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    3 week Rams fan (that's not a typo, genuinely three weeks), but I've supported Newcastle United all my life so I've done my service with regard to watching my team lose haha


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      Re: Non US Ram Fans

      Originally posted by Jd_UK View Post
      3 week Rams fan (that's not a typo, genuinely three weeks), but I've supported Newcastle United all my life so I've done my service with regard to watching my team lose haha
      Well then welcome aboard, Rams are the kinda team you will love no matter what. Even in through the periods when you hate them.

      I became a Rams fan around the time you did, but for me after the 99 superbowl (the first season I kind of started watching the NFL, after moving into the U.S.). Then ofcourse, as soon as I became a fan we have an awesome season and won the superbowl. I hope you becoming a fan is the version 2 of my story! I'm sure we would all love that.


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        Cheers for the warm welcome let's hope I can bring the luck! Going to Wembley in October, can't contain my excitement.


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          Re: Non US Ram Fans

          Originally posted by Jd_UK View Post
          3 week Rams fan (that's not a typo, genuinely three weeks), but I've supported Newcastle United all my life so I've done my service with regard to watching my team lose haha
          Well glad to have you as a Rams fan! Will have to say it seems for the most part the Rams have a hugely loyal fan base even through the rough times.... It seems we are about to be on a upswing in the next few years so a good point of becoming a Rams fan lol

          And I envy you going to wembley... I've always wanted to go to England and to watch my favorite team there? Dam that would be bad a**!!!! Maybe next year since we are supposed to go the next 3 seasons...


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          • atcchris
            New "Faction" in Ram-land?
            by atcchris
            I've been a fan of the Rams since the days of Roman Gabriel, and I've never had the priviledge of living in the same general area as the Rams. Lived in Hawaii and Oklahoma when the Rams were in LA, and in Texas since they've been in St. Louis.

            We have a pretty big mix of fans.. still a lot of them left from the LA days.. and sometimes there is a little tension when the subject of "moving the team back to LA" comes up.

            Sadly, there have been factions based on QB controversies (of course, each generation thinks they're the first to ever see a QB controversie).

            Well, LA fans and St. Louis fans.. I think you're about to encounter another group: The Sooner Nation.

            I have been a member of THAT tribe since my 2nd year at the University of Oklahoma. (believe it or not, I wasn't a fan when I started going there.. I was a west coast sports fan... but I grew to love the Sooners quickly)

            Proximity to Dallas means that, in the past, a lot of Sooner fans followed the Plowboys. Lots of tension there, though.. because Dallas is in TEXAS.. and it's counter-intuitive for OU fans to like much from Texas. So.. a lot of Oklahoma folks follow the Chefs (SIC), as they are the AFC team piped to Oklahoma most of the time.

            Many Sooners began following the Vikings when AD was drafted there (no.. don't tell me it's AP.. AD is for All Day..).. but make no mistake... Sam Bradford IS Oklahoma. Not only did he play for the Sooners, but he played high school in the Oklahoma City area. As long as he's a Ram, we Sooner fans will follow him and root for him.

            Now, I'm sure that will raise warning flags for some... "are you a fan of the team, or the players?!". Well.. that's going to be up to some of our fellow fans here in Ram-ville. Are we going to accept and respect this influx of new fans.. understand their passion and help them gain a love of the Rams as a team? I know the Rams' organization will want to cultivate this potential fan base... will we accept these newcomers and do our best not to alienate and disrespect them? We're fans of Sam. We're proud of our Sooners. It's a perfect opportunity for a state without an NFL team to gain one. Hope we take advantage of it.
            -08-07-2010, 01:49 PM
          • Cromwell2Good
            Hooking Up in Oakland.
            by Cromwell2Good
            I'm a die hard SoCal Ram fan going to Oakland for the first time with Faider Fan Friends wearing all my Ram gear. I'll be the only Ram fan in my group so just in case the situation becomes unfriendly I'd like to know where I could find my ClanRam brethren. I'm sure there will be plenty of Ram representation so at least I won't starve if I get booted away from the food! These Faider Fans are pretty rude you know.
            -09-16-2010, 10:46 AM
          • AvengerRam_old
            Rams "Faithful" Is Sucking The Enjoyment Out Of Being A Ram Fan
            by AvengerRam_old
            Allow me to get a bit philosophical for a moment...

            Why do I, as a Ram fan, visit Ram football sites with the frequency that I do? Certainly, its not to obtain information, as that could be done in far less time. No, the primary reason is to enjoy the comeraderie of fellow Ram fans and "homer" sportswriters who cover the team.

            Unfortunately, I find with increasing consistency that the "faithful" with whom I seek to share my love of the team has an increasingly and somewhat shockingly prevalent negative component.

            Today is a perfect example.

            The Rams won their opener. Sure, the game was much closer than most had expected. But there was plenty of good to take away from this game. The maligned O line did a great job. "Over-the-hill" Marshall Faulk and Isaac Bruce had great games. Rookie Steven Jackson continues to impress. Even Marc Bulger, who made some mistakes, overall played a good game.

