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  • My Rams franchise

    I decided to do a Rams franchise although RF4E wanted a NBA.

    Training Camp Depth Chart (Rams)

    QB Bulger
    RB Jackson
    FB Hedgecock
    WR Holt
    WR Bruce
    WR McDonald
    TE Ernie Conwell
    LT Pace
    LG Terrell
    C Chris Terry
    RG Dan Neil
    RT Kyle Turley

    LE Little
    RE Hargrove
    DT Cletidus Hunt
    DT Tony Williams
    LOLB Tinoisamoa
    MLB Anthony Simmons
    ROLB Will Witherspoon
    CB Butler
    CB Fakhir Brown
    FS Dwaine Carpenter
    SS Adrian Wilson
    K Jeff Wilkins
    P Bryan Barker
    KR Chris Johnson
    PR Chris Johnson

    Free Agent Signings
    RG Dan Neil
    C Chris Terry
    DT Cletidus Hunt
    RT Kyle Turley
    MLB Anthony Simmons
    DT Cedroc Woodward
    DT Tony Williams
    FS Dwaine Carpenter

    Roster Cuts
    RG Blaine Saipaia
    C Larry Turner
    DT Ben Noll
    DT Brian Howard
    ROLB Drew Wahlroos
    CB Cory Ivy

    The Rams have traded DT Damione Lewis, CB Travis Fisher, and TE Brandon Manumaleuna to the New Orlean Saints for TE Ernie Conwell and CB Fakhir Brown.

    The Rams have traded ROLB Dexter Coakley, DT Ryan Pickett and FS Mike Furrey to the Panthers for ROLB Will Witherspoon, RT Dave Kadela, and there 5th Round Pick.

    The Rams have traded SS Adam Archuleta, MLB Chris Claiborne, there 2nd Round Pick to the Cardinals for SS Adrian Wilson, OLB Darryl Blackstock, and MLB Lance Mitchell.

    The Rams have traded WR Dane Looker, RB Alrlen Harris and RT Dave Kadela to the Vikings for OLB Raonell Smith, C Cory Withrow and there 6th Round Pick.

    PreSeason Schedule (Simulating)
    vs Bears W 31 - 10
    Player of Game: Cletidus Hunt (DT) 9 Tackles

    @ Chargers L 41 - 17
    Player of Game: Brandon Chillar (LB) 12 Tackles, 1 FF

    @ Lions W 37 - 23
    Player of Game: Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB) 17 - 23 174yds, 73.9%, 3 TD 0 INT

    vs Chiefs L 20 - 10
    Player of Game: Anthony Simmons 12 Tackles

    Will Witherspoon | Ruptured Disk | Out for Season
    Richie Incognito | Dislocated Elbow | Out 5 Weeks
    Claude Terrell | Forearm Fracture | Out 7 Weeks
    Adam Timmerman | Back Spasms | Out 1 Week
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    Re: My Rams franchise

    in my Franchise, i traded pickett for Glover, claibourne for Witherspoon, and Archuleta Chavous and resigned them all and then i traded Manu. for Antonio Gates :-)


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      Re: My Rams franchise

      The Rams have traded ROLB Dexter Coakley, DT Ryan Pickett and FS Mike Furrey to the Panthers for ROLB Will Witherspoon, RT Dave Kadela, and there 5th Round Pick.

      The Rams have traded SS Adam Archuleta, MLB Chris Claiborne, there 2nd Round Pick to the Cardinals for SS Adrian Wilson, OLB Darryl Blackstock, and MLB Lance Mitchell.

      The Rams have traded WR Dane Looker, RB Alrlen Harris and RT Dave Kadela to the Vikings for OLB Raonell Smith, C Cory Withrow and there 6th Round Pick.
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        Re: My Rams franchise

        i dont know how to trade draft picks how do you do that?


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          Re: My Rams franchise

          Just trade em'. There is a column when trading that says Draft Picks.
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            Re: My Rams franchise

            ok thanks!


