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Young Guns - The untold reason why the Cards are up 3-1

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  • Young Guns - The untold reason why the Cards are up 3-1

    I haven't heard the talking heads mention this yet, but it appears to me one of the most significant reasons for the cards being up 3-1 is their young arms in the bullpen. Ironically, it was supposed to be the Detroit young pen flamethrowers that were to dominate this series, but instead the dominance is coming from the Cards young hurlers. For example, if you look at the Cards Adam Wainwright, Tyler Johnson, Randy Flores, and Josh Kinney, you will find the following....

    28 IP, 1 ER...that is, a 0.32 ERA
    3 Wins, 0 Losses, 3 Saves
    opposing batters are hitting .179
    36 K's, 8 BB's

    These 4 guys have been STUDS!
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  • ZiaRam
    Cards keeps rolling on!
    by ZiaRam
    Pujols absolutely destroyed the brewers to tie it up in the NLCS! Anyone else been following this? Series tied up 1-1. Think they going to take it?
    -10-11-2011, 02:16 AM
  • HUbison
    What a glorious day
    by HUbison
    Prior and the Cubs get shelled 8-0
    the Yanks get embarassed at home 22-0
    And the Cards warmly greet the Padres to Busch by pounding them 9-3
    The Cards lead the NL Central by 15.5
    The Cards lead the NL by 10
    The Cards lead the majors by 6.

    If the Cards play .500 ball the rest of the way in, and the Cubs go undefeated, the Cards would still win the division.

    Life is good.
    -09-01-2004, 06:02 AM
  • macrammer
    Predictions.......Rams v Cards Round II
    by macrammer
    yes, the Rams whupped the Cards 33-0 a little over a month ago. Yes, the Rams are the better team. But I have watched a few pressers and the Cards are pretty confident that playing at home will be the key here. While playoff chances still remotely linger for the Cards, losing Sunday is a sure nail in their coffin. I anticipate this game will be very hard fought TRUE divisional battle.

    Rams 24
    Cards 21

    What do you think?
    -11-28-2017, 03:59 PM
  • woody4cards
    same old cards?
    by woody4cards
    this game is huge for the cards for a few reasons

    1. chance to go to 3-2 which looks a lot better than 2-3.... the cards usually do not get this kind of opportunity at all during a season

    2. chance to prove that this team has taken a big step under coach whizz

    3. this is the best 2-2 team in the nfl!!!! they could easily be 4-0 or 3-1, losing this weekend just smacks of "the same old cards"

    4. on occasion in the past the cards have blown chances such as this....a chance to turn the corner..... to take the next step.... and they always have blown it

    i heard coach whizz on the radio this am..... he is preaching to the team about this being a trap game...... are they listening? we will know on sunday......

    the rams are a wounded bear...... and a wounded bear is the most dangerous as it is struggling to survive!!!! ferrotte is a good qb and while i do not have his past stats ...if i recall he always seems to come up big in these situations... and if holt is on the field they have a chance!!!!

    i expect a cards win as the defense is playing "out of their minds" ..... the offense may struggle but we need to stay with the ground game .....then give them a dose of boldin!!!!!

    i hope the special teams realizes that hall still has some game in him!!!
    -10-05-2007, 09:39 AM
  • mikhal5569
    Rams Cards
    by mikhal5569
    This is just a notification for anyone interested that I am putting my St.Louis Rams cards up for sale on at ebay.
    I have a very extensive collection from Ram rookies dating back to 1999. If you are missing a card in your collection, odds are pretty damn good that I have it.
    I think I might have every Marshall Faulk rookie card in existence or pretty close.
    I have the newer players, like Avery, Laurintius, etc.

    Autographs, special inserts, game worn, everything.

    Trust me when I say I hate selling these cards, but I just don't have a choice.
    -06-29-2010, 08:41 AM