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    Newcastle united 2 v wigan 1
    (St.James'Park Sat.19/08/06).


    Shey Given.Sound,not a chance for the goal. 7/10.
    Stephen Carr.At fault for the goal but a solid performance for most of the game. 7/10.
    Celestine Babayaro. Off the pace,poor distribution. 5/10.
    Titus Bramble. Shaky start,lucky not to concede a late pen. 6/10.
    Craig Moore. Strugled before early withdrawl. 5/10.
    Nol Solano. Busy game,linked up well with Duff. 6/10.
    Scott Parker. Worthy captian,took his goal well. 8/10.
    Nicky Butt. Solid in midfield,before been taken out by Emre.6/10.
    Emre. No chance to shine but got stuck in where it matterd. 6/10.
    Damien Duff. Promising prem.debut,looked dangerous throughout. 7/10.
    SHOLA AMEOBI. (m.o.m.) Made the first goal,took the second,well 8/10.


    Charles N'Zogbia. (for Butt 16 mins) Excellent work rate,should start. 7/10.
    Steven Taylor. (for Moore 45 mins). Struggled on his return. 5/10.
    Albert Luque. (for Ameobi 76 mins). Worked hard,unlucky to have a goal ruled out. 6/10.

    Not used: Harper . Milner.

    Shots on target- New 6. Wig 6.
    Shots off target- New 1. wig 4.
    Fouls conceded-New 17. Wig 19.
    Corners- New 4. Wig 11.
    Offsides- New 7. Wig 2.
    Possession- New 45%. Wig 55%.

    Goals - Parker (38 mins). Ameobi (64 mins).
    Bookings - Luque (90 mins,foul).

    Goals - McCulloch (59 mins).
    Bookings - Heskey (9 mins,foul).Valencia (56 mins,foul).

    Referee - Martin Atkinson (york) 7/10.

    Attendance - 51.569 (wigan did not sell thier full allocation of tickets).

    Next game - Toon v Ventspils (St.James'Park)
    Thursday 24/08/06. Kick off 19:45.
    Second leg of the U.E.F.A. cup qualifier.(Toon 1-0 up from the first leg.)


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  • Nick
    AP Top 25 - 9/5/06
    by Nick
    RANK	TEAM                RECORD     PTS       LAST
    1       Ohio St. (39)       1-0        1568       1
    2       Texas (7)           1-0        1453       3
    3       Southern Cal (3)    1-0        1410       6
    4       Notre Dame (8)      1-0        1408       2
    4       Auburn (3)          1-0        1408       4
    6       West Virginia (5)   1-0        1356       5
    7       Florida             1-0        1191       7 
    8       LSU                 1-0        1185       8
    9       Florida St.         1-0        1130      11
    10      Michigan            1-0         841      14
    11      Tennessee           1-0         839      23
    12      Georgia             1-0         836      15
    13      Louisville          1-0         820      13
    14      Iowa                1-0         800      16
    15      Oklahoma            1-0         725      10
    16      Virginia Tech       1-0         673      17
    17      Miami               0-1         624      12
    18      Clemson             1-0         564      18
    19      Penn St.            1-0         467      19
    20      Oregon              1-0         436      21
    21      Nebraska            1-0         358      20
    22      California          0-1         212       9
    23      TCU                 1-0         198      22
    24      Texas Tech          1-0         196      25
    25      Arizona St.         1-0         134      24

    Poor Cal, that's quite a drop.
    -09-05-2006, 01:55 PM
  • Bruce=GOAT
    top 10 misc. searches of '06
    by Bruce=GOAT

