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    Squad line-up 2006/07 (continued).

    Name;Craig Moore.
    Born; Canterbury.Australia.
    D.O.B. 12/12/1975
    Hieght; 6'1''(185cm).
    Wieght; 12st.(76.27kg).
    Former clubs; Crystal palace,Rangers.
    Pos; defender (No 18).

    Name; Titus Bramble.
    Born; Ipswich.England.
    D.O.B. 21/07/1981.
    Hieght; 6'1''(185cm).
    Wieght; 13st 10lbs (87.16kg)
    Former clubs; Ipswich,Colchester Utd.(loan).
    Pos; Defender (No19).

    Name; Albert Luque.
    Born; Barcelona.Spain.
    D.O.B. 11/03/1978.
    Hieght; 6'(183cm).
    Wieght; 12st.8lbs.(80kg).
    Pos; Striker (No 20).

    Name; Lee Clarke.
    Born; Wallsend.Newcastle.
    D.O.B. 27/10/1972.
    Hieght; 5'8''(173cm).
    Wieght; 11st.7lbs(73.09kg).
    Former clubs; Maccums,Fulham.
    Pos; Midfielder,coach(No21).

    Name; Nicky Butt.
    Born; Manchester,England.
    D.O.B. 21/01/1975.
    Hieght; 5'10''(178cm).
    Wieght; 11st.3lbs.(71.28kg).
    Former clubs; Birmingham City(loan),Manchester Utd.
    Pos; Midfielder (No22).

    Name; Shola Ameobi.
    Born; Zaria.Nigeria.(England).
    D.O.B. 12/10/1981.
    Hieght; 6'2''(188cm).
    Wieght; 12st.(76.27kg).
    Pos; Striker (No 23).

    Name; Peter Ramage.
    Born; Ashington.Northumberland.
    D.O.B. 22/11/1983.
    Hieght; 6'1''(185cm).
    Wieght; 12st.(76kg).
    Pos; Defender (N0 26).

    Name; Steven Taylor.
    Born; Greenwich.England.
    D.O.B. 23/01/1986.
    Hieght; 6'2''(188cm).
    Wieght; 12st.11lbs.(81kg).
    Former clubs; Wycombe,Wycombe(loan).
    Pos; Midfielder (No 27).

    Name; Celestine Babayaro.
    Born; Kaduna. Nigeria.
    D.O.B. 29/08/1978.
    Hieght; 5'9''(175cm).
    Wieght; 10st.12lbs.(69kg).
    Former clubs; Chelsea.
    Pos; Defender (No 33).

    Name; Matty Patinson.
    Born; Johannesburg R.S.A.
    D.O.B. 27/10/1986.
    Wieght; 12st.4lbs.(78kg).
    Pos; Midfielder (No 35).

    Name; Kris Gate.
    Born; Newcastle.England.
    D.O.B. 01/01/1985.
    Hieght; 5'7''(170cm).
    Wieght; 10st.3lbs.(65kg).
    Pos; Defender.(No 36).

    Name; Alan O'Brien.
    Born; Dublin.R.O.I.
    D.O.B. 20/02/1985.
    Hieght; 5'10''(178cm).
    Wieght; 11st.3lbs.(71.28kg).
    Former clubs; Carlisle Utd.(loan).
    Pos; Midfielder (No 37).

    Name; Paul Huntington.
    Born; Carlisle.England.
    D.O.B. 17/09/1987.
    Hieght; 6'3''(191cm).
    Wieght; 12st.8lbs(80kg).
    Pos; Defender. (No 54).

    Although this is a current squad list,reports in last nights paper sugested that, Amdy Faye is on his way to Charlton Athletic.(reported 2.5 million).
    And the coaching staff are still working non-stop,trying to improve fire power to the front line by possible new signings.(before the transfer window closes) ...
    Watch this space. joe

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  • geordie joe
    News from the "toon" !!!
    by geordie joe
    Squad line-up 2006-07. (Part One).

    Name-Shay Given.
    Born; Lifford Co.Donegal.
    D.O.B.; 20/04/1976.
    Hieght; 6'1'' (185cm).
    Wieght; 13st.4lbs (84.44kg)
    Former clubs; Maccums (loan),blackburn,swindon.
    Position; goalkeeper.(No 1)

    Name; Stephen Carr.
    Born; Dublin.R.O.I.
    D.O.B.; 29/08/1976.
    hieght; 5'9'' (175cm)
    wieght; 12st.2lbs.(77.18kg).
    Former clubs;Tottenham.
    Position;Defender. (No 2).

    Name;Nolberto Solano.
    Born;Callao,Peru.D.O.B. 12/12/1974.
    Hieght; 5'8''(173cm).
    wieght; 11st.3lbs.(71.28kg).
    Former clubs; Aston Villa.
    Position; midfielder (No 4).

