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    Re: My sigs

    Good work RF16. They just keep getting better. Do you use the adobe photoshop? Ur sigs are so fresh and so clean.


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      Re: My sigs

      Yep I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, I try to keep them nice and clean, still working to get better though.


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        Re: My sigs

        Does anyone know any other programs useable to make sigs I have the printshop but I have tried it and it doesn't work unless there is a secret to makeing them.


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          Re: My sigs

          Originally posted by rams_fan81
          Does anyone know any other programs useable to make sigs I have the printshop but I have tried it and it doesn't work unless there is a secret to makeing them.
          You just have to keep trying and stuff, a ton of people us it


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            Re: My sigs

            Good work, I'm feeling them. And Rams_fan81, I use PhotoImpact. It's pretty good, not as good as Photoshop though. Cheaper.


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              Re: My sigs

              Nothing's as good as photoshop. But unless you have $600-$700...or a fast internet connection you should get Gimp or something.


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                Re: My sigs

                This is my favorite sig ever. I can't take credit for it though. RamsFan16 made it for me and I thank him for his time and creativity.


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                  Re: My sigs

                  Thought I'd check this forum out.....OH MY face is breaking voice has turned squeaky.....I'm smooth down there .....YIKES....GET ME OUT OF HERE!


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                  • Ram Warrior
                    Marshall will He return?
                    by Ram Warrior
                    The rumors had been flying for several days regarding running back Marshall Faulk. That he had decided to retire and would accept a job from the NFL Network. That his absence from the team's minicamp was as much about a rift with coach Scott Linehan as it was about one of his knees being slow to respond after February surgery on both knees.

                    Faulk worked to stop the speculation when he appeared at his annual charity golf tournament June 12.

                    When asked about talk he has decided to stop playing, Faulk said, "That's second-hand. It didn't come from me. There's no timetable."

                    Concerning the problem with his knee, Faulk said, "I'm kind of a foreigner to my own body. I thought I knew this piece of work here. As you get a little older, you kind of become a little distant with your body. You wake up, and things don't feel the way they used to.

                    "The thing that I'm not doing that I used to do is accelerate it, do more to get back quicker. I've done that. I've had surgery in the season, come back and played. I don't think I could do that right now. I'm really taking my time with it and allowing it to let me know, 'We can go,' or 'We can't.'"

                    While the Rams apparently haven't pushed Faulk for a decision, it makes sense the team would like to know in time for the first training camp practice on July 27. But Faulk said that might not be possible.

                    "I don't know if you can say, 'Hey, knee, you've got to be ready by camp,'" he said. "What do you do? How do I tell it that? If that was the case, I'd have told it to be ready six months ago."

                    Faulk does acknowledge that thoughts of retiring have been in his head for a while. If he plays, Faulk will be a backup to Steven Jackson. He can handle that, but he also wants to feel comfortable that the team has a chance to be successful.

                    "When you get to Year 13, when you get a coaching change, you look at the bigger picture of things," Faulk said. "You say, 'Are we going to be playing for a championship?' If that doesn't seem possible, then you start thinking about other things. It's a thought that for the last two or three years has crept into my mind."

                    Still, he says he likes what he has seen from Linehan and he talks frequently with new running backs coach Wayne Moses.

                    Faulk said, "We talk football a little. He (Linehan) seems very knowledgeable about what he wants to get accomplished, about what kind of team he wants to have. He's trying to get from me a feeling for the team, the guys and stuff like that. We're just trying to mesh, trying to put it all together and win some football games."

                    Agent Rocky Arceneaux said that Faulk is "very sensitive to the Rams and what their needs are. Obviously if he can't go, they have to address that need and get a third running back,...
                    -06-22-2006, 11:02 PM
                  • RamWraith
                    Marshall Faulk Sounds Off
                    by RamWraith
                    By Bernie Miklasz

                    Good eveningÖ

                    Retired Rams RB Marshall Faulk, an analyst for the NFL Network, was a Tuesday afternoon guest of the ďFox HoleĒ radio show hosted by Martin Kilcoyne and Maurice Drummond on Team 1380 AM. Team 1380

                    Faulk, the future Hall of Famer, had a lot of strong things to say about the sorry state of the Rams and their season-opening 38-3 loss at Philadelphia.

