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  • Yu Darvish- GUTLESS

    As a big Dodgers fan, needless to say I am extremely disappointed in last night's game 7 loss. The Dodgers' bats didn't show up for much of the series (they hit .205). Guys they counted on during the season played poorly (Justin turner a no-show, Kenley Jansen a blown save and a loss, Cody Bellinger a strikeout machine, among others). They blew a 3-1 lead in game 2, and later 4-0 and 7-4 leads in game 5 with their ace on the mound. Even with all that, the series was there for the taking. And they had game 7 at home. They didn't get it done- and didn't deserve to win.

    While he had plenty of company, Yu Darvish deserves the brunt of this scathing critique for his totally gutless performances in games 3 and 7. How a pitcher with his ability could have not one but TWO starts in which he couldn't get out of the 2nd inning is mind-boggling, disgraceful and unprecedented from what I can remember going back a lot of years watching this sport. He should donate his game checks to the American Heart Association since he apparently has none. He's forever damaged how I and undoubtedly many others will view him regardless of what he does from this point forward in his career. Absolutely no balls whatsoever and no appreciation for the occasion and what was at stake.

    A bitter, bitter pill to swallow.

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    Yu Darvish was terrible. Absolutely no question about it. Kershaw was a disgrace in the game he started and with the season on the line, the dodgers scored one run. One run is not going to win many games at all, let alone a game 7. Darvish could have pitched a lot better, and personally, i would have pulled him after he gave up the first 2 runs, but i would still blame the bats as much as anything else in game 7 and i would point out that in a 7 game series, when you score 10 runs or more and still lose a game in which kershaw starts, you might want to look at that game as the one that cost you the series.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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      Views from the Game
      by Guest
      I went to the game today and I am sure it was just as obvious on TV. Hargrove played better today then past weeks. The secondary was horrible the second touch down of the game by the Seachickens WR caught the ball on the left side of the field and we had no DBs on the entire left side he jogged it in 29 yards but he could have just walked it if he preferred. We had no one on that side of the field. I am thinking about working out and trying out for the Rams secondary however if I workout I am afraid I might be over qualified. Well maybe I wont work out maybe I will just try out for the Rams punting position because he sucked just as much. Horrible day punting his kicks had no hang time and no distance what a bad combo. Holt man he looked great as he always does he had an excellent one-handed catch. Tyoka had a good game with 2 sacks. Our offense had 0 points in the first quarter another bad start that helped put us in a hole. Their offense scored 14 points in the first quarter. Bulger had an okay game I still expect a little more. Jackson good game when he got square and ran still does not look like he has cutting ability. I also held my breath on the throws to him because he doesn’t make it look easy when he catches the ball. However he did good catching the ball though.

      All blame for this game falls on the D especially the secondary. The secondary could not stop their 3rd and 4th receivers who were starting in place of their number 1 and 2. That is pathetic when a team still throws for 316 yards with their number one and two WRs out. McDoanlds dropped punt did not help but our D gave up way to many points.

      Everyone at the game thought we were going to come back and beat them before the dropped punt.
      -10-09-2005, 03:03 PM
    • general counsel
      Rams "on-field" participation
      by general counsel
      How are crazy fans like us ever going to get a chance to ACTIVELY participate in a rams game? There are three ways that i can think of, let me know which you think is the coolest (ie which job would you want if you had your first choice)

      1) The guys who stand on the sidelines holding the down markers. They get to run on the field at critical times. These are basically volunteer or very very low paid positions, but it does get you on the field during the game, albeit not during the action.

      2) The guy who picks up the kicking tee after money kicks off. he has to run onto the field and grab the tee, which is actually a very cool job. I have been to many games in person, but i cant remember if this guy runs onto the field after the ball has been kicked and during the action. If he is running onto the field during the action, it would certainly be bizarre if he pulled a muscle and came up lame while the action was coming at him on a long return. He could potentially get run over and be scarred for life.

      3) My personal choice- The guy that carries the flag out of the tunnel at the start of the game as the team runs out behind him. This guy gets to run around the stadium waiving the big rams flag every time we score a td which is great, but the pumping adrenelin of running out of the tunnel leading the team, especially for a home playoff game, is about the coolest thing i can realistically imagine.

      4) Other. One of the random marketing participations, ie pregame coin flip (although a playoff game OT coin flip might be cool) or a halftime promotion. I hold these in low esteem, but everyone is certainly entitled to their own view.