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              Re: My Rams franchise

              Rams Regular Season
              Week 1
              Rams @ *****

              Results to come ...


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                Re: My Rams franchise

                NOT WILL!!! He got injuried!! .... when the regular season starts, i'm like gonna play Madden 07 when it comes out and every week while I'm watching the game, im gonna be playing the game at the same time.


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                  Re: My Rams franchise

                  Good job our Player of the Games... clap clap

                  in real life, when the 06-07 season starts.... play like that chillar

                  oops double post i changed it
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                    Re: My Rams franchise

                    Mine goes like this:


                    Rams VS Bears W 17-3
                    Rams Player of the game: SS Corey Chavous
                    8 Tackles, 2 Ints, 1 TD

                    Rams @ Chargers L 24-10
                    Rams Player of the game: RB Marshall Faulk
                    12 Carries for 78 yards, 1 TD

                    Rams @ Lions W 21-7
                    Rams Player of the game: WR Torry Holt
                    5 catches for 178 yards, 3 TDs

                    Rams VS Chiefs W 31-21
                    Rams Player of the game: LOLB Pisa Tinoisamoa
                    7 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 1 Int

                    hey... when ever you put lolb= Left outside linebacker in caps, it becomes LOLB


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                      Re: My Rams franchise

                      yea, instead of LOLB try LoLB. of shouldn't be capitalized anyways!


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                        Re: My Rams franchise

                        Rams @ ***** W1 Scoring update
                        Rams 7 9ers 0

                        Steven Jackson on the First drive of the game took the ball 35yds for the TD run breaking 2 tackles while in the process.


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                          Re: My Rams franchise

                          RamsFan4ever's Franchise

                          Rams @ 4 9ers
                          Rams 7 9ers 3

                          QB Marc Bulger 17 yard TD pass to TE Antonio Gates


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                            Re: My Rams franchise

                            Start your own thread homie

                            Scoring Update: Rams @ 9ers W1 Rams 14 9ers 0
                            In San Francisco RB Marshall Faulk took the Ball on the Goaline for a One yard TD Run!

                            Scoring Update: Rams @ 9ers W1 Rams 21 9ers 0
                            In San Fran the Rams FS Dwaine Carpenter picked a ball off thrown by Rookie QB Alex Smith and Returned it 52 Yards for the TD.

                            Scoring Update: Rams @ 9ers W1 Rams 28 - 9ers 0
                            In San Fran TE Ernie Conwell caught a 23yd pass from QB Marc Bulger for the Touchdown. (Drive started after a Fumbled KR by SF)
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                              Re: My Rams franchise

                              Originally posted by RamsFan16
                              Start your own thread homie

                              noooo.... i would have to keep switching back and forth to update mine and to look at urs


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                              • RamsFan16
                                Rams Offseason
                                by RamsFan16
                                Here is what I think we should do. I know you guys are thinking OH NO! but seriously I think this is better.

                                Rams Free Agents:

                                C Andy McCollum- already resigned
                                TE Brandon Manumaleuna- Let go
                                WR Shaun McDonald- Resign for cheap
                                WR Kevin Curtis- Resign at all costs but don't go to high
                                G Tom Nutten- if isn't retiring sign for cheap
                                OT Rex Tucker- let go
                                TE Cameron Cleeland- keep at cheap price
                                QB Jamie Martin- let go
                                RB Arlen Harris- resign for cheap
                                RB Aveion Cason- resign for cheap
                                RB David Allen- already gone
                                DT Ryan Pickett- Resign at all costs, or Franchise Tag him
                                CB DeJuan Groce- resign for cheap
                                S Adam Archuleta- let go. Its time to let Huff in
                                S Mike Furrey- resign for cheap good ST player
                                DE Tyoka Jackson- resign for cheap, good leader
                                DT Damione Lewis- resign for cheap. my find his potential
                                DE Brandon Green- resign for cheap
                                LB Trev Faulk- already resigned
                                CB Corey Ivy- resign for cheap
                                CB Chris Johnson- resign for cheap. Good KR and good backup CB
                                CB Terry Fair- let go
                                P Bryan Barker- if not retiring bring back for cheap
                                FB Chris Massey- let go
                                TE Roland Williams- resign for cheap