                    With a big thank you to Team 1380 producer Ben Boyd, who recorded and transcribed the interview, here are some excerpts of Faulkís most notable commentsÖ

                    Faulk suggested that the Rams should be better than they are:

                    ďDecisions have to be made. Do you blow it up, where do you go, what do you do? I mean, players that have had big time success, weíre talking Pro Bowl caliber players: Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Orlando Pace, Steven Jackson. They look like they donít belong in the league. And itís not because they canít play. Youíre not going to tell me that. Iím not believing that they all of a sudden canít play in this league.Ē

                    Faulk contrasting the Bearsí upset of Indianapolis to the Ramsí poor play:

                    ďYouíre not going to tell me that the (Bears) offense that they put out there is more talented than the offense that the Rams put out. Itís preparation, itís understanding what you have; itís having guys that are reliable.Ē

                    Faulk, on the Ramsí decision to release WR Isaac Bruce to open a starting job for Drew Bennett:

                    ďIím sorry, Iím a little biased to Isaac Bruce. I love Isaac Bruce, and Iíll let facts be known that thereís no way ó and I donít dislike Drew Bennett ó but there is no way that this guy is better than Isaac or belongs or should be on that team instead of Isaac. Itís things like that, itís misjudgment of talent. The guyís been hurt. Heís often hurt. No knock on him personally, but they needed (Bruce). They could have used him (Sunday).Ē

                    Faulk on Steven Jackson:

                    ďI said this earlier in the year, and I think people took it wrong, because I heard a couple comments. I said the Rams shouldnít pay Steven Jackson. I donít understand why theyíre going to pay him. And I think people took it, like, maybe Stevenís not good or not dynamic. When you canít block, and when you canít sack the quarterback and stop the run, thereís no need to have a running back like this. Thereís no need to pay him what youíre going to pay himĖyouíre not going to get to use him. What was he, like, 11 (actually 14 carries) for 40 yards? Thatís a lot of money sitting in the backfield, and not have it or be able to use it, or you fall behind by 20 points. Now heís definitely out of the game. And his effectiveness and what you love about him and what youíre paying him for is no longer necessary. I only forecasted that the Rams would be playing from behind, and people thought I was taking a jab at StevenĖit had nothing...
                    -09-10-2008, 04:38 AM
                  • txramsfan
                    Here's one for ya
                    by txramsfan
                    We talk about busts quite a bit when it comes to the draft. To no fault (sometimes) of their own, sometimes players just don't work out. Robert Thomas a prime example. All-American in HS and College, when he gets to the Pros.....well just didn't pan out.

                    However, you are a first round pick that just doesn't work out. My question is this: How do you feel about cashing those paychecks?

                    Me, I'd do it with a smile on my face IF I gave it all I had.
                    -05-06-2008, 12:43 PM
                  • RamWraith
                    T. Hill interview
                    by RamWraith
                    Talking Deion and the draft with the Rams top pick. New Madden screens included.

                    by Jon Robinson

                    May 24, 2006 - Whatever stat you quote to Tye Hill, there's one that gets him fired up. "I'm not 5-9, I'm 5-10," he says with a laugh. "That 5-9 thing is a bad rumor. They pushed my head down at the combine and now everyone thinks I'm short. Of course I'm 5-9 when you push my head down."

                    Whatever his size, there's no doubting Tye Hill stands tall on the field. The first cornerback taken in the draft instantly became one of the fastest men in the NFL when his name was called by the commissioner, and his athletic ability could make him one of the standout rookies in 2006. Not bad for a track star who started his football career as a running back and only started to play corner, a position many feel is the hardest in the sport, as a sophomore at Clemson.

                    IGN Sports caught up with the newest Ram to talk about everything from Deion to the draft to how he plans to guard those receivers taller than 5-10. Here's what Hill had to say.

                    IGN Sports: Did your videogame obsession start with Madden, or does it go deeper than that?

                    Tye Hill: Tecmo Bowl, homey. They'd do the high five after the touchdown. You can't stop Bo Jackson.