      Let me know what you guys and gals think, seems like a good topic for the slow time before free agency and the draft.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -02-19-2007, 10:06 AM
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      Landettas best game since....
      by Guest
      I think that tonight was landetta's best game since he knocked three punts out inside the ten yard line in the last game between the cleveland rams and the decautur stanleys (i believe landetta filled in as punter that day for an injured waterfield).

      Distance and accuracy, he was just fantastic and as one of the guys that has been on his back for a while, i offer my heartfelt congrats and thanks for a great job in a huge win.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -10-18-2004, 11:33 PM
    • general counsel
      This is an UPSIDE game
      by general counsel
      Injuries aside, this game really has only upside. Its a very tough road game against a team we dont match up well against, even with their injuries. We are healthy, coming off a bye and hopefully rejuvinated for the rest of the season, but we have been unable to consistently stop the run all year and this is one of the best running teams in the nfl with what is maybe the best back in LT and a solid young improving qb. They have a stout defensive line and a monster nose tackle.

      If we can find a way to stay in this game, we have a legit shot to win at the end of course. If we can protect bulger, we can score on them, but of course, merriman is a part of that and his status remains up in the air at this point. I hope we have a plan to control that nose tackle, but i suspect this is one of those cases where a plan is great but execution is very very tough. If jackson cant run at all and we spend the day in long yardage situations, its going to be even tougher.

      We are 9 point underdogs which is a very big spread and tells you that the oddsmakers, who know more than any of us, think that bye or no bye, injuries or no injuries, we are in big trouble.

      To me, our shot at this game is simple. We have to win the turnover battle convincingly and score tds in the red zone. In short, we will need to play our best game of the year and hope that they make some mistakes. If we can do that, we have a shot in this game. If we only play a half or maybe even three quarters of football, it wont be enough on the road against sandiego.

      At the end of the day, this is NOT a game we have to win. Thats what i mean when i say it really has only upside as long as we dont get hurt. The game we will have to win is the following week at home vs kc.

      Ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -10-24-2006, 08:24 AM
    • Nick
      The most disappointing thing about tonight's game was...
      by Nick absolutely uninspired this team looked.

      The Rams had everything to play for - a .500 season and a chance to not only make the playoffs but host a playoff game in the dome. They were going up against a team that's lost seven of their last nine games, and lost handily to the Rams in October by a score of 20-3.

      We heard from Steve Spagnuolo after the Chiefs game that the Rams were entering the playoff mindset (to which Steven Jackson said they should have already been in it, and I agree). This was a monumentally important game for the Rams that could have made a great statement for the direction of the team.

      And they laid a giant egg on national television.

      I wasn't among those fans who, prior to the game, thought this was going to be an easy win against an inferior team. I saw the Rams as a better team and believed they'd win the game, but when this game was moved to primetime at Qwest Field, I had a feeling it was going to be a tough one. Sure enough, there really wasn't a phase of the game where the Rams didn't stumble.

      Bradford wasn't awful, but he misfired on a couple of key passes. The throw to Robinson on the sideline that could have been challenged wouldn't have needed to be had it arrived a half a second or so sooner. A throw to Amendola running an out route was beyond his reach. A throw to Robinson running a corner route went too far. Sam locked onto his receiver tonight, resulting in a couple of batted balls and a fatal interception. What has been an impressive rookie season ended on a sour note.

      But while Bradford did not play a perfect game, his supporting cast shoulders a much larger share of the blame. The Rams' offensive line was not particularly effective; yards in the ground game were hard to come by, and the protection was inconsistent. When Sam needed his blockers the most, on the final drive of the game, they let him down tremendously with back to back sacks.

      Nearly every Rams receiver had moments to forget in this game, perhaps none moreso than fan hero Danario Alexander. I don't think DX deserves too much criticism for the incomplete deep ball on the sidelines, as he was led a bit too far towards the line in my opinion. But rookie or veteran, you've got to be able to come down with the deep post pass that whiffed right through his hands. Tell that to Robinson and Fells as well. The Rams are desperate for someone to step up at this position. Scratch that, they've been desperate all year for someone to emerge. No one seems to want to become the guy, and it might cost some of them their place on this team when the summer and fall roll around.

      One of the more perplexing developments in this game was the lack of Steven Jackson. The Rams' best offensive playmaker touched the ball fifteen times in this game. On the one drive where the Rams actually drove the length of the field to put points on the board,...
      -01-02-2011, 10:50 PM