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Rugby World Cup 2011

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    Re: Rugby World Cup 2011

    i didn`t take into consideration that Wales would have their captain sent off after 20 minutes..i`d like to be gracious in defeat and say well done to france, you stepped up and beat us fair and squarely...but one of those 4 kicks go over and even the normally game killing event of a (harsh) sending off from the half-french ref couldnt have saved you. Wales were heroic in still attacking when it was 14 v 15 France done well in defense but offered nothing going forward.
    Congratulations is the best i can come up with and can`t wait till we meet again early next year to get this horrible defeat out of our system. when you got so many great young players (aged 19-25) like Wales have it`s hard to be down for too long... Ireland for example are screwed because for many of them this World Cup was their last swing of the bat before they retire from international rugby.


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      Re: Rugby World Cup 2011

      loving the All Blacks v Aussies game.

      All blacks playing great stuff..Aussies are battling great to still be in a contest with 30 minutes to go. All Blacks not having a proper kicker playing is helping them with that tho..

      Come on my Kiwi brothers!


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        Re: Rugby World Cup 2011

        Originally posted by Ramblin` Ram View Post
        they`ve only played 1 top team so far and lost twice.
        That's hardly fair - I think New Zealand see themselves as a top team...
        Last edited by TheBritishRam; -10-17-2011, 01:26 PM.


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          Re: Rugby World Cup 2011

          Alright .... ALright ....... ALRIGHTTTTTTTT. Got to the game that counts. my Parents were in NZ and at the Semi-Final that they said it was the best game they have been too. The crowds were pumped and the AB's played really well.

          Condolences to the Wales, its hard to go down to 14 with 3/4 of the game to go and that kick was sooooooo close to almost win it anyways. With 15 on the field it would have been comfortable win for Wales.

          LOL @ TheBritishRam ...


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            Re: Rugby World Cup 2011

            Good like to the Welsh tonight ... should be a great contest.


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              Re: Rugby World Cup 2011

              be hard for the boys to pick themselves up off the floor but am sure they`ll be able to do it and be up for the the same ref who couldn`t see the Hook kick was good in the game against the springboks tho so who knows what will happen this time.

              good luck to the All blacks...can`t let the french and their anti-rugby tactics win this World Cup. although i`ve never liked the french i`ve always admired how they have played the game..not this team they`ve got this year tho.


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                Re: Rugby World Cup 2011

                What a hard fought, ugly win .. but it was a win and thats really all that counts in the final wash-up. Rams have barely put a dampener on my weekend. hang-over and Happy about it.


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