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  • Opening Day

    Its Opening Day in baseball, and my beloved Cardinals are facing that nemesis Mike Hampton. It has been tough for me to get excited about baseball the past few years, but this year Cardinal Nation is excited. Great lineup with Vina, Polanco, Drew, Pujols, Edmonds at the top. Pitching looks deep, something that has hurt them in the past. Last year, the front office got some help and this year landed Jason Isringhausen as the stopper. I like our chances.

    "Thanks for your time this time till next time, so long everybody." Mr. Jack Buck

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    The Card's definitely look good. My hometown is a AAA town (Rochester Red Wings) so i'm into that. I don't really have a favorite MLB, although i do favor the Tigers I guess. As long as they aren't the yankees or braves i'll root for them. Cards definitely look impressive.

    I've been upset with MLB since the big strike, but i'm a sports fan so i watch it anyway. SOOO many things need to change, but baseball is baseball i guess.


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      YANKEES: you either love em' or hate em' but you gotta respect em':king: ;)
      DJ, I hear you bout the Braves, and I'm worried that if the Rams don't win this year, they'll be like those bums in HotLanta. Anybody else get that queasy feeling?:upset: I mean, i see a lot of these bandwagoners with their Rams jersey's on, I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to do that, it's just I really believe that the Rams NEED to win this year to not look like the damn Vikings or something. :mad:
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        GOOD CALL, Mr. Blond!!! All the great talent, all the great opportunities, and for just one championship........ I freak at the thought! When you look at the media they are reluctant to call The Rams a dynasty based on end results. If we had won it all last year then it would have been a done deal! I think we deserve that designation anyway but in the medias eyes we definitely have to do it this year!

        You should start a thread on Ram talk on this topic! there will be great response!
        My Dodgers won their last three after dropping their first three! I'm happy about that!


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          i agree with mr. blond, had we won last year and been successful this year we would have been a dynasty in everyone's eyes in the new salary cap era.

          One thing we have that the bravos don'


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            Originally posted by Mr.Blond
            it's just I really believe that the Rams NEED to win this year to not look like the damn Vikings or something. :mad:

            Ah,but the Vikings never won the Super Bowl!

            You make a good point though.This upcoming season is very important to how this Rams team will go down in history.I still believe that Kurt Warner will be wearing two more Super Bowl rings before he retires.They had best be with the Rams!!!!!!;)


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              I think if we win this year, we should be considered a dynasty. Definately. The D has been revamped totally, and the core offense has remained intact.

              I want to give it up to the trainers and the fitness people on the Rams staff. We have been very fortunate to not have a major injury to any critical player.


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                I love it!!! This is supposed to be an "All other sports" forum but we find a way to make it an all about The RAMS forum!!!:o :o :o


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                  Originally posted by Mr.Blond
                  YANKEES: you either love em' or hate em' but you gotta respect em':king: ;)

                  Yankees ...hate 'em. Sorry Mr. B, but with King George (Steinbrenner) in charge, respect is out too. LOL!!



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                  • sjacksonrules
                    I won't do it twice in the same year and I hope you join me
                    by sjacksonrules
                    I am ashamed to admit it but I am a STL Cardinals fan that switched it off when they hit 10 and a half games back with about little over a month to play. It seemed like a near impossible feat so I stopped watching every game and switched my attention to the Rams who were in Pre season at the time. I started watching again towards the end when it looked like there was some hope at all but fact is I "gave up" and that was wrong. The team proved me wrong.

                    Well fast forward and here the Cards are not only made the playoffs but took the whole thing. Now I am not saying the Rams are going to win the superbowl just to be clear. But what I am saying is I won't give up till the fat lady sings. The fat lady was warming up on the Cards so I gave up but that lady never did sing her song. Which I now regret not believing.

                    That leads me to the 1-6 Rams. The fat lady hasn't sung yet so I refuse to give up on this season. I believe that we can still do this. We need a little luck to be on our side but it can be done. We actually can still have a winning record if we play our cards right. I hope the STL Cards helped the Rams this year by showing them don't give up and you never know what will happen.

