get that queasy feeling?:upset: I mean, i see a lot of these bandwagoners with their Rams jersey's on, I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to do that, it's just I really believe that the Rams NEED to win this year to not look like the damn Vikings or something. :mad:
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        GOOD CALL, Mr. Blond!!! All the great talent, all the great opportunities, and for just one championship........ I freak at the thought! When you look at the media they are reluctant to call The Rams a dynasty based on end results. If we had won it all last year then it would have been a done deal! I think we deserve that designation anyway but in the medias eyes we definitely have to do it this year!

        You should start a thread on Ram talk on this topic! there will be great response!
        My Dodgers won their last three after dropping their first three! I'm happy about that!


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          i agree with mr. blond, had we won last year and been successful this year we would have been a dynasty in everyone's eyes in the new salary cap era.

          One thing we have that the bravos don'


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            Originally posted by Mr.Blond
            it's just I really believe that the Rams NEED to win this year to not look like the damn Vikings or something. :mad:

            Ah,but the Vikings never won the Super Bowl!

            You make a good point though.This upcoming season is very important to how this Rams team will go down in history.I still believe that Kurt Warner will be wearing two more Super Bowl rings before he retires.They had best be with the Rams!!!!!!;)


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              I think if we win this year, we should be considered a dynasty. Definately. The D has been revamped totally, and the core offense has remained intact.

              I want to give it up to the trainers and the fitness people on the Rams staff. We have been very fortunate to not have a major injury to any critical player.


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                I love it!!! This is supposed to be an "All other sports" forum but we find a way to make it an all about The RAMS forum!!!:o :o :o


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                  Originally posted by Mr.Blond
                  YANKEES: you either love em' or hate em' but you gotta respect em':king: ;)

                  Yankees ...hate 'em. Sorry Mr. B, but with King George (Steinbrenner) in charge, respect is out too. LOL!!



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                  • sjacksonrules
                    I won't do it twice in the same year and I hope you join me
                    by sjacksonrules
                    I am ashamed to admit it but I am a STL Cardinals fan that switched it off when they hit 10 and a half games back with about little over a month to play. It seemed like a near impossible feat so I stopped watching every game and switched my attention to the Rams who were in Pre season at the time. I started watching again towards the end when it looked like there was some hope at all but fact is I "gave up" and that was wrong. The team proved me wrong.

                    Well fast forward and here the Cards are not only made the playoffs but took the whole thing. Now I am not saying the Rams are going to win the superbowl just to be clear. But what I am saying is I won't give up till the fat lady sings. The fat lady was warming up on the Cards so I gave up but that lady never did sing her song. Which I now regret not believing.

                    That leads me to the 1-6 Rams. The fat lady hasn't sung yet so I refuse to give up on this season. I believe that we can still do this. We need a little luck to be on our side but it can be done. We actually can still have a winning record if we play our cards right. I hope the STL Cards helped the Rams this year by showing them don't give up and you never know what will happen.

                    We need to sneak into Arizona and pull out a win. Just take one game at a time. If Washington could help us out that wouldnt be to bad either lol.
                    -11-03-2011, 10:23 PM
                  • HUbison
                    The Royals are the Yankees' Daddy!
                    by HUbison
                    Ok, first off, I'm a Cards fan, but in the world of baseball few things could be sweeter than seeing ESPN's Deified Franchise, the Yankees get swept by the worst team in baseball, the lowly Royals. I loved it. The Yankees spend more on their bullpen catcher than the entire Royals roster and yet they get swept. I love it. May my redbirds do as well.
                    -06-03-2005, 08:41 AM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    I'm a crazy person (and you may be one too!)
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    The old saying goes... insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Well, then I guess I'm crazy.

                    This season is a disaster. Last season was one too.

                    But, do you know what's going to happen in the next 5 to 6 months? The Rams will likely replace their coaching staff and much, if not all, of the Front Office. There's even an outside chance that the team might be sold. The team will hopefully sign a couple of significant free agents, and they will have drafted some new talent.

                    And... after all that... what will I do? I'll regain my optimism. I'll convince myself that the Rams are the next "worst to first" team.

                    Of course, there was a year that this mindset paid off. The question is, was 1999 proof that I am actually sane, or just an enabler for my insanity?

