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  • Oh GOD...?

    Coms on oh? I want to see the Brits & Aussieies play some real Rugby! Brits never backed down and Aussies are just living on happenstance. Always where an ausie.

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    Re: Oh GOD...?

    Ahm... Perhaps your in the wrong forum?


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      Re: Oh GOD...?

      There isn't even an Australia/Britain Rugby game in the near future, we're in the midst of our domestic season. This has to be the strangest Ram related thread Iv'e read in quite a while.


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        Re: Oh GOD...?

        Originally posted by Rookie View Post
        Coms on oh? I want to see the Brits & Aussieies play some real Rugby! Brits never backed down and Aussies are just living on happenstance. Always where an ausie.
        Rookie.. This is not even close to being Rams Related. You should have posted this in The Lounge or in the Other sports section. Come on man.... Think about things before you post. make sure it's in the right section.


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          But Alas...

          We`are stuck in the same group? Simpletone; Cup of Tea my sweet?


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            Re: But Alas...



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            • RamsFan4ever
              What are you doing this Summer?
              by RamsFan4ever
              This thread is to just waste the time.

              So what is everyone doing this Summer?
              -05-30-2006, 05:50 PM
            • porkchop
              Hey WsWistRam
              by porkchop
              I saw your reply today on the thread I posted Titan Troubles. What was that all about? I know it's a Rams board and if any Rams over here ever posted anything, maybe I wouldn't have to post stuff on the other teams. But you guys sit back, post nothing, and then criticize when someone posts some info. I just thought Ram fans would want to know what was going on with their rivals?
              Maybe you didn't mean anything by the reply, but I thought it was uncalled for.
              -09-11-2001, 05:02 PM
            • Ram Warrior
              to those who know him
              by Ram Warrior
              :l I know this is out of topic. But I had a chance to talk to OldRamsFan and I know that he is beloved here. He has not been well as most of you know most of the off season. He has not been able to get to his computer here of late as much as he would like and he wanted me to tell you all how much he loves you and this site and of course our Rams. He has had some set backs but is still fighting thru the things he needs to fight. He and the doctors feel he will make it thru this difficult time and he wanted to thank all of you for the passion that this site offers to all Ram Fans around the world and the love he has received here for time he 1st found this Ram Family. Too those who OldRamsFan calls close friends and you know who you are he sends his love and thoughts to you and the last thing before he hanged up on the phone was GO! RAMS! I know that this forum is about Rams talk only as OldRamsRams has mention before, But many here are interested on how he is doing That I'm sure of. And OldRamsFan has been and always will be a part of the Rams. He has seen things and meet players and lived Rams his hole life over 52 years done things with Rams that I only could dream about , So I hope that no one takes this thread in the wrong way.:l
              -09-09-2006, 09:04 AM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this ...
              by RamsInfiniti
              But these Bulger threads are really turning this entire forum into a laughing stock of a joke ...

              And what can really be done about it? I know the moderator's hands are tied, because, well, we all have freedom of speech, but this is getting just a tad bit ridiculous ...

              Thread, after thread, after thread, about Bulger keeps getting posted on this forum. The arguments are ridiculous for the most part, and I think the guiltiest party might be those that actually respond to the crap that is posted. I can say this because I am one of them!

              But no more, I'm just not going to take part in that nonsense. It's pointless. Those that hate Bulger will always hate him. When he performs well, they'll just dissapear into the sunset, just waiting for the day to bash him again at the first opportunity of him struggling ...

              I just don't get it, I don't get the attitude. It's a new season, new opportunity, and every bit of enjoyment is getting sucked out of it early because every where I look on this forum I see these terrible, repetitive threads ....

              It makes the experience here very cumbersome. I love being here, I think this is best Ram's forum on the web, but it's getting a little out of hand ...

              Maybe a seperate forum for Bulger bashing? Or just put a stop to it all together, somehow, someway? Something needs to be done, or eventually people will walk away, because it just won't be worth it ...

              Just something to think about. I rest on the side of eternal optimism, and a quick visit to the boards these days is enough to bring me down ...
              -08-18-2009, 10:50 AM
            • AvengerRam_old
              Don't Mislead With Thread Titles
              by AvengerRam_old
              'Tis the season for rumors and speculation.

              That's all well and good, but if you wish to post a theory (either yours or someone else's), please title it accordingly. Don't post at thread with the title "The Rams have their sights on _______" if all you have to back it up is your own opinion of what the Rams should do, or the speculation of some random blogger. If you feel it should be posted, title it "I think that the Rams should _______" or some other title that indicates what it is you are communicating.

              We're not the PD board. We strive to be better than that drivel-fest.
              -02-01-2009, 10:45 PM