                    We need to sneak into Arizona and pull out a win. Just take one game at a time. If Washington could help us out that wouldnt be to bad either lol.
                    -11-03-2011, 10:23 PM
                  • Chiledog
                    How bout them Reds!!
                    by Chiledog
                    I've been a Cincinnati Reds fan since the late 60's. The Big Red Machine era of the 70's was something I'll never forget. I still remember the starting lineups from the unbelievable teams they had in that decade. However, except for their surprise World Series win over the A's in 90, they have not given their fans much to get excited about. Well, things have changed, baby! The team everyone predicted to sweep the cellar this year is leading MLB in wins, and doing it by kicking the behind of great teams like Houston and St. Louis. (Sorry to all of you Cardinal fans)
                    GO REDS!

                    -05-02-2006, 05:41 PM
                  • HUbison
                    The Royals are the Yankees' Daddy!
                    by HUbison
                    Ok, first off, I'm a Cards fan, but in the world of baseball few things could be sweeter than seeing ESPN's Deified Franchise, the Yankees get swept by the worst team in baseball, the lowly Royals. I loved it. The Yankees spend more on their bullpen catcher than the entire Royals roster and yet they get swept. I love it. May my redbirds do as well.
                    -06-03-2005, 08:41 AM
                  • Watchdog
                    ROLL CALL ( Trolls check yourselves at the door )
                    by Watchdog
                    As a public service announcement, it is my self-proclaimed duty to inform the few remaining insolents the last ship to salvation is nearly full. Please proceed to the loading dock and make you're escape from the fledging Ram-nation. And as a bonus you will be provided with all the cheese your little whiskery snouts can slobber up. All aboard!
                    Bon voyage sell-outs. May the Vikings and the Lions provide stability and peace of mind.

                    Shhh, let em go. We need them like Claude needs a hole in his bong.

                    Okay, I'll admit there are few paisley-colored, stinky eggs larger than the one the Rams laid on opening day. And I'll go along with the notion that in some alternate universe, karma has confused this team as being the loser of last year's super-bowl. But blow my horn, I know damn well that there is absolutely nothing at all Ram on any part of my Madden '08 cover.

                    So what gives?

                    As easy as it is to join the "poor-us" pity train, I just don't think it fits well. At the risk of providing a good example with a bad vision, we saw this very same scenario play out with the Seahawks last year at a much higher level.

                    Even Ham-bone the witch-doctor couldn't chant Shaun Alexander's broken foot back together, but they persevered all the way to the playoffs on Seneca Wallace's inept shoulders.

                    But Watchdog, the Hawks killed us-they always kill the Rams!

                    Shut up troll, why aren't you on the boat?

                    I really don't think I need to elaborate on my point.

                    When you lose four, potentially five starters, some may say that's par for the course.

                    When you do it in the space between the first and the second game - well, pardon my french - that just sucks a$$.

                    But don't cry - that MO went out with our beloved Dick Vermiel. Think of all the benefits our team can achieve in light of all the tragedy.

                    *Marc Bulger will become a better scrambling quarterback by necessity after a few games spent running for his life.

                    *The team water-boy has a better chance than ever to become the next Bobby Bouche'

                    *Georgia Frontiere can put on her forty-year-old nurse uniform and finally feel like she has a purpose.

                    Forgive me for the levity, but it occurs to me that a little lightening up is in order, and a little bit of reason. So let's all take a collective step back and take a look at what we have going for us here.

                    Sure we're looking at an extremely unfortunate start to our season, but these are the cards that have been dealt to us. Though it seems bad, this has all the makings of, in the best scenario, a really special story of courage and fortitude. In place of our starters there are many budding first-break tales that could be every bit as reminiscent as the legend of Kurt Warner. There are champions with rings in the locker...
                    -09-12-2007, 10:34 PM
                  • djones39
                    Help Me Out (Im hurting)!!!
                    by djones39
                    Like most of you, I can n o longer talk to my buddies, or coworkers, or girlfriend. My days have been ruined, and my heart has been battered.

                    What hurts the most is knowing this:

                    On Sept 8, if someone, punk, woman, man , animal, whoever, would have said,

                    "The Rams, suck, and I'll bet you that they'll be 0-5"

                    Not only would I have laughed histerrically, I would have bet my life, I mean literally, my life.

                    This is just killing me, how far we are, away fromwhat i expected/ believed. It sucks when you expect to win and dont, my life has been consumed with confusion.

                    Someone please chear me up,

                    Because If the above scenario would have actually happened, I would truly be a dead man. I just can't swallow this 0-5 start.

                    Everyday it feels like i'm living a nightmare.

                    -10-11-2007, 08:59 AM