                    IGN Sports: How do you think your character was in NCAA Football last year?

                    Tye Hill: Terrible. I wasn't even an Impact Player. What was that all about? I'm not an impact player.serious? I just got drafted in the first round but I'm not good enough to be an Impact Player in the game. One thing they did get right was my speed. They finally had me as one of the fastest guys in the game, so I wasn't too mad about that, but I was mad about not being an Impact Player. That stuck with me.

                    IGN Sports: Do players really look at who is an Impact Player in the videogame and talk smack if you're left out?

                    Tye Hill: Oh yeah. Everybody pays attention to that, especially when they added Impact Players. They'd be like 'He ain't even an Impact Player in the game'. What you mean? People try to use that to play mental games, but it's all good.

                    IGN Sports: What advice do you have for EA Sports when making your Madden character?

                    Tye Hill: Made sure they do a better job than they did in college, please. The key to capturing me is just getting my speed, my toughness, get my strength up. In the college game, they had me so weak people could throw me around. I was like, dang, EA's got no love for me.

                    IGN Sports: Have you had the chance to challenge anyone to a Madden game out at the Rams facility yet?

                    Tye Hill: Not yet, man, I don't have time. When we get through with training, I just want to go to sleep. We're in the middle of mini-camps, and when I come back to the room, I have my PlayStation right here but I haven't even played a...
                    -06-02-2006, 07:24 PM
                  • RamsFan16
                    Tye Hill interview (Would love to play for St. Louis)
                    by RamsFan16
                    Q&A with Clemson CB Tye Hill

                    by Bobby La Gesse
                    April 13, 2006

                    Clemson CB Tye Hill does not expect too much out of the NFL. He only wants to be the next Deion Sanders.

                    Hill, who grew up idolizing Sanders, has the same kind of rare speed Sanders possessed. Hill ran a 4.31 40-yard dash at the Combine in February, the fastest time of all cornerbacks. Scouts love Hillís speed, which allowed him to stay stride-for-stride in coverage with almost any college receiver.

                    Unlike Sanders, Hill entered college as a running back and also ran track. He spent his redshirt season and his freshman year on offense, before switching to cornerback prior to his sophomore year.

                    Like Sanders, Hill may have played his way into being a first-round draft pick. The 5-9, 185-pounder was a three-year starter for Clemson but started coming into his own as a junior in í04, when he started all 11 games and deflected 21 passes.

                    In his senior year, Hill picked up where he left off the previous fall. He earned 2005 PFW honorable mention All-America honors, as he routinely covered the opponentís top receiver and had three interceptions and seven pass deflections.

                    PFW draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki projects the 23-year-old to be a late first-round or second-round selection because of his speed and toughness against the run.

                    Hill recently talked with PFW about Howardís rock, Clemson track and hot sauce.

                    PFW: Teams are known for asking some strange questions at the NFLís Scouting Combine. What was the weirdest question you were asked?

                    Hill: I was asked what is my drug of choice. First of all, it shocked me because I donít do drugs. If I had a drug, it would be hot sauce.

                    PFW: When you sign an NFL contract, whatís the first thing youíll buy?

                    Hill: A life. Just kidding. I donít know. I havenít even thought about it yet. I know Iíll probably end up helping my parents out.

                    PFW: What do you want out of an NFL career?

                    Hill: I want to make (the) All-Rookie (team). My second year, I want to be in contention for a Pro Bowl. I want to have a Pro Bowl-caliber, Hall of Fame-caliber career and I want to leave a mark on the game like Deion Sanders left a mark on the game. He revolutionized the position. I idolized him. When you talk about shutdown corners, he is the first name that comes to mind.

                    PFW: If you werenít heading to the NFL, what job would you have?

                    Hill: Iíd probably be working with something relating to my degree (human resources).

                    PFW: What college class helped prepare you the most for the NFL?

                    Hill: My management class. It taught me how to manage my money and be an accountant.

                    PFW: When did you learn the NFL was a possibility for you?

                    Hill: During my junior year, when I had people calling...
                    -04-14-2006, 11:45 AM