                                Round 1- Michael Huff S Texas
                                Round 2- Abdul Hodge LB Iowa
                                Round 3- Dominque Byrd TE USC
                                Round 4- Bernard Pollard S Purdue
                                Round 5- Marvin Philip C California
                                Round 6- Frostee Rucker DE USC
                                Round 7- Jay McCareins CB Princeton

                                Free Agency: Who we should go after, assuming availible
                                G Steve Hutchinson
                                CB Nate Clements
                                CB Ike Taylor
                                S Chris Hope
                                LB Andra Davis
                                FB Nick Luchey
                                LB Tommy Polley
                                DE Robert Mathis
                                LB Jamie Winborn
                                DE Kyle Vanden Bosch
                                S Tank Williams
                                CB Charles Woodson
                                CB Roderick Hood
                                CB Will Allen
                                S Corey Chavous
                                CB Jerry Azumah
                                S Terrence Holt
                                DT Grady Jackson
                                C Mike Flanagan
                                DE Aaron Kampman
                                RB DeShaun Foster
                                S Idrees Bashir
                                CB Ricky Manning
                                LB Sedrick Hodge
                                DE Darren Howard
                                DT Chris Hovan

                                I know I have alot of Free Agents but the odds of them becoming free agents are slim so I through some names out there.

                                2006 Depth Chart
                                QB Bulger
                                HB Jackson
                                FB Hedgecock
                                WR1 Holt
                                WR2 Bruce
                                TE Byrd
                                LTOrlando Pace
                                LG Steve Hutchinson
                                C McCollum/Flanagan
                                RG Timmerman/Terrel
                                RT Barron

                                DE Darren Howard
                                DT Pickett
                                DT Kennedy
                                DE Little
                                OLB Pisa
                                MLB Hodge
                                OLB Claiborne
                                CB Butler/Clemens/Allen
                                CB Fisher/Bartell/Azumah
                                S Huff/Carter/Pollard
                                S Atogwe/Huff

                                Record Prediction

                                -02-06-2006, 04:36 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Rams Roster Shaping Up Nicely
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Here's the current starting line-up. Players in bold are players who the Rams should consider upgrading in the draft of free agency if the opportunity presents itself. Players in italics are those who have a question mark attached to them due to health or other (Leonard Little) considerations.

                                QB: Marc Bulger
                                RB: Steven Jackson
                                FB: Joey Goodspeed
                                WR: Torry Holt
                                WR: Isaac Bruce
                                LT: Orlando Pace
                                LG: Blaine Sapaia
                                C: Andy McCollum
                                RG: Adam Timmerman
                                LT: Scott Tercero
                                TE: Brandon Manumaleuna

                                DE: Leonard Little
                                DT: Jimmy Kennedy
                                DT: Ryan Pickett
                                DE: Tony Hargrove
                                OLB: Pisa Tinoisamoa
                                MLB: Chris Claiborne
                                OLB: Dexter Coakley
                                CB: Travis Fisher
                                CB: Jeremetrius Butler
                                SS: Adam Archuleta
                                FS: Michael Stone

                                So, clearly the biggest needs are on the O line and the DBs. I almost didn't put Fisher and Butler in the "upgrade category," as I think they are adequate. But the draft is very deep at CB, so the Rams could get a chance for a real upgrade there.
                                -03-16-2005, 02:47 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                My "Day After" Starting Roster Review
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Here's how I see the starting lineup, with the following criteria applied:

                                K - Keeper. No need for upgrade.
                                C - Competer. Low priority. Bring in competition.
                                U - Upgradable. Medium priority. Replace if price is right.
                                P - Priority. High priority. Pay the price to upgrade.

