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    Anyone going to stick their neck out and predict who's going to win the title?
    As an Arsenal fan, I know where my money's going, but I have a slight fear that Liverpool are going to come up the rails and nick it.
    And can you ever rule out Man Utd?

    Either way, it's the most exciting title race for years...

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    I actually enjoy watching English Premier Soccer on Sundays here. I don't tend to pick a team until late, and I mostly root for Chelsea for some reason. I had a dog named Chelsea once. Lame reason, but at least it got me interested.


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      Originally posted by txramsfan
      I had a dog named Chelsea once.
      Didn't Bill Clinton have a dog named Chelsea?

      Oh, my mistake, that was his daughter.


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        Asenal for the double?... I dont think so! Cant see past Man Utd in the league & Chelsea in the cup. Don`t think Liverpool have a chance after last night`s showing. However this may come back to haunt me.


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          Yes it has come back to haunt me, after Beckham breaking his foot/ankle I dont Man Utd can win the league so I reckon Arsenal will do it now, but don`t hold me to it.


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            As an Arsenal fan, despite my welshness, I bloody hope we do the double. it's been three trophyless years since the double, with us coming second every year.

            Some of the football arsenal plays is just stunning. we should do it, but we just need one slip up and that'd mean we'd have to go to Old Trafford and get a result.

            Personally I think manure are out of it - but Liverpool worry me. They're boring enough to grind out five wins in a row.

            Anyway, I'll be at highbury on Sunday 21st cheering the Gunners on against Ipswich.

            After the last year's FA Cup final and the rams in the Superbowl I don't think I could take another disappointment.

            UP THE ARSE!


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            • txramsfan
              Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League
              by txramsfan
              Tied 1-1 at half. Drogba gets robbed but Chelsea gets the goal it needs by Essien. Juve needs two more to advance. No way. Sorry Claudio....CHELSEA!!!!!!!!
              -03-10-2009, 01:33 PM
            • 01d 0rd3r
              World Cup time
              by 01d 0rd3r
              As everyone knows it is world cup time, which mean that one of the biggest sporting events in the world will be going on for the next month. So I am interested, if you watch the World Cup what country to you want to win. I have been an Italian fan since I was little, and look forward to a repeat by the Azzuri. What team is everyone else watching.
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            • Yodude
              Quote of the Year....
              by Yodude
              This was buried at the end of the Pasquarelli article about Delhomme's new contract, but I thought it deserved some attention.

              "When I see guys huddling up after the game, to pray, that's what scares me about the game. I'm a Baptist, but I'm also a quarterback killer, and I ain't praying with you. But I will give you 30 seconds to ask your Lord and master to keep me from killing you." -- Hall of Fame defensive end "Deacon" Jones on what aspect of the modern game most upsets him.

              We need more defensive players with this kind of attitude!
              -06-18-2004, 02:40 PM
            • txramsfan
              Man U versus Chelsea
              by txramsfan
              I know its early but I am really looking forward to tomorrows fixture of Man U v Chelsea. If Chelsea pulls out a draw I will be happy
              -09-17-2011, 06:58 AM
            • Ahmedrams81
              by Ahmedrams81
              Anyone here a fan of Soccer? I personally love watching the English Premier League and the Spanish League.
              -09-18-2009, 08:11 AM