            I have no problem with anyone who tempers such observations with cautionary words about the problems the Rams exhibited today. The Rams did turn the ball over too much, had clock management snafus and were generally ineffective in the red zone.

            My problem is with the manner in which the criticism is expressed. There seem to be a growing number of fans and sportswriters who go out of their way to stress the problems and downplay any positives.

            We've been down this road before. I'm sure many will jump on me and say I'm a "rose colored glasses wearing Pollyanna" or something to that effect. I'm sure others will say they are just being objective realists.

            But that just brings me to my original premise. I'm not here to be informed of flaws that I am already aware exist. I'm here to enjoy the company of other Ram fans. I read Ram sportwriters not to be informed - I can do that with simple KFFL blurbs - I read them to get an inside view on "our team."

            So to those who feel the need to be negative to get their voices heard, I'm going to try to just not listen anymore.

            I'm here to enjoy the team, and arguing with malcontents is simply not enjoyable.
            -09-12-2004, 07:50 PM
          • Guest's Avatar
            The LA Ram Fan
            by Guest
            I Found this on Jerry's Rams site.

            THE LA RAMFAN
            We are the red-headed step-child, that uncle no one talks about or Jackie Gleason's character the "poor soul". What we are is the few, the proud, the LA Ram fan. We grew up loving that blue and white horn helmet, our idols had names like Deacon, Merlin, Roman & Maxie. We listened to Dick Enberg's play by play of the Ram games on the radio. If we were fortunate, we got to see them in person at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on a warm Sunday afternoon. We loved when our Rams went 11-1-2 in 1967 and cried when we lost to the Vikings in the 1969 playoffs. We stayed loyal thru the Prothro regime and salute him for his picks in the draft. Names like Hacksaw, Youngblood, Isiah Robertson and Dave Elmendorf would be the foundation
            for the future. We get a new owner and a new head coach. Carroll Rosenbloom and Chuck Knox were their names. Starting in
            1973, the Ram uniform changes color and so does the losing. We become the new NFL monsters going 12-2 in 1973. In the next seven years, our Rams set records that will NEVER be broken. Fred Dryer's 2 safeties in one game. Holding the Seahawks to -7 total yards in a game. Winning 7 straight divisions starting 7 different Quarterbacks. But, for some reason, we never got the breaks in the playoffs. In 1973, we go 12-2 and Dallas goes 10-4. We even beat them in the regular season. But, we
            play the playoff game in Dallas. In 1974, we go 10-4 and so does the Minnesota Vikings. But, we beat the Vikes in a regular season game. But, instead of getting the Vikings in
            LA on a warm day, we play the NFC
            championship game in the snow in
            Minnesota. We go over 99 yards and get no points and lose 14-10. In 1976, we go to the 6-inch line and on 4th down, Knox decides to kick a FG. Dempsey's kick is blocked and the Vikings run it back for a TD. Then in 1977, it was the mud bowl. It seemed we were jinxed, then in 1979 when Vinnie hit Waddy for that winning TD against Dallas. Finally making it to he Super Bowl and
            getting emotional when Jack Youngblood, playing with a broken leg, is introduced to the world. And being so proud of our team in the way they played the Steelers in
            the Super Bowl. Even though we loved our team, the new owner of the Rams, Georgia, did things we never would forget. When Carroll Rosenbloom drowned
            just 8 months before the Rams played
            in SB XIV, no tribute for her
            husband. Not a armband or even a
            few words. This was Georgia's coming
            out party. Then on top of that was
            the ticket scalping that sent her
            new husband, Dominic Frontiere to
            prison. Letting Hacksaw help our
            arch-rival niners win their first
            Super Bowl, letting Bruzinski go
            to the Dolphins and Vinnie to the
            CFL. We stayed loyal to the team
            that was our Father's team. We
            watch as our Rams who...
            -07-20-2004, 09:15 PM
            Another Old Ram fan has come on board!
            Hello everyone. I just signed on here yesterday, found the place by accident, actually. But, it's nice to find a place where I can talk about my favorite sports team. I'm in Huntington Beach California, and have watched and followed the Rams since their playing days at the LA coliseum. Unlike many of my fellow Ram fans here in So. Cal, I stayed with the horns even though that "b***h" took my team away from me and moved them to St Louis. Anyway, it's great to get online here and read and chat about the Rams. Tonight's the first preseason game of 2006, and I'm so anxious to see the "new-look" Rams. I guess one good thing about being a Ram fan in California is I get to see the game on TV, which I understand is blacked out locally. Hmmmmm, that situation sounds familiar. In the last few dismal years in LA, we suffered the same fate. Dwindling attendance and blackouts. For you guys in St. Louis, don't let that happen! Support your team, or Madam Ram may.... well, you never know. GO RAMS!!!!
            -08-10-2006, 08:12 AM