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  • Smarty Jones

    I'm not much into horse racing, but damn if I didn't want to see Smarty Jones win the triple crown.

    I thought he had it coming down the stretch.

    So close!!


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    Re: Smarty Jones

    I was at Applebee's with a friend during the race, and the entire place was glued to the TV watching. That winning horse really came out of no where there at the end.


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    • RAMMAN68
      Pac-Man Jones: 'I Will Be Nowhere Near Next Friday's Strip-Club Stabbing'
      by RAMMAN68
      June 21, 2007 | Onion Sports

      LOS ANGELES—Suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pac-Man" Jones called a press conference Tuesday in order to emphasize that he will be nowhere near a possibly fatal stabbing that will occur during a fight involving several members of his entourage and the bartender at an L.A.–area strip club this coming Friday.

      "I just want people to know that I'm not going to be present at Shaker's, the club where possibly about to be deceased chump-ass bartender Darrent Wilson has been known to exchange harsh language and threats with my known associates, including kicking me and my people out of his establishment," said Jones, who is also currently being questioned by police concerning a recent shooting at an Atlanta strip club and is currently on suspension from the NFL following a melee and shooting in February at a Las Vegas strip club. "I am sorry for what is about to happen to this man, who will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it will have had nothing to do with me."

      Jones also took the opportunity to appeal once more to the NFL for leniency in a case of what he called "bad luck."

      "I will be going to bed at midnight on Friday anyway, and the gentleman in question will not be knifed until about 3 a.m.," Jones added. "And about Wednesday I'm deciding to give up strip clubs anyway, since bad stuff can happen there, especially when employees act unreasonable. Just because I know the guys who will be there when this happens doesn't necessarily mean I knew it was going to happen."

      The fight, which sources close to Jones say will apparently start as an argument over a woman, will involve Wilson and at least three as-yet unidentified members of Jones' group, although witnesses will not be able to place Jones at the scene. When contacted about the incident, Jones plans to promise to cooperate with authorities in their investigation and pray for Wilson's speedy recovery, if the bartender is alive at the time.

      Jones stressed that no charges have yet been filed against him, saying that, although unfortunate, anticipation of the stabbing was "blowing the incident all out of proportion."

      "This Saturday will mark my sixth arrest, or possibly seventh. I can't tell the future," Jones said, shaking his head in apparent anger. "Yet I won't get charged this time, either. They'll just be persecuting me for the stabbing that's going to happen because of the other stuff that already happened. Is that fair? I don't think that when Mr. Smart Mouth Darrent Wilson gets stabbed it should affect my career like that."

      "You know that Darrent, the guy who's going to get tragically stabbed, has always had it in for me," Jones added. "By the time he gets put in the hospital or killed, he will have thrown...
      -07-12-2007, 08:46 PM
    • AlphaRam
      Deacon Jones Retirement Print
      by AlphaRam
      For those who could not attend the game, here is a picture of the print that was handed out at the game.

      -09-29-2009, 06:59 PM
    • RebelYell
      Julio Jones
      by RebelYell
      Atlanta saying he's likely done for the season.
      -10-08-2013, 11:54 AM
    • MauiRam
      Barrett Jones healthy and ready to compete
      by MauiRam
      By Nick Wagoner

      EARTH CITY, Mo. -- As fourth round picks go, St. Louis Rams offensive lineman Barrett Jones brought with him one of the most impressive college résumés you're ever going to find.

      In a decorated collegiate career at Alabama, Jones was an integral part of three national title teams and won nearly every major award a lineman can take home, including the Outland and Rimington trophies. Along with that, he also carried an inherent amount of expectations.

      So when Jones' rookie season amounted to little more than a redshirt year as he recovered from foot surgery, the adjustment was a big one.

      "It was frustrating but it was also a learning experience," Jones said. "Last year was great from the standpoint of I grew a lot, not only as a player but also as a person. It’s tough when you kind of go from the top of the totem pole in college and then you go into the bottom in the NFL and you have to carry pads and things like that."

