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0-0 Chelsea at Barcelona...good or bad?

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  • 81~BIG-GAME
    Re: 0-0 Chelsea at Barcelona...good or bad?

    Chelsea did a good professional job, lets be honest if they had of tried to play more attacking football Barca would have picked them off for fun. That could be Chelsea's undoing at home when they feel they need to have more of a "go". Away goals are huge as they count double and if Barca score at the Bridge then Chelsea will be up against it. Still I'm sure they would gladly have accepted this if they had been offered it before the game.

    In the other Semi-Final Man Utd should have been out of sight. They should have won the game comfortably although I guess they will be pleased to travel to Arsenal with a 1 goal advantage and without conceding an away goal. Next week's game's will be very interesting!

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  • txramsfan
    started a topic 0-0 Chelsea at Barcelona...good or bad?

    0-0 Chelsea at Barcelona...good or bad?

    Not sure. Drogba had a great chance in the 1st half but just missed. Thought Barcelona may have outplayed Chelsea but at least it's even going to Stamford Bridge. If it wasn't for Cech it would be tough for Chelsea.

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  • txramsfan
    Chelsea v Barca in a few minutes
    by txramsfan
    Getting ready to sit down on the sofa and watch this fixture. Big game for Chelsea as Barca is nicked up. However, I don't know about you blokes across the pond but that Heinekin Champions commercial is rather annoying.

    Drogba is chomping at the bit to eradicate the Moscow disaster from last year.
    -05-06-2009, 12:12 PM
  • txramsfan
    Man U versus Chelsea
    by txramsfan
    I know its early but I am really looking forward to tomorrows fixture of Man U v Chelsea. If Chelsea pulls out a draw I will be happy
    -09-17-2011, 07:58 AM
  • txramsfan
    Juventus v Chelsea in Champions League
    by txramsfan
    Tied 1-1 at half. Drogba gets robbed but Chelsea gets the goal it needs by Essien. Juve needs two more to advance. No way. Sorry Claudio....CHELSEA!!!!!!!!
    -03-10-2009, 02:33 PM
  • RamDez
    Rams D
    by RamDez
    OK, wow what a game, Rams O came good when it had to, although the second half slump was sad. Coach needs to keep them in the game and never did it. I put that on his head.

    Now the Rams D stepped up when it had to and took that ball away from them. Unfortunatly with the Rams O scoring so soon it showed us just what we have on our Rams D. A lot of heart but not enough talent.

    I am not pointing fingures at any one player, I will leave that to those who revel in that task. What I am saying here is that we are still a year away from making this D any good. Shoot it might take 2 to get the talent level up but one thing is for certain, we are going to have to score a lot more points than we thought we would

    Go Rams
    -10-15-2006, 03:02 PM
  • djccon
    No Whining!
    by djccon
    I haven't had the heart to read a whole lot about what others are saying about yesterday's game, but I'm tired of "the official's call." from what little I've heard. For ny to even SUGGEST Garnes didn't grab Canidate just dumbfounds me. How far did his jersey need to be stretched for them to feel the call was justified? Add to that, the possession on which they got their 3rd field goal - on which one of the ny DBs was hammering on Holt's arms WITHOUT LOOKING BACK FOR THE BALL. Where the he** was THAT call? There are FOUR more points on the board for us.

    I suggest ny should be THRILLED what the refs DIDN'T do to them. What about the repeated headlocks placed on Wistrom and Little that were NEVER called? The tackle where the guy grabbed Holt's helmet to pull him down - ummmmm, sorry folks, but you cannot use ANY part of a ball carrier's helmet in an attempt to tackle the runner - remember Fletcher getting that called against him (using the back of Deuce Staley's helmet to pull him down) in Philly?

    Props to the Giants and the scheme they put in place to throttle the Rams down. Don't cheapen by whining about it being taken away from you. You had as much given to you as you had taken away.

    As for us Rams fans, we all know we escaped by skin of our teeth. However, when you play a very GOOD team, play without your A game, and still win...well, that takes a GREAT team.
    -10-15-2001, 06:45 PM