                    Ah, who cares? Let's start talking draft!
                    -11-17-2008, 07:26 AM
                  • Guest's Avatar
                    by Guest
                    Yes, I shudder at the thought. But before ya'll panic, there are a couple differences between the two. First off, the bravos LOST there first meeting at the Big Show(1991), whereas the Rams WON(99). As a matter of fact, the Bravos lost their second meeting as well. Also, the braves have been there 5, count em' FIVE times and have only one ONCE. Rams of course twice and won once. But this is where the differences end.
                    Braves did, do, great in regular season, have tons of front runner fans, and fizzle out at the end. I see the same thing in the Rams. I'm not saying the Rams "fizzled" last year, but it's pretty close, in sports terms. And even in 2000, when they didn;'t even make it, the Rams started out very strong, then fizzled. The Braves, because they've only got one ring to show for it, look like bums IN MY EYES! The Rams will be picked to win it all this year, just like the braves used to be years ago. "Too much talent" the media says. I hate that connotation!! I DON"T WANT THIS HAPPENING TO THE RAMS!! I BELIEVE THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID THIS COMPARISON IS A SB WIN THIS YEAR. HEY THAT'S A LOT OF PRESSURE, I KNOW, BUT I'D RATHER HAVE 1 MORE WIN IN THE SB, THAN SHOW UP 5 MORE TIMES AND LOSE!!!!!!!!
                    Look, I'll be a Rams fan for life, that's for sure, I just feel it's imperative they don't look like those Bills (sorry DJ) or Braves, who seem to have NOTHING to show for all the talent they supposedly had. Can the Rams be like my great Yankees?!! Do it for me GOD!! But seriously, The Rams are going ALL THE WAY next year BABY!!! AM I ALONE?? NO WAY, JUST ASK YODA!! !;)
                    -04-08-2002, 11:46 AM
                  • Fat Pang
                    National day dream
                    by Fat Pang
                    It's National Day here in Hong Kong. Not my nation's day you understand, but the National day of China. It's a celebration of the creation of the communist state and it's obligatory for anyone connected with the government here (and I am as a civil servant) to take the whole thing suitably seriously. And I was I promise, I really was, until it became apparent that they were hoisting the flag upside down...........

                    I was stood next to the principal of my school at the time so my countenance didn't waver, but I got to thinking that it was an interesting image to ponder, given China's stance on human rights, environmental policy and virtually everything else. Something to do with seeing the world upside down.

                    Anyway, whilst the principal talked about Chinese contributions to world civilisation of which there are many (Compass, paper, gunpowder and golf to name but four. I'm always sceptical of the golf thing but whatever), my attention started to wander as it often does when listening to speeches in Cantonese.

                    I started to think about the Rams and what may happen this weekend and perhaps the rest of the season.

                    You see, my cup is actually half full right now. I've read some of the reaction that the opening three games have managed to generate and I think it's been fairly strange. I think one of the disquieting things for many of our fellow citizens of Ram nation is the whole concept of change. No-one likes change, from moving house to funerals, no-one feels comfortable with changes to their physical, mental or spiritual landscape. Whole industries have sprouted to deal with change and it's implications. Management consultants, faith healers, Fung Shui masters, numerologists, priests, Tarot card readers and politicians are all pretty good examples of people who are required to deal with the fall out that comes with upheaval.

                    As far as football is concerned, who can we consult?

                    Well there's always Bernie Miklasz I suppose but what I've found is that his answers and those of many of his peers merely reflect some of the short term demands of the fans. Fans themselves go even further by stating that Bulger should be traded, Fisher should be benched and Holt and Bruce should toughen up.

                    That way madness lies. The answer to the pain of change isn't further change. There aren't any fix-alls, the snake doctor has been run out of town and please, please can we just take a little notice of the fact that we're merely three games into the season and the team that we love to love has yet to find it's true identity.

                    There have been some encouraging signs, the most obvious of which is that we've won more games than we've lost. As well as that however can we consider that our defence is no longer a league wide joke, our offence is starting to wake up, our special teams play has been solid, our running game looks okay, we've got a great young...
                    -09-29-2006, 08:25 PM