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Baseball for dummies?

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  • Baseball for dummies?

    Having had a good success getting help our Rams board regarding where to buy a Rams Jersey for my son when I go to New York next week I was thinking maybe you can help me with something else also....

    As there is no football going on at the moment and as it seems that the Nets will not last til next week I have bought some Baseball tickets as I cannot go to the US without going to a sports event

    My problem I have no clue about baseball Can anybody link me up with a homepage explaining the rules and the concepts in an easy way? Because to me baseball just look like a bunch of guys scratching their crouches and spitting. But knowing Football and basketball I know there must me more to it since it can gather American viewers.....

    I am going to watch the Yankees vs the Pirates. As I understand it the Pirates play in the same division that St. Louis plays in, so I guess it is ok to support the Yankees right