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Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

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  • Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

    Lakers traded Kwame Brown, Crittendon and 2 draft picks for Gasol.

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    Re: Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

    What draft picks? I really never liked the Brown p/u. He's another underacheiver, plus, they guy looks like he's on vacation when he's on the court.
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      Re: Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

      Oh for the Lakers,now theres a franchise that wont settle for mediocrity...they may have a down year or two but they always bounce back to challenge for the title before too long and im liking what im seeing from our young uns this time round...we may not be favorites but we in with a shot this year and i truly believe in the next 3 years we will have another Championship in the bag and who knows.... dare i utter three-peat ?

      Glad Brown is gone,the way he was booed this season was pretty shocking from the laker fans present as is not really something we do ....unlike the knicks crowd etc...
      however that dont take away the fact the boy is a dud!

      welcome Gasol to the greatest franchise in B-ball history!

      i see shaq is moving on again too...will always have love for the shaqman but ya gotta start to think the tank is running empty on him these days,also tho his hands have never been of the kind youll find within a sensual swedish message parlour.....he does seem to be playing with the hands of Dr No these days!
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        Re: Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

        Memphis Grizzlies trade:

        Pau Gasol
        2010 second-round draft pick

        Los Angeles Lakers trade:

        Kwame Brown
        Rookie point guard Javaris Crittenton
        First-round draft picks in 2008 and 2010
        Guard Aaron McKie, signed earlier Friday for salary cap purposes
        The rights to Gasol's brother Marc, the Lakers 2007 second-round pick
        Cash considerations

        All in all a great trade to help win now...let's just hope Marc doesnt turn out to be as good as people think he will, or we gave up a whole lot for nothing.


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          Re: Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

          hell of a trade,weve put a lot on the table to get him methinks but i have faith in the powers that be in laker land...

          and well it was only a short while ago that Kobe seemed on his way out the door...ive seen a positive change in his attitude since D.F. has come back,so ya gotta think things are looking up...yeah M.G may turn out to be a good player but we got a good crop of young players on board this year,i think we`ll be just fine!


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            Re: Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

            Gasol had a good game last night from reports, so far it looks like a very good trade by the Lakers and this before Bynum returns...


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              Re: Pau Gasol traded to Lakers

              I really think that we are in with a chance,THIS year after watching the games in the last month or so....also interesting to see how Shaq fairs in Pheonix...sadly i think he`s just about done now....a role in the Suns where he comes off the bench and plays lil spurts may work out for him,but who knows really....will always have love for the Shaq attack,regardless!


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