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  • Nooooo!!!!!!!!

    THE WORD'''s gone!!!! NOOOOOOO.

    What do you guys think


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    Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

    Owell. Not the end of the world, just a place for people to rack up posts.


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      Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

      I know that's why I posted there.


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        Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

        Originally posted by RamsFan16
        just a place for people to rack up posts.
        Oh the irony. LOL


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          Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

          Originally posted by ramsbruce
          Oh the irony. LOL
          What? I didn't post in there more than 10 times I bet. I like racking them up elsewhere.


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            Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

            I racked up quite a few in there, so even thought it is gone I am thankful for the fun that we had while it was up.


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              Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

              Ya it got old and seemed like we eventually started saying the same words over and over.


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                Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

                Maybe we can just start racking up posts on this thread talking about the word association thread. lol. What were ur favorite things about that thread btw?


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                  Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

                  I liked the part when I would make the ------> and sat and tried to think of an idea for a while just to contribute to the thread(really to rack up posts:<> )


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                    Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

                    We Went from sled to short over 100 something pages...really we could have done that in 2 posts.

                    Also it was annoying when people would put multiple words.


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                      Re: Nooooo!!!!!!!!

                      What???? Its GONE?? NOOOO!!! i havent posted in a month and now its gone....... i had so many post in that thread


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