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More Reason to Hate Kobe

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  • More Reason to Hate Kobe

    It has now been reported that Kobe, when questioned by the police after being accused of sexual assault, claimed that Shaq paid $1 Million to a girl to keep her quiet.

    Shaq has denied this claim.

    I have my doubts of the veracity of what Kobe said. First, it is clear that Kobe was not high on the list of people that Shaq would have confided in. Second, if you're going to pay someone $1 Million in "hush money," I seriously doubt you are going to then go around telling people that you did so.

    True or not, this is just another example of Kobe's complete lack of class. Either (1) he's a complete liar - which isn't hard to believe, or (2) he ratted out a teammate when talking to the police in a bizarre attempt to make himself somehow look more honorable - that is, after he schtupped some random girl he met while away from his wife and family.

    The guy is the personification of what is wrong with professional athletes.

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    Re: More Reason to Hate Kobe

    also, the personification of a horrible teammate, kobe is nothing short of a rat whether what he said is true.