    Top 10 Overall Searches
    1Britney Spears 2WWE 3Shakira 4Jessica Simpson 5Paris Hilton 6American Idol 7Beyonce Knowles 8Chris Brown 9Pamela Anderson 10Lindsay Lohan
    Top 10 Celebrity Searches
    1Britney Spears 2Shakira 3Jessica Simpson 4Paris Hilton 5Beyonce Knowles 6Chris Brown 7Pamela Anderson 8Lindsay Lohan 9Jessica Alba 10Mariah Carey
    Top 10 TV Show Searches
    1American Idol 2Lost 3Days of Our Lives 4Family Guy 5Deal or No Deal 6Grey's Anatomy 7The Simpsons 8Dancing With the Stars 9Smallville 10South Park
    Top 10 Sports Team Searches
    1New York Yankees 2Dallas Cowboys 3Pittsburgh Steelers 4Boston Red Sox 5Manchester United 6Arsenal FC 7Detroit Tigers 8Chicago Bears 9Real Madrid 10St. Louis Cardinals
    Top 10 Song Lyric Searches
    1Hips Don't Lie 2My Humps 3Grillz 4Unfaithful 5Bad Day 6Beep 7Laffy Taffy 8Buttons 9What Hurts the Most 10Unwritten
    Top 10 News Story Searches
    1Steve Irwin death 2Anna Nicole's son dies 3Iraq 4Israel and Lebanon 5U.S. elections 6Fidel Castro stroke 7North Korea nuke 8JonBenet confession 9Saddam Hussein trial 10Danish cartoon
    Top 10 Celebrity Baby Searches
    1Suri Cruise 2Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt 3Sean Preston Federline 4Jayden James Federline 5Kingston Rossdale 6David Banda 7Moses Martin 8Grier Hammond Henchy 9Barron William Trump 10Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern
    Top 10 Blog/Blogger Searches
    1Perez Hilton 2The Superficial 3Pink Is the New Blog 4Huffington Post 6Daily Kos 7Jossip 8A Socialite's Life 9Little Green Footballs 10Gawker
    Top 10 Politician Searches
    1George W. Bush 2Arnold Schwarzenegger 3Bill Clinton 4Hillary Clinton 5Dick Cheney 6Mark Foley 7John Kerry 8Barack Obama 9Nancy Pelosi 10Tom Delay
    Top 10 Movie Searches
    1Spider-Man 3 2X-Men 3 3Pirates of the Caribbean 2 4Star Wars 5Superman Returns 6Transformers 7Saw III 8The Da Vinci Code 9Talladega Nights 10Borat
    -12-28-2006, 11:27 PM
  • BarronWade
    B-Dub's mock off-season 2012 1.0
    by BarronWade
    Fisher is our head coach Williams in most likely our DC lets goo with a mock

    Key Departures:
    Jason Brown (dead weight)
    Brandon Lloyd (thanks for some exciting plays this year good luck with McD in NE)
    Ron Bartell (coming off an injury with an inflated contract)
    Justin King (idk i just love seeing his name under the departure list)

    Key re-signs:
    Danny Boy
    Darian Stewart
    Jacob Bell
    Tony Wraggle
    Cadilac Williams

    Key Arrivals:
    Cortland Finnagan DB
    Albert Haynsworth DT (vet min/ lets see if fisher can re-establish this former beast)
    Aubroyo Franklin DT (we are stopping the run this year!!)

    Draft note: i would love to trade with the browns but i am not going to mock any trades


    Round 1: Justin Blackmon, WR
    Analysis: O-line issues are so overated we have talent on the O-line and with out Lloyd our WR core is just a bunch of question marks...Get the Playmaker!

    Round 2: Ronnell Lewis, OLB
    Analysis: It might look like a reach now but idc...Gregg williams needs his OLB to get to the pass rusher and i am sick up puttin a random scrub to line with JLau...Williams scheme will make Lewis look like a star and one more thing he is a GREAT TACKLER...We will not be the worst tackling team next year.

    Round 3: Ben Jones, C
    Analysis: TBH i still believe Saffold is a quality OT and Jason Smith can potentially be a good OT, we have Dahl, we need a good Center to solidify the entire O-line...Jones can be a leader and he is physical to help Jax with his up the middle runs

    Round 4: Keenan Robinson, OLB
    Analysis: 2 OLBs in our first 4 picks? YES! Fisher is known for his stingy D and Williams for his blitz happy schemes so we need a LB that can zone and cover the TEs in Willams exotic blitzing schemes

    Round 5: Brandon Lloyd rams 2011 highlight reel

    Later rounds i expect us to address Defensive depth in the secondary

    Draft Notes:

