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My Lakers Dynasty

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  • My Lakers Dynasty

    NBA Live 2006
    5 Minute Quarters
    Skill Level : All Star

    Los Angeles Lakers

    Year One

    Trade 1: Lakers/Hawks
    Lakers Trade:
    Chris Mihm
    Deavon George
    Andrew Bynum

    Lakers Recieve
    Al Harrington

    Trade 2: Lakers/Celtics
    Lakers Trade
    Brian Cook
    Slava Medvendenko

    Lakers Recieve
    Marcus Banks
    Brian Scalabrine

    Starting Lineup
    PG Marcus Banks

    SG Kobe Bryant

    SF Al Harrington

    PF Lamar Odom

    C Kwame Brown

    6th Man Jumaine Jones

    More info on the way ...

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    Re: My Lakers Dynasty

    Laker's Dynasty? Please. They hitched their wagon to the wrong horse when they got rid of Shaq and kept Kobe. Also, they should have never let West get away from them. That team is a mess right now and will be for the foreseeable future.


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      Re: My Lakers Dynasty

      That's a pretty decent starting five with Harrington added. Keep us posted on your season. I guess you finally realized that u weren't any good at Halo 2 and moved on to another game. LOL


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        Re: My Lakers Dynasty

        The Lakers are probably going to be able to pick up Banks through free agency. At UNLV, Marcus Banks was unbelievable. The Lakers have a few good players but none of them seem to mesh. It may have been a mistake to keep Kobe and release Shaq but you have got to start somewhere and we all know that Shaq isn't getting any younger.
        My dime.


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          Re: My Lakers Dynasty

          The Lakers always seem to pull off a monster trade for a dominant big man when they need it. Wilt, Kareem and Shaq were all brought on board while still dominant and all three helped the Lakers win championships. I think that's what Jerry Buss is going to have to do once again in order for the Lakers to get back on top. The nucleus is there IMO.


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            Re: My Lakers Dynasty

            Yesturday the Lakers signed Vladrimr Radmanovich


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              Re: My Lakers Dynasty

              Love that Shaq trade!


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                Re: My Lakers Dynasty

                Originally posted by AvengerRam
                Love that Shaq trade!

                Yea he did alot in the NBA Championship, what 10ppg?


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                  Re: My Lakers Dynasty

                  He averaged about 13 pts., 10 rebounds, but that's not the point. If he's not drawing double teams and keeping the Mavericks from driving into the paint (along with Mourning), the Heat don't win it all.


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                    Re: My Lakers Dynasty

                    So.......... Where are the game outcomes RF16?


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                      Re: My Lakers Dynasty

                      Haven't played it lately, still have it though and still intend on doing it. I've been playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted I just bought it, and I've also been getting owned by RP16 and EDM on Madden.


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                        Re: My Lakers Dynasty

                        Need For Speed is awesome! I have that game too


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                          Re: My Lakers Dynasty

                          Originally posted by RamsFan4ever
                          Need For Speed is awesome! I have that game too
                          You have Xbox Live? Or anything like that?


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                            Re: My Lakers Dynasty

                            No.... i have PS2.... I wish i had a Xbox


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