                                QB: Marc Bulger - K
                                RB: Steven Jackson - K
                                FB: Joey Goodspeed - K
                                WR: Torry Holt - K
                                WR: Isaac Bruce - K
                                OT: Orlando Pace - K
                                OT: Blaine Sapaia - P
                                OG: Adam Timmerman - C
                                OG: Tom Nutten - P
                                C: Andy McCollum - C
                                TE: Brandon Manumaleuna - U

                                DE: Leonard Little - K
                                DE: Bryce Fisher - C
                                DT: Ryan Pickett - K
                                DT: Jimmy Kenndey - K
                                LB: Tommy Polley - P
                                LB: Pisa Tinoisamoa - K
                                LB: Robert Thomas - P
                                CB: Travis Fisher - C
                                CB: Jeremetrius Butler - C
                                SS: Adam Archuleta - K
                                FS: Antuan Edwards - C

                                K: Jeff Wilkins - K
                                P: Kevin Stempke - U
                                KR: Aveon Cason - U
                                PR: Sean McDonald - U
                                -01-16-2005, 07:14 PM
                              • ramsbruce
                                Key Free Agents In 06
                                by ramsbruce
                                I saw this on another forum for those who are interested. I am not responsible for any errors on this list And no some of the teams aren't in alphabetical order.

                                St. Louis Rams
                                Adam Archuleta SS
                                Aveion Cason RB
                                Terry Fair CB
                                Micheal Hawthorne FS
                                Corey Ivy CB
                                Tyoka Jackson DT
                                Damione Lewis DT
                                Brandon Manumaleuna FB
                                Jamie Martin QB
                                Chris Massey FB
                                Andy McCollum C
                                Tom Nutten G
                                Ryan Pickett NT
                                Jeff Robinson TE/LS
                                Rex Tucker T
                                Roland Williams TE

                                Baltimore Ravens
                                Dale Carter CB
                                Will Demps FS
                                Patrick Johnson WR
                                Terry Jones TE
                                Ma'ake Kemoeatu DT
                                Jamal Lewis RB
                                Tommy Polley LB
                                Deion Sanders CB
                                Bart Scott LB
                                Kordell Stewart QB
                                Chester Taylor RB
                                Anthony Weaver DE
                                Chad Williams SS
                                Anthony Wright QB
                                Dave Zastudil P

                                Buffalo Bills
                                Justin Bannan DT
                                Nate Clements CB
                                Ryan Denney DE
                                Ron Edwards DT
                                Shane Matthews QB
                                Josh Reed WR
                                Mike Schneck LB
                                Trey Teague T
                                Kevin Thomas CB

                                Cincinnati Bengals
                                Rashad Bauman CB
                                Jon Kitna QB
                                Nick Luchey FB
                                Anthony Mitchell FS
                                Reggie Myles FS
                                Hannibal Navies LB
                                Ifeayani Ohelate SS
                                Carl Powell DE
                                Matt Schobel TE
                                Tony Stewart TE
                                Kenny Watson RB
                                Nate Webster LB
                                Marcus Wilkins LB

                                Cleveland Browns
                                Antonio Bryant WR
                                Andra Davis ILB
                                Antwan Harris S
                                Keith Heinrich TE
                                Justin Kurpeikis LB
                                Ray Mickens CB
                                Billy Miller TE
                                Kyle Richardson P
                                Orpheus Roye DE
                                Orlando Ruff LB
                                Aaron Shea TE
                                LJ Shelton T
                                Ben Taylor LB

                                Denver Broncos
                                Sam Brandon SS
                                Keith Burns LB
                                Patrick Chukwarah LB
                                Marco Coleman DE
                                Ron Dayne RB
                                Mike Leach LS
                                Monsanto Pope DT
                                Lenny Walls CB

