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  • Soccer?

    Anyone here a fan of Soccer? I personally love watching the English Premier League and the Spanish League.

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    Re: Soccer?

    There are plenty of UK-based Rams fans on this forum and many of us follow soccer avidly. I've been a Liverpool fan for over thirty years and go up to Anfield three or four times a year. I've also been to games in Spain (Real Betis are my favourite side) and Italy (where Genoa are my team) over the last few years.


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      Re: Soccer?

      im a big fan of the italian national team and i catch a juventus game every now and again but i always catch the euro cup and world cup



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        Re: Soccer?

        All round the fields of Anfield Road,
        Where once we watched the king Kenny play,
        We had Heighway was on the wing,
        We had dreams and songs to sing,
        Of the glory round the fields of Anfield Road.

        Its all about LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!! FERNANDO TORRES!!!!!!!!

        Anyone play fifa?
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          Re: Soccer?

          Chelsea are my family family originate from Hammersmith which is about a mile or so from Stamford Bridge..

          cant say i got much love for Liverpool..other than the fact theyve never won a premiership title..


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            Re: Soccer?

            Wow awesome! I thought I was the only fan here. My dream is to one day make it to a game at the old trafford or Stamford bridge. Insane places to watch soccer!


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              Re: Soccer?

              There are plenty i think who havent contributed yet to this thread who are also "Soccer" fans...(Soccer is only called Soccer in North America & Australia where they have American Football and Australian rules Football as seperate sports) i mean when you think about players who play American football actually touch the ball with their foot? surely it should be called Handball..


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              • RamOfDenmark
                Anyone seriously thought about switching teams?
                by RamOfDenmark
                Alright, this is going to be a touchy subject obviously. Many or most of us aren't from the St. Louis area so we don't have that geographical connection to the team to keep us loyal. Even for those from the St. Louis area maybe the geographical factor is not as large as you'd think. The Rams have only been in town since '95 it's not like it's a long tradition that goes back generations in each family in the area with season tickets being inherited as it is in many other cities. It also looks increasingly likely that the team will soon move on to greener pastures, it has worn out its welcome years ago and at some point management is going to want a fresh start in a new market.

                So how did we end up Rams fans then? Personally I really liked what I was seeing from Vermiel, Martz, Warner, Faulk, Bruce and so on. I joined the ranks of Rams fans partially based on us winning a lot of games, but also based on the way we were playing. Gung-ho offense a never-give-up attitude and unflinching belief that even if our D sucked and we were down 20 points we could still put up 3 fast TD's and steal the game. That's the way it was, it was exciting even when we lost. As long as we were playing exciting football, competing and leaving it all in the ring I was a happy fan even if we sometimes lost games we shouldn't.

                But today that's different. It's not just about us being a losing team. We've been a bad team for a few years now and I think we can all handle that (otherwise we'd have jumped ship years ago when the GSOT faded). Where it gets more serious is when it comes to ownership and management. As I said I think we can all accept to have a team that sometimes loses more than it wins, we can accept bad players, they can be replaced, there's always next year's draft right? A bad coach can be replaced quickly, as we'll soon see. But at least to me it's much harder to accept that we have an owner who doesn't give a crap and a completely incompetent set of managers in charge of the organisation. Lawyers and accountants making football decisions, friends hiring friends, no accountability at the top.

                Players and coaches come and go, but owners and management can stay for decades and decades, and if they're as bad as ours they can almost assure that we will be, on average, among the bottom teams in the league and continue to make mind-boggingly stupid decisions. Sure sometimes everything comes together as it did in '99, but I'm increasingly realising what a crazy fluke that was. Ownership and management are incompetent, there is no nice way to say it but it's true. Our brief taste of success for a few seasons between the debacle of the 90's and our current situation really was a case of the blind chicken stumbling upon a corn by pure accident.

                Contrast that with other succesful teams where ownership and management are working together with a strong coach and ensures success year after year, of course there are...
                -09-17-2008, 06:54 AM
              • Rampingitup
                Blame the Victim? Fan in the wrong stadium
                by Rampingitup
                Over and over again I have seen in the news about fans of a visiting team being abused by home team fans, and the constant barrage of people who callously state, "Well what do you expect?" "His own fault for being there." So my question to you is do you really honestly believe that if you are at a Rams home game and there is a fan there for the visiting team that it is okay to verbally abuse them, throw food at them, dump drinks on them, shove them, obstruct their view of the game, and finally assault them?

