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I got a feeling about Faulk

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    Re: I got a feeling about Faulk

    I think it's too late into the season for him to retire. Camp starts next week....It would be great for Steven Jackson fantasy owners ( im planning on being one )


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      I think everyone should stop with their BS story about Faulk not wantin to play more.
      by Guest
      Faulk may have went to management and told them it was time to make a change because he is good hearted and they chose a RB with their first over all pick.
      How many players anywhere in the NFL would go to management and tell them to play some one else ahead of them none is the answer because they are all after the dollar but not Faulk he wants to see the kid get a chance and succeed. But Faulk still has a lot of game left in him and if Jackson ever went down with an injury and they had to play Faulk you would see that I can honestly say Jackson has helped contribute to our losing season with his no gain runs and getting two QB's blown up by bad blocking both Bulger and Martin were the victims of his poor blocking.

      Faulk has a lot of game left and this was the first off-season in a long time he did not have to have surgery. He is as healthy and as good as he has been in a long time. I guarantee you if I had to win a game I would take Faulk over Jackson as my running back. Once Faulk saw they drafted a RB he knew he did not have a lot of years left and he knew they had to play the #1 RB in the draft pretty quickly and that is why I believe he said they should play him. Because how would people feel if Faulk played good and we did not start Jackson for another 4 years they would all be wondering why we spent such a high pick on someone that sets on the bench.

      Nick Faulk did it for the team and Jackson no one else in the NFL would have done what he did. Faulk may have thought at the time that Jackson might be able to handle the starting job and knowing that they selected him so high they would have to play him soon. Faulk is today better then Jackson. He is as healthy as he has ever been.
      -12-11-2005, 09:25 PM
    • LA Rammer
      Marshal Faulk
      by LA Rammer
      What is the latest? Is he gonna be back for 2007? Can't recall last thread on this.
      -11-15-2006, 11:35 PM
    • Nick
      Prisco: Faulk out of shape and unwanted?
      by Nick
      From Pete Prisco

      Why is Marshall Faulk still with the Rams? That's an interesting question when you consider he hasn't taken part in the team's offseason program and word is he's once again a little pudgy. OK, chunky is more like it. Faulk was a pet of previous coach Mike Martz, which is why he was allowed to get away with not being in the best shape. The joke was that Faulk used to play golf to get into shape in the offseason. New coach Scott Linehan has made it clear that Steven Jackson will be the team's top running back. Word is some coaches and others in the organization wouldn't mind too much of Faulk simply decided to retire. But after all he has done for the organization, how can it simply just let him go? That could be a public relations disaster for the new staff. Still, don't expect Faulk to see much action. His time has come and gone in St. Louis. You would think he'd realize that and do something about it, especially from a conditioning standpoint. There are a lot of backs who take an active role in getting into shape when they get older. Faulk should be doing more of that and less golf if he's truly serious about playing. If the Rams had guts, they'd let him walk. Now that Martz is out the door, there's no reason not to do so.
      -06-01-2006, 08:32 PM
    • RamDez
      Faulk faces many questions
      by RamDez
      Faulk faces many questions
      By Jim Thomas

      Of the Post-Dispatch

      MACOMB, Ill. - How much does he have left?

      How's the right knee?

      Is he about to retire?

      Rams running back Marshall Faulk has heard the questions. He's not sure of the answers himself.
      "Those are good questions," Faulk said. "It's things people should ask. Those are the things that are going to be answered this year. I feel up to the challenge, and we'll find out. As the season goes on, you guys will find out also."

      So how is the knee?

      "I don't know," Faulk said. "I practiced (Wednesday). I looked at (practice) film, and it looked pretty good. Of course, I'm critical about a lot of things that I do. But I felt pretty good about what I did and how my body responded."

      Faulk, 31, had another surgery on the knee during the offseason, fueling rumors that he would retire rather than play the 2004 season. But those rumors were unfounded.

      "I heard about it," Faulk said. "And it was news to me."

      Faulk wouldn't be here at Western Illinois University if he were contemplating retirement. Macomb, after all, isn't high on his list of summer "vacation" spots.

      "I love football," Faulk said. "I think that it's in me. I was given a gift to play this game. Not just a physical gift, but a mental gift to understand it. It's not all that I have. But it's something that I have that I love doing, and I have a passion for it."

      It's just that his passion is always tested in Macomb.

      "It's always at its all-time low at training camp," Faulk said, only half-jokingly. "And it's always high once training camp's over."

      The continuing knee problems have at least prompted him to think about retiring, albeit down the road.

      "This is probably the first year that I've thought, 'Man, if the body isn't acting right, what do I do?' " Faulk said. "Do I fight through it? Or do I not play?

      "That's something that I'm going to have to evaluate at the end of the season similar to what Aeneas (Williams) does."

      For the last several offseasons, Williams, 36, has re-evaluated whether he wants to continue playing. During the offseason Faulk talked to his agent, Rocky Arceneaux, about possibly playing only another year or two.

      After playing at such a high level for most of the past decade, Faulk's body might simply tell him that he no longer can play. That will influence the thought process on retiring.

      "It'll be that," Faulk said, "and if I can accept a lesser role - if that becomes the issue. Or if the situation here dictates that I can't be here any longer. So it's
      -07-29-2004, 11:47 PM
    • RamWraith
      Burwell talks about Faulk and retirement
      by RamWraith
      By Brian Burwell / PD

      Coach Mike Martz says Faulk's sore knees need some rest. I asked Faulk how much rest he thinks he'll take. 'That depends on what you want to do,' he said, speaking generally, as if he were talking about someone else. 'If this is your last season, then what you do is rush back, deal with the pain and whatever happens happens and you retire at the end of the season. But if you've decided that you want to play at least one more year, and you're comfortable and accept a specific limited role, than you play it smart. You take your time, get healthy and come back when it's feeling right.'

      Faulk sounded like a man who was more interested in returning for one more scaled-back run next season. He also sounded quite comfortable with this changing of the guard.

      As we talked, Faulk was nearly trampled as the media moved in to circle and interview quarterback Chris Chandler. Faulk slipped on his black leather jacket, pulled his wool knit cap down snuggly over his head, flipped a backpack over his shoulder and nimbly tried to get out of the way.

      As he attempted to make a quick getaway, a few more reporters converged on him.

      'Can we ask you a few questions, Marshall?' someone asked.

      'Awww, nah,' he whispered, feigning modesty. 'Why do you want to talk to me?'

      Faulk is not quite ready to say goodbye to his athletic life just yet. But he is perceptive enough to know that this wasn't his moment. This was not his time. Faulk could see that big fellow over there on the other side of the room with the flowing dreadlocks and youthful legs was finishing up his postgame radio interview. Faulk knew Jackson was about to march back to his locker stall.

      Faulk knows a thing or two about the paradox of the past and the future never occupying the same space. So the living legend nearing the end of his 11-year Hall of Fame run slipped quietly out the back locker-room door. A few moments later, the future - young Mr. Jackson - slipped seamlessly into his space.
      -12-06-2004, 01:44 PM