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Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

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  • Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

    Dez and our other european clanram brothers, please give me some guidance on the soccer finals coming up. As rams fans, who should we be cheering for, greece or portugal?

    I like greek food, but there is nothing better than a nice paella, which i think of as portugese, or at least mediterranean.

    Does either team have any former rams on it?

    ramming speed to all

    sign the big man

    general counsel

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    Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

    I'd take a good bottle of Port over Uzo any day.


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      Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

      I don't think Portugal is on the Med. However Greece is. So, I'd say u b a Greek fan.
      Go for Greece. That country is so bad off, they need something to pick themselves up.


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        Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece


        The paella is not from Portugal is from Valencia Espaņa (Spain) and regarding who support In my opinio The best team was Chezch Republic I mean talking about game displayed, but.... any way Portugal is gonna win without doubt mark my words they're at home, England played well against Portugal but that Becks and Vasell didn't have the mentality to shoot the penalty and that's all, well any way I think the better teams were in my order C. Rep., Holland and England (Sweden and Denmark played well also). and coy is right the one on the med is Greece , Portugal is on the Iberic Peninsula, about food both country nice fodd but never like Mexican Gastronomy of course


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          Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

          Thanks for the geographical assist guys. I used to go to a portugese restaurant in newark, nj which was fantastic and they always served the greatest paella. They also had terrific bread.

          I hope the game is on tv in the usa, i wouldnt mind watching it. I assume that during the finals, it will be pretty tough to get a cab on the street in portugal!

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel


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            Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

            The game will probably be on FoxSports World, maybe even live. They do a great job of covering soccer.

            Portugal should win, but Greece is wearing the Cinderella dress currently. They have stunned EVERYONE by making it to the Finals. Figo is maybe one of the best players in the world today.


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              Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

              a good way to look at this is .......... Portugal = Rams ::::: Greece = Pats

              and you know who should have won but never

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

                Greece did beat Portugal in the opener of the tournament 2-1.


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                  Well, well....Cinderella is alive and well

                  Greece wins 1-0 on a header in the second half. At Portugal.

                  Big upset.


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                    Re: Help Dez, Portugal vs. Greece

                    This was the most awesome defensive display by any sporting team I have ever watched...

                    a good way to look at this is .......... Portugal = Rams ::::: Greece = Pats
                    more like Portugal = Rams, Greece = UTEP

                    I like greek food, but there is nothing better than a nice paella, which i think of as portugese, or at least mediterranean.
                    oh man, this is so steriotypical american


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