    -I did not take a RB because i do not think the mid round RBs are an upgrade over Cadi (cadi can run and catch the ball and can also block)

    -Our Oline will look similar to last year: Saffold-Bell-JONES-Dahl-Smith obviously we can upgrade the LG but right now i think this is a solid group

    -Danario Alexander will be our starting #2 until he gets injured

    -WR depth Blackmon-Alexander-Amendola-Salas-Pettis or Gibson
    -01-14-2012, 06:30 PM
  • RamWraith
    Top 10 movies
    by RamWraith
    What are your top ten movies of all time?? This is a hard list to make, there are a lot of good ones out there

    1) Lord of the Rings trilogy (got to put all three as one movie)
    2) Independence Day
    3) Rudy
    4) Spiderman
    5) The Patriot
    6) Silence to the Lambs
    7) Transformers
    8) Terminator
    9) Braveheart
    10) Remember the Titians
    -07-29-2007, 04:34 AM
  • RamWraith
    Clutch Factor:
    by RamWraith
    Bulger holds off Manning, Brees
    Michael Lazarus /

    Things have tightened up considerably in our Clutch Factor quarterback rankings.
    How close is it?

    Thirteen different quarterbacks are ranked in the top three in our six categories, yet our No. 1 quarterback this week isn't one of them.

    Marc Bulger is the fourth-best QB in the two-minute drill for his highest ranking, but he is the only quarterback ranked in the top 10 in five of the six categories (the only exception is his No. 21 spot when leading by seven or less), giving him just enough consistency to jump three spots from last week and hold off Peyton Manning and Drew Brees for the No. 1 spot.

    The categories our ranking system is based on:

    Last two minutes in each half: How good is the two-minute drill?

    Fourth quarter: the game is often in the balance

    Red zone: Can they punch it in?

    Ahead by seven points or less: Time to put a team away.

    Behind by seven or less: One TD and the lead is back.

    Third down: Often a last chance to avoid a punt.
    After several e-mail requests, here are the top 3 in all six of our categories:
    Last 2: 1. Rex Grossman (156.6), 2. Drew Brees (150.7), 3. Jake Plummer (140.3).
    4th qtr. 1. Phillip Rivers (126.8 ), 2. David Carr (125.6), 3. Brees (113.6).
    Red Zone: 1. Bruce Gradkowski (127.1), 2. J.P. Losman (118.4), 3. Eli Manning (114.7).
    Small lead: 1. Plummer (126.0), 2. Mark Brunell (119.4), 3. Matt Hasselbeck (114.6).
    Small deficit: : 1. Peyton Manning (113.3), 2. Damon Huard (108.3), 3. Hasselbeck (108.2).
    Third down: 1. Peyton Manning (130.7), 2. Rivers (109.4), 3. Chad Pennington (106.0).

    Statistics are based on 2006 season results only. Those quarterbacks eligible for the NFL passer rating title (35 this week) are ranked in each of the six categories by their passer rating. The QB with the best rating in each category is given one point, the second-best two and so on down. The point totals in the six categories are then added up and QBs are sorted according to point total the fewer the better.

    Rk Last QB Last 2 4th qtr Red Zone Ahead <7 Behind <7 3rd down TOTAL Comment
    1. 4. Marc Bulger 4 7 7 21 7 5 51 Leader of a very tight pack
    2. 8. Peyton Manning 14 4 16 19 1 1 55 New England awaits
    3. 2. Drew Brees 2 3 23 8 4 15 55 Piled up some garbage-time numbers
    4. 1. Phillip Rivers 18.5 1 6 17 13 2 57.5 Didn't really do anything wrong
    5. 3. Donovan McNabb 13 5 17 6.5 5 13 59.5 Heading in the wrong direction
    6. 5. David Carr 6 2 13 11 24 7 63 Wasn't that bad when he wasn't fumbling
    7. 14. Damon Huard 5 9 12 12 2 24 64 Latest to tear apart Seahawks' D
    8. 6. Carson Palmer 9 6 4 24 9 19 71 Helped by having Henry back
    9. 9. Matt Hasselbeck...
    -11-01-2006, 05:17 AM