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  • NBA question

    With the Lakers and Celtics playing so poorly this season has the NBA taken a hit as far as popularity goes?
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    Re: NBA question

    NBA overall popularity has been taking a hit the last few years I think. On my end I can say that for sure. A lot of friends I know have stopped keeping up with it and just watch it during the playoffs. That includes me. I stopped watching the NBA and watch more hockey or college basketball now. Where as if you go back a couple of years, NBA was my second favorite/most sport to watch other than the NFL


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      Re: NBA question

      The NBA had its highest ratings during the Jordan era. After he retired, they dropped substantially. In recent years, however, the ratings have improved significantly.

      The biggest draw is my MIAMI HEAT!


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        Re: NBA question

        Thats true too, Heat probably have improved the ratings. But sometimes they could also be the sole reason why ratings drop but it probably averages out to a positive.


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