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For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

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  • For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

    For those of you experts across the pond on the "other type of football," can someone explain to me whether beckham missing the penalty kick yesterday constitutes a monumental choke or simply a great play by the goalie. Does the collapse of the english squad against the french have any adverse impact on any of our clan ram brothers in Scotland, including but not limited to our Fearless Leader, Mr. Dez.

    This may make no sense, but it seems to an idiot like me that with that much on the line, if i was a fan of england, i would feel like wilkens missing an extra point or chip shot field goal to lose us a huge game. I dont believe a penalty kick equates to a 54 yarder!

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

    It wasn't a good penalty but the goalkeeper made a good save. The good thing is that england played well and therefore as it is a league competition at this stage and the first 2 go through england should go through to the knockout stage if they beat the swiss and croatia if they don't then they don't deserve to go through and the french game irrelevant.

    The scots, dez etc are laughing in their beer


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      Re: For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

      No. d'enfer, je soutiens l'anglais dans lÓ des endevours. Il Útait simplement malheureux qu'ils aient perdu contre le Franšais. Engeland.... Engeland..... Bwahahahahaha

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

        He definietly chocked... its what happens when you don't practice (Zidane takes the penalties for Real Madrid)... Beckham is a good player.. but he seldome performs on the big stage..

        Its interesting how many big name players cannot produce on the big occasion.. the human mind is trully amazing


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          Re: For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

          Its more like missing an extra point, he choked, no 2 ways about it.

          do you really support england through all their endevers dez?

          The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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            Re: For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

            Well let me tell as a former academy player (now amateur), every penalty kick that's failed is always a bad kick, yes Barthez moved before that's actually a foul in favor to Beckham, and also there were french players inside the area before Beck's touched the ball so If the Referee would have been good he would have repeated the kick, but anyway is a badkick.
            Penalty's is always in favor to the one that's kicking but is more a psychologic matter like control the pressure.
            Anyway England should win their other 2 games, hope for my friends in England, although I think honestly their coach is way overrated.
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              Re: For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....

              It was a pure bad penalty. Not hard enough, at the height that a keeper loves. Sure Barthez, was over the line before the kick was made, but for the money these guys get paid you should be able to slot those kicks, unless of course you can't hack the pressure.

              Rampower , as I'm sure you are aware, all we Scots have two favourite teams in the world, Scotland, obviously is our first choice, but when England are playing we know who to support..........DEZ?


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