                I have a bit of inside perspective on this I have only ever been to 2 live games. Both times I was harassed, the second time I was assaulted. This was back before it was cool and trendy to blast this type of thing in the media. I got 3 days in the hospital, my attackers got jail time.

                So again while I would accept that trash talk would be likely, do you really honestly believe it should be okay to do all the rest to a visiting fan?
                -09-30-2011, 02:48 PM
              • ramgram
                by ramgram
                Met a guy the other day wearing a Ram's shirt. Commented on it & he replied that it was the only clean one in his closet or he'd have worn something else. When I questioned him he said he didn't want to even talk about "THEM". Asked why, he replied they had let him down cruelly & he would be a long time getting over it. Couldn't figure out how, as Conference champs they had let anyone down & said so! And then the truth came out after much spluttering, "Besides, I lost 500 bucks on them!!!" Now, my question is: Is this a Rams fan & if there are any more like him out there can we send them to LA with a one- way ticket on a leaky boat??????? If you're not a fan when they lose, you're not a fan!
                -03-24-2002, 07:25 PM
              • LA Rammer
                Rams Fan Brethren
                by LA Rammer
                I had a few minutes to burn a few thoughts. I'm not going to say be patient we will get to the promise land soon or we will drastically improve and become a contender, NO. I'm not "Johnny come lately." I have sat through blowouts at candlestick and been escorted out by inebriated annoying whiner fans with horns, bells and whistles, not good experience. I have been arrested at Anaheim Stadium for confrontation with Raider player and fans, blowout at home, not good. I have also sat through games at home where Redskins and their fans completely took over our house!!! NOT GOOD!!! People in my neighborhood, school, work and other places heckle me "The Lambs!"

                When the Raiders played in LA my former associates took to them and would invite me to their games. THEY WON SUPERBOWL! Still I couldn't turn to the dark side, didn't feel right. I stuck to my team through adversity, even the ultimate heartbreak... they moved.

                The GSOT era awakened a new spirit within me, a victorious one. Now ridicule turned to hate, colleagues would wish painful injury upon Warner and Faulk. Now people took me serious.

                I'm sorry if some here feel they can't take it no more enduring disappointing seasons. Believe me if you walk away and put on another teams jersey it will not make you happier. What will? Going back to why you like this team. The presence of gold horns on the field. Even if we score ONE TD ALL SEASON savor it, there is no better feeling.

                Our new motto will be "together we suffer as one we triumph!" Keep your heads up and enjoy the small moments. I do not take pleasure in the exultation of a mighty one, but the overcoming of adversity from the lowly.

                Together We Suffer as One We Triumph!
                -10-06-2011, 11:22 AM
              • NJ Ramsfan1
                Would be interested in everyone's take
                by NJ Ramsfan1
                There are no two words guaranteed to stir the pot and enrage followers of a certain team like the words "True Fan". When one's loyalty is questioned or someone accuses someone else of being "less a fan" because they don't agree with them on a variety of issues, it is the equivalent of hitting below the belt. When phrases like "See Ya", "Don't let the Door hit you in the ***", Goodbye and Good Riddance" are thrown about, it is both insulting and juvenile.

                I submit to you the following scenarios:

                1. A guy decides to avoid being a slave to the television each Sunday and do something constructive instead of watching bad football. He chooses to play with his kids, do yard work, go to the gym or whatever. Can he no longer call himself a Rams fan?
                2. A guy decides to cancel his NFL ticket package because he doesn't want to pay good money for the "privilege" of being ticked off during Rams football in light of their 6 wins over the past three seasons. Is he no longer a true fan?
                3. A guy with Rams season tickets decides to give his tickets away/ sell at a reduced rate and not go to the games. Is he no longer a "True Rams Fan"?
                4. A guy pays $100.00 to go see the Rams on the road. The team is down 38-0 AT THE HALF. He elects to go home with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter to resist the urge of killing idiot home fans while watching a non-effort. Is he no longer a true fan? (By the way, this was me at last yrs. Rams-Jets disaster- the worst football game this franchise has ever played).
                5. Absolutely sick to death from losing and not having anything to cheer about, a fan rips the team and/or individual players/management on this forum or elsewhere. He is more negative than positive because there is much more negative than positive happening on the field, and it is his way to vent. Is he now considered less of a fan?

                I'm sorry, but in my opinion, if you answered anything other than "NO" to any of the above, you have it wrong. As far as I'm concerned, everyone on this board is a true fan for coming on here and commenting on this weekly gut ache called Rams football.

                Wondering what you think-
                -11-30-2009, 04:52 PM