      As it turned out, carrying pads was about the extent of Jones' on-field activities in 2013. Before arriving in St. Louis, he suffered a Lisfranc injury in his left foot in the SEC championship game during his senior year and played through the injury in the BCS title game. He had surgery soon after the season but needed additional cleanup work before he could even get going with the Rams.

      Jones went five months without being able to run, which severely limited his ability to get in shape and go through a normal workout routine. Jones lost muscle, gained the wrong kinds of weight and was essentially cut off from doing any sort of workouts involving his lower body.

      The Rams drafted Jones knowing full well that his rehab would take some time and were well-prepared to be patient with him in his rookie season. He was inactive the first 13 games of the season and only made sporadic appearances on special teams in the final three games after injuries to other linemen left Jones as one of few options remaining on the roster.

      While Jones was an active participant in meeting rooms, he simply hadn't had enough opportunities to translate those lessons to the field. Believing that Jones didn't have enough repetitions and that he wasn't prepared to handle the physical nature of the league, the Rams resisted the urge to insert Jones into the lineup before he was ready.

      It was an assessment Jones understood.

      "I didn’t have any problem memorizing what to do but there’s just a certain amount of times you have to see something in person to be able to do it in football," Jones said. "It’s a totally different view watching it on film and seeing it and making the calls than it is from down on the ground where it’s not as easy to see what’s going on and it’s all happening way faster.

      "It’s got to become instinct. When you see something happen,...
      -06-08-2014, 01:58 PM
    • RamWraith
      Punting Without Peer
      by RamWraith
      Wednesday, December 3, 2008

      By Nick Wagoner
      Senior Writer

      Five years ago, a low line drive punt traveling 41 yards that netted just 12 yards such as the one Donnie Jones booted in the first quarter against San Francisco on Nov. 16, would have been enough to drive Jones to a point of frustration that would have ruined him for the rest of the game.

      Such is the fragile psyche of a young punter in the NFL. At one of the few positions in the NFL where success or failure can be instantly recognized by anyone watching, it’s up to the punter to immediately put the previous punt – good or bad – in the rearview mirror.

      “I’d go in the toilet,” Jones said. “I was bad. I thought I was going to get cut. Then it would kind of snowball.”

      Since arriving in St. Louis on April 25, 2007 as a free agent, that snowball has apparently melted.

      In his first season as a Ram, Jones posted one of the finest seasons by a punter in franchise history. His 47.2 yard average was the highest season average in franchise history and helped him finish second in the NFC and third in the NFL in that category.

      And for as good as Jones was in 2007, he appears poised to take those numbers to a new level.

      Through 12 games, Jones leads the NFL with a 49.7 yard average on 63 punts. Perhaps more impressive and a testament to the hang time and angle of his punts in addition to the distance is Jones’ 40.7 net average which is good for third in the league and first in the NFC in that category.

      “I do think he’s a Pro Bowler,” coach Jim Haslett said. “There are a couple things. One, he has a live leg, a really live leg. He’s a big guy, he’s powerful. He can control the ball well, he can spot it, he can place it where he wants to. If he wants to kick it deep, he can kick it high. He can do almost anything he wants. I think Donnie feels good about it; he can’t punt it down there. We don’t have to worry about punting it out of bounds or sideways if we have a great returner. We punt to the best. The coverage units have been doing a good job and obviously he has a heck of a leg on him.”

      Just 26 games into his career as a Ram, it’s safe to say the days of fretting over being released or where his next opportunity might come are a thing of the past for Jones.

      “When I got here I finally said ‘Listen, you kicked a bad one so what are you going to do now?’” Jones said. “Are you going to sit there and sulk and say oh what am I going to do? I used to do all of that stuff and it kills you. Your head is not even in the game so you hit a bad one, it’s over. It’s a new game, go back out, start over and do it. The bad ones are going to happen. As much as you don’t want them to happen, they just do for some reason. You have to get over it.”


      The process of remembering to forget has been many years in...
      -12-04-2008, 06:38 AM