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  • Biggest Sports Icons Where You Live

    Who are the current and all-time biggest sports icons where you live?

    I'll do Florida:

    Current: Dwyane Wade, Heat (NBA)
    All-time: Don Shula, Dolphins (NFL); Dan Marino, Dolphins (NFL)

    Current: Dwight Howard, Magic (NBA); Tiger Woods (resident) (PGA)
    All-Time: Shaquille O'Neil, Magic (NBA)

    Current: Evan Longoria, Rays (MLB)
    All-Time: Derrick Brooks, Bucs (NFL); Lee Roy Selman, Bucs (NFL)

    Current: Urban Meyer, Gators (NCAA)
    All-Time: Bobby Bowden, Seminoles (NCAA); Steve Spurrier, Gators (NCAA); Howard Schnellenberger, Hurricanes (NCAA); Jimmy Johnson, Hurricanes (NCAA)/Dolphins (NFL)

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    Re: Biggest Sports Icons Where You Live

    I'll do California:

    Los Angeles
    Current: Kobe Bryant (NBA), Manny Ramirez (MLB), David Beckham (MLS), Pete Carroll (NCAAF), Phil Jackson (NBA)

    All-Time: Norm Van Brocklin (NFL), Bob Waterfield (NFL), Elroy Hirsch (NFL), Tom Fears (NFL), Eric Dickerson (NFL), Earvin Johnson (NBA), Kareem Abdul Jabbar (NBA), Joe Namath (NFL), David "Deacon" Jones (NFL), Merlin Olsen (NFL), Kirk Gibson (MLB), Wayne Gretzsky (NHL), Sandy Kofax (MLB), Jerry West (NBA), Wilt Chamberlin (NBA), Bill Walton (NCAAM), OJ Simpson (NCAAF), Reggie Bush (NCAAF), Matt Leinart (NCAAF), Carson Palmer (NCAAF), Steve Garvey (MLB), Elgin Baylor (NBA), Shaquille O'Neil (NBA), Marcus Allen (NFL), Bo Jackson (NFL), Tommy Lasorda (MLB), John Wooden (NCAAM), Lisa Leslie (WNBA), Tiger Woods (PGA)

    San Francisco
    Current: Barry Zito (MLB), Frank Gore (NFL)
    All-Time: Joe Montana (NFL), Barry Bonds (MLB), Willie Mays (MLB), Jerry Rice (NFL), Wilt Chamberlin (NBA), Deon Sanders (NFL), Dwight Clark (NFL), Jeff Kent (MLB)

    San Diego
    Current: LaDainian Tomlinson (NFL)
    All-Time: Marshall Faulk (NCAAF), AZ-Zahire Hakim (NCAAF), Dan Fouts (NFL), Tony Gwynn (MLB), Kellen Winslow (NFL), Trevor Hoffman (MLB)

    Current: Teemu Selanne (NHL), Jean Sebastian Giguere (NHL), Mike Scioscia (MLB)

    All-time: Reggie Jackson (MLB), Nolan Ryan (MLB), Francisco Rodriguez (MLB)

    Current: Roni Tariuf (NBA), Darren McFadden (NFL), Sebastian Janokowski (NFL)

    All-Time: AL Davis (NFL), John Madden (NFL), Gene Upshaw (NFL), Jose Canseco (MLB), Mark McGuire (MLB), Jim Plunkett (NFL), Kenny Stabler (NFL), Cliff Branch (NFL), Rick Barry (NBA), Art Shell (NFL), Catfish Hunter (MLB), Jamal Wilkes (NBA), Dave Casper (NFL), Ricky Henderson (MLB)

    Current: Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Governor of California , 7 times Mr. Olympia)

    All-Time: Mike Bibby (NBA), Chris Weber (NBA)
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      Re: Biggest Sports Icons Where You Live

      Current: Roni Tariuf (NBA), Darren McFadden (NFL), Sebastian Janokowski (NFL)

      All-Time: AL Davis (NFL), John Madden (NFL), Gene Upshaw (NFL), Jose Canseco (MLB), Mark McGuire (MLB), Jim Plunkett (NFL), Kenny Stabler (NFL), Cliff Branch (NFL), Rick Barry (NBA), Art Shell (NFL), Catfish Hunter (MLB), Jamal Wilkes (NBA), Dave Casper (NFL), Ricky Henderson (MLB)
      No Jack Tatum? Really?
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Biggest Sports Icons Where You Live

        Is this a list of sports icons who live where we live or just play where we live?


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          Re: Biggest Sports Icons Where You Live

          Well, I really have no idea who all lives in or near Arroyo Grande other than Lou Ferigno (former MR. Universe, The Hulk, etc.), Robin Ventura (MLP, retired), Stephanie Brown-Trafton (Olympic Gold medalist), Horace Grant (NBA, retired), Johnson Racing Team (NHRA), Casey Candael (MLB), Jaime Martin (NFL) grew up here, Sandy Koufax MLB, retired) had proerty locally but not sure he ever lived here...

          Non-sports figure your daughters might appreciate would be Zack Efron? >8)

          GO RAMS!!


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            Re: Biggest Sports Icons Where You Live

            Well I live in Massachusetts and refuse to give any credit to a Patriot, Celtic or Red Sox player.

            Bobby Orr
            Phil Esposito
            Cam Neely
            Gerry Cheevers
            Marvin Hagler
            Rocky Marciano

            Howie Long is from Charlestown, Mass. does that count?
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              The other Hall of Famers suing are Dave Casper, Tom Mack and Ron Yary.

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              The complaint against the NFL and NFL Productions notes that in 1993, all players' contracts began to include clauses that granted the NFL authority to use the names, images and likenesses of players to publicize and promote the league. They claim it was never included with the players in the suit.

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              The other former players listed on the suit are Mike Bass, Willie Buchanon, Roman Gabriel, Joe Kapp and Phil Villapiano. It also asks that former players who have opted out of the Dryer v. NFL lawsuit, their heirs and assigns be included in this case.

              Though there is no stated sum in the complaint, it notes that according to published reports in 2002, NFL Films was making $50 million per year in licensing revenue, which applied only to third parties such as television networks.

              "It did not include the far greater value to NFL Films, and the NFL itself, to use NFL Films footage to promote the NFL's global brand, and to form the `backbone' of the NFL Network," the suit said.

              The NCAA and video game company Electronic Arts are facing similar suits in California. This case cites a recent ruling in California that determined EA Sports could not use First Amendment protections to defend its actions.

              © 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
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