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    I have invited my wife to a New York on trip in mid May. As I am only into the NFL I do not have much knowledge about much other sports in the US.

    I would like to go see some sports when I am in New York. What is the best baseball team to watch there? The Yankees or?

    What about NBA it looks like may is playoff season for NBA is it realistic to get tickets for that and are any New York teams in Playoff contention?

    What about college football or similar is there anything going on in May that might be of interest there?

    I hope you can help, if I do not find any sports to go watch my wife will probably just do shopping and broadway shows 24/7 :P

    At least I have already negotiated visit to the intrepid museum ;)

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    Re: Sports in New York

    May will be into baseball season so you can try to get tickets, probably to the Yankees they're the more successful franchise historically and it's a beautiful new stadium. Mets are also playing in New York. That's really all you're going to have for options that time of year. Basketball will be done. They probably have a La Cross league, not sure. Football will be just coming out of the draft they won't even have rookie camps anywhere at that point. Yeah I think you're only real option will be a Mets or Yankees game buddy. Enjoy your trip though to New Amsterdam.
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