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Why people are ho-hum about Bonds' 700

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  • Why people are ho-hum about Bonds' 700

    What's the biggest reason?
    Rumors of steroids use
    Bonds' gruff personality
    Over inflation of HR stats in recent years
    Loss of interest in baseball in general
    Just wait until he passes Ruth and Aaron

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    Re: Why people are ho-hum about Bonds' 700

    The biggest problem with Bonds and following his history making events is the media coverage. Bonds is not a media darling and not liked by a lot of the reporters because of his coldness towards them. Bonds has created a barrier around himself over the years and has cost him much publicity.


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      Re: Why people are ho-hum about Bonds' 700

      I'm still holding a childish grudge for the single season record. As a Cardinal fan, the McGwire record was one of the greatest sports stories in my entire life. Then, lo and behold, Bonds comes along and in the only year that he hits more than 49 HRs, he goes and hits 73. Still not happy about that one.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Why people are ho-hum about Bonds' 700

        I was excited about his 700th home run; it was a milestone that I never thought I would see reached. Its too bad McGwire's injuries caught up to him or we would have 4 members of the 700 club.


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          Re: Why people are ho-hum about Bonds' 700

          Top two choices are neck to neck, IMO.


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            Re: Why people are ho-hum about Bonds' 700

            It's gotta be the "rumored" steroid use. Not only did he have a 24 home run jump from his best season, but the guy went from looking like Kenny Lofton to Mean Joe Greene. Give me a break. Something's gotta give.


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            • txramsfan
              Barry Bonds
              by txramsfan
              In my humble opinion, I believe Barry Bonds is underrated as a baseball player. Some of you are going to look at this and say, "Tx, BB underrated? He is always on the news?" Yea, but not always focused on baseball. This guy has one of the best gloves in the game, runs the bases well, and who has a better eye in baseball than Barry currently? Not to mention, FIVE HR's to start the season in the first four games.

              Last year was no fluke, Barry has been proving how good he is his entire career. His one major flaw: Has NEVER had a decent postseason.
              -04-06-2002, 04:52 AM
            • AvengerRam_old
              Barry Bonds: Master Manipulator
              by AvengerRam_old
              Who caught Bonds' interview today where he talked about how "tired" he was and how he is going to take time off. He said things like "you [the media] wanted to bring me down and now you have."

              At first glance, this might warrant a bit of sympathy. But.. consider the circumstances.

              Is it a coincidence that this is happening just as the steroid issue has become the big issue in baseball? Maybe the better question is... is it cynical to presume that Bonds is just trying to paint himself as a victim to avoid additional criticism?

              I was almost sucked to this, until I noticed something during the interview. There was a teen-age boy sitting next to Bonds during the interview, who I presume is Bonds' son. And what was he wearing? A Barry Sanders jersey.

              What is Barry Sanders famous for? Retiring suddenly and giving up a shot at a major sports record...

              Coincidence? I think not.

              Bonds is a master manipulator.

              But I'm not buying it.

              Go away... come back...

              At this point, I don't care, Barry. I'm done paying attention to your nonsense.
              -03-22-2005, 10:06 PM
            • rams_fan81
              Bonds hits 714... Or did he?
              by rams_fan81
              Ya he hit 714 if you didn't hear.

              I added or did he because I have not seen the hit anyone have a clip or something?
              -05-20-2006, 04:49 PM
            • Curly Horns
              Why should they play, after all.....Tribute
              by Curly Horns
              Will they play games this season? That's the hot question and everyone wants to know the answer. We all have our opinions as to whether or not they should play. Basically, for a professional athlete, to play in a game is their job. They are still being paid, and as far as I know, they will be paid whether they go to work or not.

              So, why should they go to work, after all...

              They are not Health Care Workers

              They are not Police Officers

              They are not Firefighters

              They are not Military

              They are not National Guard

              They are not Janitorial Workers

              They are not Sanitation Workers

              They are not Water Treatment Workers

              They are not Utility Workers

              They are not Food Industry Workers

              They are not Agriculture Workers

              They are not Manufacturing Workers

              They are not Construction Workers

              They are not Truck Drivers

              They are not USPS Workers

              They are not UPS, FedEx or any other Delivery Workers

              They are just professional athletes. Arguably the most healthy and physically fit people in this country. Collectively they earn Billions of dollars.

              So, why should they go to work, after all...

              They are not HEROES !!

              Thank You to all the Men and Women that worked diligently through the entire coronavirus crisis !!
              We Love You and God Bless You.

              P.S. I know I left out many other Heroes. Please feel free to add them, or anyone else special to you during this crisis.
              -06-25-2020, 02:07 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              I know why the Naysayer sings
              by AvengerRam_old
              One of the reasons I like internet sports message boards is that the social scientist in me views them as an interesting study on the psyche of the sports fan. The one aspect of fandom that has always eluded me is the motivation of the Naysayer.

              We all know who the Naysayers are. On any sports team fan site, there are those posters who profess to be diehard fans of the team, yet they almost never seem to have anything good to say, unless its the day after the team won a championship (some might even criticize then).

              I've always wondered why some fans take on this type of persona. The obvious answer seemed to be that these individuals really were not fans. But, as I've studied it further, I've concluded that, in most cases, they are.

              So what separates the Naysayer fan from the more positive, upbeat fans?

              Today, it came to me... almost as an epiphany. And now (to borrow a phrase from Maya Angelou), I know why the Naysayer sings.

              The difference is fear.

              Let's face it. As fans we all (to aburd extremes at times) put our hearts into the prospects of our favorite teams. When the team disappoints us, it hurts. Its hard to be a diehard. Ask any Cubs fan. In most cases, being a fan means setting yourself up for an inevitable fall, only to do it again the next year.

              Some fans fear this disappointment and hurt so much, that they have developed a defense mechanism. They have become Naysayers.

              Naysayers are like the kind of people who break up with a guy/girl first, so they won't be dumped. They predict doom and gloom, and express pessimism, to soften the blow of the seemingly inevitable heartache that comes from being a fan.

              As someone who's never taken this approach, I would submit that, in insulating themselves (somewhat) from the disappointment of failure, they've also created a barrier that makes it more difficult to enjoy the successes, particularly the small ones.

              I don't agree with this approach. But I now understand it.

              I know why the Naysayer sings.
              -04-26-2005, 12:43 PM