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  • NFL Total Access

    Check out NFL Total Access. I think this is part of the NFL package deals. I have direct tv and I just caught wind of it today. Perhaps it has been on for a while. I am not sure. I am usually late for everything. grrrr..... :rolleyes:

    Ferter, have you been watching this? They have interviews, game replays, and team season summaries. It looks pretty awesome. I don't remember any shows during the off-season last year.

    The Rams will be on June 22, 2004. :ramlogo:

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    Re: NFL Total Access

    No Blitz, I haven't been watching. What channel is it on? Is it part of the NFL Sunday Ticket deal. I have cable in the house and the only programming I subscribe to on the directv dish is the NFL Sunday Ticket. I am listed as a returning customer for the Sunday Ticket, but the first bill is not due until June 21st. I guess I will have to plug the receiver in and see if I have it. What channel did you say?


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      Re: NFL Total Access

      I get the NFL Sunday ticket also. I saw the first portion of the ticket hit my satellite bill this month. I think this started on June 1st. It's channel 212 here on the east Coast.


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      • Guam rammer
        The island of Guam gets NFL sunday ticket
        by Guam rammer
        After years of only watching games that are nationally televised, The island of Guam now gets NFL sunday ticket.
        Its a bit steep @ $300 a season but how much does it cost for a ticket in the cheap seats? WOW!!! 1000's of miles away and i get to see my favorite sports team play live on TV.

        I try my best to post 1-2 times before a game just by looking @ online stats and watching sports channels but now i'll get the whole deal and hopefully be more accurate in my views of how the rams perform after games.

        I became a member of the clan just before the preseason started and it has really been great to read everyones views on our teams status. This will definately make things even more interesting. To all that subscribe to NFLST I would love to recieve feedback on how they televise games and what to look out for if any flaws...Rams rule even more!!!
        -10-22-2006, 03:57 AM
      • laram0
        Direct t.v. (nfl sunday ticket)
        by laram0
        How much longer will Direct T. V. have the exclusive rights to the ticket?
        -11-13-2008, 07:21 AM
      • lbramfan
        nfl ticket
        by lbramfan
        I currently have dish network, and would like to know from anybody who has direct tv/nfl ticket are you happy with it. Weighing the cost of sports bar to ticket. Gotta watch RAM football. Thanks
        -09-01-2008, 12:03 PM
      • Large_Ant
        Attention NFL Sunday Ticket customers...
        by Large_Ant
        For you guys that get NFL Sunday Ticket but think it's obnoxious to pay an extra $100 bucks on top of it to get the "Super Fan" package (games in HD, the "Shortcut" replays of the games, etc.), here's something I read on a MB, tried it, and it worked.

        Call up DirecTV and threaten to cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket plan. Now relax. You'll never come close to them actually saying "Okay, it's cancelled." As soon as you tell them you want to do that, they transfer you to a department whose whole point in existence is to prevent you from cancelling it. These are the people you want to talk to anyway. Tell them that you wanted the games in HD and since you would have to pay an extra $100, you're just gonna cancel the whole package. As long as you had NFL Sunday Ticket last year, they will immediately offer you the SuperFan package free of charge for this year with no strings attached. Of course, if you don't call them before next season and tell them to cancel it, they'll auto renew you (and charge you) but you can easily call before then to do so.

        Point is, if you want the SuperFan package and you've already had DirecTV for a year, they'll give it to you free if you threaten to cancel it. For all the money they're chargin', might as well get something free when you can.
        -07-09-2006, 01:34 AM
      • MoonJoe
        NFL, DirecTV Extend Pact in $4 Billion Deal
        by MoonJoe
        Wal Street Journal-3/24/09

        In a sign that media rights for major sports may defy the recession, the National Football League reached a four-year extension with DirecTV Group Inc. Monday valued at $4 billion.
        [directv and nfl deal] Associated Press

        The NFL's new contract with DirectTV calls for payments of $1 billion a year for the 2011-14 seasons. That is a 43% increase on an annual basis over the current five-year deal.

        According to a person with knowledge of the deal, the contract calls for payments of $1 billion a year for the 2011-14 seasons. That is a 43% increase on an annual basis over the current five-year deal, in which DirecTV pays the NFL about $700 million a year for the exclusive right to sell the Sunday Ticket package. That package allows fans to see every NFL game on Sundays, as opposed to simply the games shown on local broadcast channels.

        Major cable operators have been trying to reach a deal with the NFL to sell the Sunday Ticket and share revenue with the league, but the NFL has preferred to take a lump-sum payment from DirecTV, which has used the product to lure viewers away from cable subscriptions to satellite.

        However, the new deal chips away at DirecTV's exclusivity when it comes to out-of-market games. The agreement with the El Segundo, Calif., company allows the NFL for the first time to pursue deals with cable operators and Internet providers to offer subscribers the Red Zone Channel, which provides cut-ins to the crucial moments of NFL games. In addition, cable subscribers living in areas where satellite service isn't available will be able to buy the full Sunday Ticket package over the Internet.

        To be sure, the NFL still needs to reach agreements with cable and broadband providers on the price and access to the Red Zone Channel. Negotiations with those companies to carry the NFL Network, the league-owned cable channel, have dragged on for several years. The league also has been battling Comcast Corp. in court and at the Federal Communications Commission over the cable provider's decision not to include the NFL Network in its basic digital tier of channels.

        However, the deal with DirecTV bodes well for the league as it approaches talks with its broadcast partners for new agreements. Its current deals with General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal, CBS Corp. and Walt Disney Co.'s ESPN expire after 2011. Under those deals, ESPN pays the NFL $1.1 billion a season, NBC Universal pays $600 million and CBS pays $620 million.
        -03-24-2009, 07:53 AM