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  • Football proper football ;) - Soccer

    So i seen theres a few threads about the Man U vs Chelsea game thats on today, just wondering who everyone on here follows.

    I follow a team called Kilmarnock FC. The oldest Professional team in Scotland.

    So who's your team?

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    Re: Football proper football ;) - Soccer

    you will never guess

    the boss is a celtic supporter


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      Re: Football proper football ;) - Soccer

      Originally posted by ramstiles View Post
      you will never guess

      the boss is a celtic supporter
      well im sure he's having an awful night lol


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        That is all....

        And oh yeah, go Rams:helmet::helmet::helmet:
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        As one of the Rams’ cornerstone programs, youth football is one of the constant passions of the organization within the community. The goal is simple, the Rams, in conjunction with the NFL want to “enhance, promote and recognize the positive aspects of football at every level.”

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