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    Re: Rams Sigs

    I use Adobe Photoshop CS2


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      Re: Rams Sigs

      I cant afford the legal Photoshop and the illegal downloaded one, um..I got dial up..( sigh ). It would take me hours to download.

      I use a cheaper - PhotoImpact Pro.

      Yea it is kind of blurry. I guess because I have to decrease their sizes. You can barely see their faces with the helmets anyway. That's why players have big numbers and their names on the back.


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        Re: Rams Sigs

        A new one. I made it pretty quick. It turned out decent.


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          Re: Rams Sigs

          Happy Birthday today rams! I heard that u r 18 today. Have fun and stay out of trouble.


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            Re: Rams Sigs

            Yep happy birthday Rams!

            have a good one!


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              Re: Rams Sigs

              Thank you, thank you. Yesterday was crazy.

              What's up with all these deleted posts, "If you wish you to show your thanks on a thread, do the correct thing please and use the reputation button"

              The 'Rep Power" thing? I never used it.


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                Re: Rams Sigs

                I am kinda new to it too. U just click on the scale on the right side of the persons name that u want to give rep points too.
                Glad u had a good bday man.


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                  Re: Rams Sigs

                  New one:

                  I'm using this one for my
                  Props for feedback!


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                    Re: Rams Sigs

                    I'm not coming back on this message board. I don't feel welcomed and who ever said you had to post articulate, newspaper, sport section caliber posts everytime you posted. It's a freaking message board, but they want it "mature" I guess lol.

                    This site also feels a bit racey.

                    Not everybody was an a$$ though. I want to thank those who welcomed me and made me feel welcomed. For those who want to stay in touch (Goat & R16) my Yahoo Messanger sn is rams_fanatiic and my email is [email protected]. Keep in touch!

                    There's other rams message baords in the sea ( lol.


                    Last edited by rams!; -06-20-2006, 06:00 PM.


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                      They're getting a little strange over there - maybe too much religion driving the mods.

                      Also, they continue to take Patrickrylee seriously, which says something right there.

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                      Dump it, I can get my info from other sources
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                    • Guest's Avatar
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                      -01-04-2005, 05:50 PM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      You all have my permission to leave
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                      I can see whats going on here. THere are a few of you who are still hanging around and posting because you dont want people to know your just bandwaggon fans. Most of you have left. Heck even Dezram went away and its his forum! LOL

                      FOr those of you who feel guilty and are hanging around for apperences, its okay. Im giving you permission to leave. Go join a Colts board or something. GO play Halo. American Idol will be back soon so youll have a reason to get up in the morning.

                      Until then, you are excused and may leave!
                      -12-07-2005, 09:27 AM