    Name; Belozoglu Emre.
    D.O.B. 07/09/1980
    Hieght;5'7'' (171cm).
    Wieght;12st 8lbs (80kg).
    Former clubs; Galatasaray,Inter Milan.
    Pos. Midfielder (No 5).

    Name; Jean Alain Boumsong.
    Born; Douala,Cameroon.(French).
    D.O.B. 14/12/1979.
    Former clubs;Rangers.
    Pos; Defender (No 6).

    Name; Kieron Dyer.
    D.O.B. 29/12/1978.
    Hieght; 5'8''(173cm).
    Former clubs;Ipswich.
    Pos; midfielder (No 8).

    Name; Michael Owen.
    Born; Chester,England.
    D.O.B. 14/12/1979.
    Hieght; 5'8''(173cm).
    Wieght; 11st(70kg).
    Former clubs; Liverpool,Real Madrid.
    Pos; Striker (N0 10).

    Name;Damien Duff.
    Born; R.O.I.
    D.O.B. 02/03/1979.
    Hieght; 5'9''(175cm).
    Former clubs; Blackburn,Chelsea.
    Pos; Midfielder (No 11).

    Name;Steve Harper.
    Born; Easington Co.Durham England.
    D.O.B. 14/03/1975.
    Hieght; 6'2''(188cm).
    Wieght; 13st(82.63kg).
    Former clubs; Hartlepool(loan).Huddersfield(loan).Bradford city(loan).
    Pos; Goalkeeper (No 12).

    Name;Charles N'Zogbia.
    Born;Harfleur France.
    D.O.B. 28/05/1986.
    Hieght; 5'7''(170cm).
    Wieght; 11st(70kg).
    Pos; Midfielder (No 14).

    Name;Amady Faye.
    Born; Dakar Senegal.
    D.O.B. 12/03/1977.
    Hieght; 6'(184cm).
    Wieght; 12st.4lbs.(78kg).
    Former clubs; Portsmouth.
    Pos; midfielder (No 15).

    Name; James Milner.
    Born; England.
    D.O.B. 04/01/1986.
    Hieght; 5'9''(176cm).
    Wieght; 11st(70kg).
    Former clubs; Aston Villa(loan),Swindon Town(loan).Leeds United.
    Pos; Midfielder (No 16).

    Name; Scott Parker.
    Born; Lambeth.London.
    D.O.B. 13/10/1980.
    Hieght; 5'9''(175cm).
    Wieght; 11st(69.92kg).
    Former clubs; Norwhich City(loan),Charlton,Chelsea.
    Pos; Midfield (No 17).

    To be continued.Joe.
    -08-05-2006, 09:31 AM
  • LA Rammer
    Belichick's Name Changed
    by LA Rammer
    To Belicheat!!! Heard it on the radio, thought it was hilarious and yet quite disturbing.
    -09-12-2007, 10:01 AM
  • AlphaRam
    What Name Would You....
    by AlphaRam
    What name would you hate to have? There are some really screwed up names out there in the world. I thought about this when my wife asked me about Pliney the Elder. I would kick someone's arse if they named me Pliney!

    What kind of chick (if any) would want to bang a dude name Pliney???

    So, what name have you heard that would make you fighting mad if it was your name?
    -02-17-2007, 03:06 PM
  • OldRamsfan
    What's In A Name ?
    by OldRamsfan
    What's In A Name?

    How did the Rams get their name?
    According to Hal Lebovitz: Homer Marshman, founder of the Cleveland team, met one day with reporters. Realizing he had to come up with a name for the team, he asked their suggestions. The consensus was that it should be a short name so as to fit easily into a headline. Fordham, in New York, was a big football school at the time, and their team name, "Rams," seemed to fit the criteria perfectly. Saying, "We can't get one shorter than that," the name was adopted by the Cleveland team.
    According to Mike Sebastian, his grandfather told this story: Mike Sebastian, the grandfather, played for the Rams in 1936 and 1937. During a meeting attended by the owner, coaches, and some players, several names were written on a blackboard. "Rams" and "Titans" were two of the names listed. Sebastian was partial to "Titans", but "Rams" was finally settled on. It is not clear whether Sebastian and Lebovitz are referring to the same meeting, or whether the meeting in the Sebastian version was prior to the meeting in the Lebovitz version.
    -11-16-2005, 07:57 AM
  • AlphaRam
    Have There Been Any Rams Players That You Share Your last Name?
    by AlphaRam
    There is only one Rams player that I share my last name with....Bruce Gossett, our kicker in the bigger part of the 60's.

    Who do you share your last name with?
    -06-27-2006, 06:05 PM