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Beltran to the Mets?

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  • Beltran to the Mets?

    All the Astros had to do was give him a no-trade clause and they keep the guy who propelled them to one game of the World Series.

    As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, thank you Astros.

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    Re: Beltran to the Mets?

    I hate the no trade clauses, it handcuffs the team and reduces the motivation on players who know they can do whatever they want.


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      Re: Beltran to the Mets?

      I love it from both angles. One, the astros lost their biggest threat, and two, a New York team over-paid for a free agent. As a Cardinals fan, I love it.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      • sjacksonrules
        Who here is a Cardinals baseball fan?
        by sjacksonrules
        Anyone on here cards fans?

        If so are u worried about pujols's contract? I am I hope they can get a deal done he said he won't talk after spring training starts.
        -01-26-2011, 07:11 AM
      • Guest's Avatar
        Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals
        by Guest
        This may not be were it belongs but this is worthy of posting a World Series win by the same town our beloved Rams come from in the most viewed forum.

        There have been many years we have had better regular season success. But I can not remember a team pulling together and relying on each other more then this team did this postseason. They have four starting pitchers that are going to be free agents and their CF may not be back. Eck, Rolen, and Pujols were playing hurt. Pujols only has one RBI in the NLDS and was not hitting well in the World Series. But Yadi who was there worst batter all year was perhaps one of their best from the start of the playoff. They barely made the playoffs after Houston had a huge winning streak to try to come from behind but they did just enough to hold them off. Weaver was released by the Angels and turned into an Angel in the postseason. He looked like a bust in his first month in a Cardinal uniform. But he turned into another great acquisition by Jocketty (GM). He had the highest regular season ERA of any pitcher to get the win in the World Series clinching game. The Cardinals 83 wins were the lowest ever total by any team to win it all. The Cardinals lost players they came into the season counting on along the way such as Mulder the #2 pitcher entering the season Izringhausen their closer for several years now. Pujols went down for a month during a stretch where he was playing better baseball then any player ever had he was on pace for a monstrous season. Edmonds went down for an extended period of time and did not play hardly at all near the end of the season. But two veteran castoffs Spiezio and Preston Wilson stepped in and played well and the pitching coaches son Duncan a rookie came in and chipped in with over 20HRs. Jocketty the GM was criticized for not pulling off his magic at the deadline and after the deadline. He only got players such as Belliard, Weaver, and Preston Wilson and they did not resign Grudzielanek to play second in the off-season. The front office has a new stadium and more revenue coming in but they held their budget at where it was. People kept asking about why we did not get a proven second baseman, outfielder and a better starting pitcher when we let Mark Grudzielanek (2nd), Reggie Sanders (OF), and Matt Morris (SP) walk via free agency and they failed in the pursuit of a big name pitcher and outfielder they got out bid on. Well Walt did come through at second he picked up Belliard for almost nothing, Duncan and Wilson provided good production in the outfield, and Weaver became one of our best post-season pitchers.

        We have our own David and Goliath. David Eckstein the smallest guy on the field at 5 foot and some change wins the world series MVP he was a walk on in college.

        Congratulations Cardinals on a true team and organizational World Series Championship. Rams lets do the same in 2006 any one in can win the Cards proved that.

        -10-28-2006, 07:55 AM
      • ILRamfan
        Arizona Cardinals
        by ILRamfan
        Due to the recent re-alignment, the St. Louis Rams 2001 NFC Champions, 1999 Super Bowl Champs are placed in the same division with the Arizona Cardinals. I don't think I need to remind everyone that these are the same Cardinals owned by the lying, stinking, coniving, greedy, moronic, Bill Bidwell. If the Rams do anything in the 2003 season, they MUST humiliate Arizona at every given opportunity! This must be our imperitive!

        Does anyone out there agree?

        Remember 1987!
        -04-06-2002, 07:59 AM
      • AvengerRam_old
        When the Rams play the Cardinals, I root for:
        by AvengerRam_old
        Where is your loyalty?
        The Rams
        Kurt Warner
        -10-03-2008, 07:22 AM
      • ZigZagRam
        Cardinals in the World Series!
        by ZigZagRam
        Don't know how many Cardinals fans we have here, but I'm sure there are some lurking about. Way to go Cardinals! Time to extend that "curse" in Boston.
        -10-21-2004, 10:09 PM