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Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League

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  • Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League

    Tied 1-1 at half. Drogba gets robbed but Chelsea gets the goal it needs by Essien. Juve needs two more to advance. No way. Sorry Claudio....CHELSEA!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League

    Chelsea along with the Rams & Lakers are one of my top 3 sporting dad grew up in Hammersmith (about 2 miles from Chelsea) and supported them since the 50`s so i am naturally a big fan too and seen them play many times..

    was robbed for sure with that Drogba goal but thanks to Essien... Juve need to score twice more to knock us out ...and as i type theyve just had a player sent off! woo hoo..

    *Carefree wherever we may be..we are the famous CFC and we dont give a F*** whoever you may be,we are the famous CFC*...

    Oooops whats occuring now...think Juve got a penalty...:|

    2-1 to Juve.... 2-2 on aggregate but chelsea have the away goal....ooooh the drama...


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      Re: Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League

      *jumps up and down like a demented frog*

      feed the drog and he will score!!!


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        Re: Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League

        2-2 tie..........absolutely. Chelsea advances


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          Re: Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League

          I had the opportunity to visit Chelsea and do the stadium tour. Just like our Football fields their 'pitch' was not as big as I expected and had quite a crown to it.

          I also found it interesting how they separate the opposing fans so as to limit the fisticuffs.

          GO RAMS!!


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            0-0 Chelsea at Barcelona...good or bad?
            by txramsfan
            Not sure. Drogba had a great chance in the 1st half but just missed. Thought Barcelona may have outplayed Chelsea but at least it's even going to Stamford Bridge. If it wasn't for Cech it would be tough for Chelsea.
            -04-29-2009, 12:09 PM
          • txramsfan
            Chelsea v Barca in a few minutes
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            Getting ready to sit down on the sofa and watch this fixture. Big game for Chelsea as Barca is nicked up. However, I don't know about you blokes across the pond but that Heinekin Champions commercial is rather annoying.

            Drogba is chomping at the bit to eradicate the Moscow disaster from last year.
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            Chelsea or United
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            Will Man Utd catch Chelsea to win the league,Im a pool fan so I want neither to win(its like pick your poison)Im gonna say Chelsea hold out
            Man Utd
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            English Premier League
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            Anyone going to stick their neck out and predict who's going to win the title?
            As an Arsenal fan, I know where my money's going, but I have a slight fear that Liverpool are going to come up the rails and nick it.
            And can you ever rule out Man Utd?

            Either way, it's the most exciting title race for years...
            -04-10-2002, 10:51 AM
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            Man U versus Chelsea
            by txramsfan
            I know its early but I am really looking forward to tomorrows fixture of Man U v Chelsea. If Chelsea pulls out a draw I will be happy
            -09-17-2011, 07:58 AM