                                Houston Texans
                                Jason Bell CB
                                Corey Bradford WR
                                David Carr QB
                                Troy Evans LB
                                Jabar Gaffney WR
                                Dashon Polk LB
                                Victor Riley T
                                Marcellus Rivers TE
                                Jonathan Wells RB

                                Indianapolis Colts
                                Raheem Brock DE
                                Rocky Calmus LB
                                Edgerrin James RB
                                Rob Morris LB
                                James Mungro RB
                                David Thornton LB
                                Larry Tripplett DT
                                Mike Vanderjagt K
                                Troy Walters WR
                                Reggie Wayne WR

                                Jacksonville Jaguars
                                Akin Ayodele LB
                                Deke Cooper SS
                                Terry Cousin CB
                                Rob Meier DT
                                Mike Pearson T
                                Ephraim Salaam T
                                Marcellus Wiley DE
                                Kenny Wright CB

                                Kansas City Chiefs
                                Todd Collins QB
                                Lional Dalton DT
                                Kendall Gammon TE/LS
                                Carlos Hall DE
                                Damon Huard QB
                                Tony Richardson FB
                                -10-24-2005, 08:17 PM
                              • Country
                                Rams Offseason 2007
                                by Country
                                2007 St. Louis Rams Off-season

                                This theme of this off-season plan is youth and size. The Rams are an aging team and need to get young in a hurry to avoid the dreaded word of rebuilding. The Rams also have to get size along the front seven. Witherspoon needs to go back to the outside and a run stuffing MLB needs to be found. Also at the DT spot more size to stop the run is absolutely necessary.

                                Release/ Not Resign
                                -OG Adam Timmerman
                                -C Andy McCollum
                                -RB Marshall Faulk
                                -DT Jason Fisk
                                -LB Dwayne Carpenter
                                -S Dwayne Carpenter
                                -WR Dane Looker

                                -LB Brandon Chillar
                                -DE Brandon Green
                                -TE Aaron Walker
                                -RB Tony Fischer
                                -RB Stephen Davis
                                -WR Kevin Curtis
                                -WR Shaun MacDonald
                                -OT Todd Stussie
                                -OG Adam Goldberg
                                -P Turk

                                -QB Marc Bulger [4 years 12SB/40 million]
                                -RB Steven Jackson [6 years 13SB/48 million]
                                -DT LaRoi Glover [Restructure]
                                -S Cory Cahvous [Restructure]

                                -LB Kawika Mitchell [5 year 8SB/20 million]
                                -S Ken Hamlin [6 year 10SB/24million]
                                -DT Tommy Kelly [6 year 10SB/28 million]
                                -OG Derrick Dockery [5 year 8SB/20 million]

                                -St. Louis trades 2[42] to Oakland for DT Tommy Kelly.

                                1[10] DE LaMarr Woodley [Michigan] 62 268lbs.
                                Woodley provides the Rams with the speed and intensity that the Rams defense has been lacking this year. He provides a compliment to Little and racked up 11 sacks versus some very good big ten tackles.

                                2[42] Traded

                                3[74] S Josh Gattis [Wake Forest] 61 210lbs.
                                A safety with great speed and ball skills that can be groomed as a FS. He will provide the cover skills that Chavour and Atogwe do not bring to the table.


                                4. OT Cory Hilliard [Oklahoma St.] 65 325lbs.
                                -A big OT/OG tweener that will provide depth behind a young and developing OL.


                                5. WR Matt Trannon [Michigan St.] 66 215lbs.
                                -Trannon is the big target that the Rams need. The Rams have a lot of WRs under 6 and Trannon bucks the trend providing youth and a size.


                                5. LB Oscar Lua [USC] 6 240lbs.
                                -Lua might not have the physical skills that you look for but he is a leader on the field and tough run stuffing LB that the Rams do not have on the roster.


                                6. RB/KR Garrett Wolf [Northern...
                                -12-18-2006, 03:32 PM