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  • Go Rays!!!

    Woo Hoo!!! I have two favorite baseball teams- the Yankees and who's ever playing the Red Sox. Oh, how I loved seeing the faces of utter disappointment and despair on the faces of the Red Sox players as the Rays recorded the final out of the ALCS that sent them packing!!! Now that the Red Sux are going home, I'm going to have to root for the Phillies now- I think it would be really cool to see a team win a championship here.


    The Tampa fans are really, really, really lame.

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  • moloch41
    by moloch41
    Now, football is my favorite sport and the Rams are my favorite team, but my most hated team of any sport...and I mean as deep a hatred as you can think of- are those freakin' Boston Red Sox. Every time the Yankees lose to them, I feel like we just lost the World Series. I really do feel incredibly bummed. The Yanks just won 1-0 at Fenway- so I am a happy camper. Of course it was a nailbitter and now I must go have some Ketel & Clubs to bring down my stress level.

    BTW, here are my most hated teams:

    MLB- Red Sox

    NHL- Flyers

    NBA- Don't care, but didn't want the Celtics to win

    NFL- Now, for years, it was always the Whiners, but them being bad for so long has taken a lot of the luster away from it. I really have learned to hate the Cardinals- but it's mostly their fans- who were no where to be found for years and now talk crap like it's going out of style. Honorable mentions go to the Seahawks and of course, the Patriots.
    -07-25-2008, 07:19 PM
  • moloch41
    Linehan's Gift to All New Coaches...
    by moloch41
    Now, I know we've been fighting over the fact that Linehan only hires his buddies despite whether or not they might be qualified, but this is a little ridiculous. Apparently he hands these out to all the new coaching hires and even gave one to Gus Ferotte when he signed his multi-year contract.

    When you pull the string, it says things like:

    "I love tightends!!!"

    "Don't be sad when your players yell at you on the sidelines."

    "It's not my fault- it's the injuries!!!"

    "What's a multi-receiver set?"

    "Imagination is overrated!!!"

    "I've met you once- come work for me!!!"

    "Accountability is a bad word!!!"

    "I'm going to fix it..."

    My Linebuddy, My Linebuddy- where ever he loses, I lose!!!
    -01-21-2008, 02:26 PM
  • moloch41
    Lnehan Press Conference...
    by moloch41
    I'm not watching any of it, but let me guess what he's going to say...

    We didn't play as well as we expected...

    We need to play better...

    The guys gave it their all...

    There's problems we need to work on and we will....

    We need to tackle better...

    We need to cover better...

    Blah, blah, blah, and blah....

    Have I covered it all or did I miss a usual Linehan response to another awful Rams outing?
    -09-07-2008, 01:16 PM
  • moloch41
    Worst 15 Rams of the Last Decade
    by moloch41
    Since the other list was already done, I thought I'd go the other way. Im sure I'm missing a bunch of "stars" on my roster, but it's what came to mind...

    15.) Robert Thomas- wasn't the answer on the outside or the inside. We spent a first round pick on him, right?

    14.) Corey Chavous- the guy was a good player, but has been spotty at best for the Rams.

    13.) Anthony Hargrove- was supposed to be the compliment to LIttle, but only had one decent year. Turned out he was a head case to boot.

    12.) Damione Lewis- really did very little. I actually thought he would have been a decent DE, but they insisted on playing him at tackle.

    11.) Claude Wroten- has shown that he doesn't know what to do with a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th chance

    10.) Claude Terrell- what a bum and a cancer to boot- amazing that it took so long to cut him

    09.) Gus Ferrotte- FOSL. Awful, just awful and at a nice sized price tag.

    08.) Kim Herring- really did nothing after signing a big contract. Was a "lovie-type" player tho...

    07.) Jason Sehorn- the only reason he isn't ranked lower is because he put Angie Harmon in the stands.

    06.) Tony Banks- how did he fool scouts so badly?

    05.) Adam Archuleta- the most overrated DB in NFL history. Took bad angles to the ball, couldn't cover his grandmother, and had hands of steel.

    04.) Travis Fisher- never understood that a 15 yd cushion wasn't necessary

    03.) Lawarence Phillips- if football was about beating up women, running down kids in your SUV, and general criminal activity- he would have been a hall of famer.

    02.) Jamie Duncan- lovie smith's solution to replacing a great player like London Fletcher. Was the most expensive special teamer we ever had.

    01.) Jimmy Kennedy- what a tremendous disappointment this guy was. Showed absolutely nothing in his stint although he was given every chance in the world. Spent last season out of football after being cut by the Broncos and not getting signed after tried outs with other teams.
    -02-07-2008, 05:20 PM
  • moloch41
    Things that we can blame on the offensive line injuries...
    by moloch41
    The offensive gameplans that are instituted by Linehan and Co.

    The defensive collapses during the second half of games this year.

    Gus Ferotte being brought in as a high-priced backup

    Special teams allowing either punt or kick off returns for TDs.

    High-priced free agents Randy McMichael and Drew Bennett being left out of gameplans

    The team electing not to go with a fullback

    High gas prices

    The Isreali-Palestinian conflict


    The Hindenburg disaster

    Keith Olbermann and Bob Costas being on Sunday night football


    The popularity of the Back Street Boys

    The scandal at Oprah's South African School for Girls

    The invention of Zima

    Lindsey Lohan's problems with the law


    The Exxon Valdez oil spill

    Rosie O'Donnell/ Donald Trump fiasco
    -11-27-2007, 11:25 AM