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To all so cal rams fans...

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  • To all so cal rams fans...

    Go angels baby!!!!

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    Re: To all so cal rams fans...

    I'm an Angels fan too. That was pretty pathetic last night, but we'll bounce back!

    BTW don't be surprised if this thread gets deleted since it isn't about the Rams, or indeed even about football at all


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      Re: To all so cal rams fans...

      Well the Rams used to play at Anaheim Stadium where the Angels play, so it's like related...Come on Freeway Series!!!
      "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

      Jack Youngblood


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        Re: To all so cal rams fans...

        I'm a Doyers fan LOL, Go Dodgers. and angels to, I want an I-5 series


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          Re: To all so cal rams fans...

          At least its sports related unlike the the political jabbering everyone was doing with the whole RUSH thing... sigh....

          Oh those were the days when the Rams used to play at the BIG A.


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            Re: To all so cal rams fans...

            I thought this was going to be about my men of troy

            Am I the lone Yank Fan here


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              Re: To all so cal rams fans...

              Originally posted by 39thebeast

              Am I the lone Yank Fan here

              So you're a Yank fan? Who's your favorite Little Rascal? Alfalfa or SPANKY?


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                Re: To all so cal rams fans...

                Go BIG BLUE, GO Dodgers!!!


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                  Re: To all so cal rams fans...

                  Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Trojans!!!!


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                    Re: To all so cal rams fans...

                    So long as you don't mention He Who Shall Not Be Named, it's all good.. lol


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                      Re: To all so cal rams fans...

                      Originally posted by bigredman
                      So you're a Yank fan? Who's your favorite Little Rascal? Alfalfa or SPANKY?
                      is alfalfa jeter?


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                        Re: To all so cal rams fans...

                        All i want to hear tonight is just another halo victory!!!! Halos baby...


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                        • bruce4life
                          so cal rams fans only.....
                          by bruce4life
                          what other teams do you guys go for??? angels or dodgers??? kings or ducks????/

                          im a true so cal fan, lets go angels and kings through and through even though i am going for the ducks right now in the playoffs
                          -05-17-2007, 02:33 PM
                        • atcchris
                          New "Faction" in Ram-land?
                          by atcchris
                          I've been a fan of the Rams since the days of Roman Gabriel, and I've never had the priviledge of living in the same general area as the Rams. Lived in Hawaii and Oklahoma when the Rams were in LA, and in Texas since they've been in St. Louis.

                          We have a pretty big mix of fans.. still a lot of them left from the LA days.. and sometimes there is a little tension when the subject of "moving the team back to LA" comes up.

                          Sadly, there have been factions based on QB controversies (of course, each generation thinks they're the first to ever see a QB controversie).

                          Well, LA fans and St. Louis fans.. I think you're about to encounter another group: The Sooner Nation.

                          I have been a member of THAT tribe since my 2nd year at the University of Oklahoma. (believe it or not, I wasn't a fan when I started going there.. I was a west coast sports fan... but I grew to love the Sooners quickly)

                          Proximity to Dallas means that, in the past, a lot of Sooner fans followed the Plowboys. Lots of tension there, though.. because Dallas is in TEXAS.. and it's counter-intuitive for OU fans to like much from Texas. So.. a lot of Oklahoma folks follow the Chefs (SIC), as they are the AFC team piped to Oklahoma most of the time.

                          Many Sooners began following the Vikings when AD was drafted there (no.. don't tell me it's AP.. AD is for All Day..).. but make no mistake... Sam Bradford IS Oklahoma. Not only did he play for the Sooners, but he played high school in the Oklahoma City area. As long as he's a Ram, we Sooner fans will follow him and root for him.

                          Now, I'm sure that will raise warning flags for some... "are you a fan of the team, or the players?!". Well.. that's going to be up to some of our fellow fans here in Ram-ville. Are we going to accept and respect this influx of new fans.. understand their passion and help them gain a love of the Rams as a team? I know the Rams' organization will want to cultivate this potential fan base... will we accept these newcomers and do our best not to alienate and disrespect them? We're fans of Sam. We're proud of our Sooners. It's a perfect opportunity for a state without an NFL team to gain one. Hope we take advantage of it.
                          -08-07-2010, 01:49 PM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          Who are the SOSAFs?
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          I'd like to share a revelation that Iíve had during my time here.

                          It came to me when I tried to classify certain Rams fans, and I realised that some who claim to love the Rams are not actually fans.

                          Every true Rams fan on this forum instinctively develops a natural equilibrium between hope and realism; but these other "fans" do not.

                          Instead they complain, and complain, until their joy in following the Rams cannot be discerned.

                          The only way for these "fans" to survive is to continue this pattern from year to year.

                          There is another type of fan on this planet that follows the same pattern... a Whiner fan.

                          Rams "fans" who act like Whiner fans are a disease, a cancer on this forum,. They are a plague, and we true fans... are the cure.
                          -08-16-2012, 12:52 PM
                        • LaRamsFanLongTime
                          Temecula Murrieta Rams fans
                          by LaRamsFanLongTime
                          Bob's pizza in Murrieta is a great place to watch the game. I will be there with some other Rams fans. Anyone want to join us the more Rams the merrier. what makes it even better is the owner is a Seahawks fan. so we could take over his spot. He is really cool actually and is usually the only sqwack in the building. Let us be heard and let it be known the clan comes in hordes to bury the savage beast that try to still our thinder. Oh cheap apps and beer to!!!!
                          -12-29-2010, 01:39 PM
                        • GSOT
                          Current State of Rams Nation
                          by GSOT
                          Hi I am a Saint Louisan, a die hard Rams fan, and a fan of all football in genral. I typically do not post on this site only read but I have to bring this to the attention of the members on this site. No this post is not about our defenseive struggles, Marc Bulgers MVP season, or terrible calls at the end of games to put players in danger of injury IE Kevin Curtis. This is about the current state of the pathetic St. Louis Rams fans. St. Louis Rams fans use to to come the dome, use to be one of the loudest fan bases in the country, and us to love their team. Now it is quite sad. This seasons fan support has been subpar but no where near as bad as it was yesterday. Yesterday was one of the saddest days of this Rams fans life. The dome was easily over 50% cheifs fans. When they preformed the national anthem when they got to the part were they say and the home of the brave hoiser Cheifs fans yelled CHEIFS instead of braves and let me tell you it was very very loud. Cheifs fans easily were much much much louder than rams fans... It got to a point were it was pointless for me to scream because obviously I was the only one or one of the few doing it... I know there are real Rams fans out there but they arent able to make games because of Money, travel or what not but for the Rich Fans who sell or give there tickets away to cheifs fans PITTY on you. Saint Louis fans are fake and are front runners in every sport they cheer for.
                          -11-06-2006, 07:36 AM