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  • Broken arm...

    Hey guys...i've been away for a while havent i? well firstly i had exams but i guess everyone else did as well ...then i had to go out and break my arm playing what else but football :clanram:. So i had to get surgery on my arm since i broke both bones pretty badly and now i'm in rehab. Anyone else had a similar injury like me? What if the alarm at the airport goes off due to the metal in my arm lol ??? Anyways, i'm just happy to be back! Just had to get it out...

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    Re: Broken arm...

    :says in best Napolean Dynamite voice:So u have like a robotic arm now...Awesome.

    Hope you get well soon dude.


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      Re: Broken arm...

      Good to see you back CR. Take good care. Get well soon. :1:


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        Re: Broken arm...

        Good Luck getting healed back up CR. I was wondering where you had went!


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          Re: Broken arm...

          Hope you get threw that injury quickly and how many games will you miss?

          I boke my wrist b4 after i made an Interception but the guy that tackled my me hit my wrist with his helmet. i fumbled but my teammate got the ball. I missed a couple of games


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            Anyone inked? Personally, I've got 4. A Star on my right arm, A Grateful Dead icon on my right shoulder blade, a tribal turtke in the middle of my lower back and Notre Dame Leprrechaun on the inside of my right ankle.

            The only one that hurt was the lower back...OUCH!

            I am a new father of identical twin girls (Molly and Grace - 5 weeks old). I am thinking about getting their initials on my left shoulder, but haven't committed to anything.

            Anyone else have any tats? If so, any stories behind em?

            By the way,here's a pic of my little girls:

            I'm shameless when it comes to showing them off!...
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            Hey guys, how's it going? A few of you might remember me, but most of you don't. I never really made an impact on this site so I don't see why you would. Anyways, I'm back to take part in the Council of Horns as we embark on this new season. I've been away doin some stuff since last season (Pro Evolution Soccer, Rainbow Six Las Vegas(Elite holla at me), ACL reconstruction (and physical therapy, ewww), watchin movies, followin the premiership, preparing for college (lookin at schools n stuff), etc etc. So yeah anyways I'm hear to throw in my chips in this dip (haha yeah I know you like that one) on anything Ram. Well yeah that's about it man lets go one game at a time lets stay undefeated for one more week. Tye hill is ready to shut down stevie.
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          • psycho9985
            You all have been good friends
            by psycho9985
            I'm signing off as of tomarrow 5/23/06

            Going through a tough divorce,and wont be able to afford the internet any longer.

            Hopefully,once in a while I'll be able to look in on you guys from work just to read some post if I can make time.

            Its been great being a part of the ClanRam and i'll never forget the friendship from all of you.

            God bless you all.....psycho9985 out
            -05-22-2006, 04:28 PM
          • Fat Pang
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            I've just had to have an MRI this afternoon, the first of my life.

            It was on my right shoulder, an old injury aggravated by digging a large ditch in a peat bog in Ireland.

            And I have to tell you, what a bloody awful experience it was. Lying in a plastic coffin with tremendously loud bangs, squeaks, whistles and buzzsaw noises with temperature rising and nausea settling in, it was unpleasant at 25 minutes long.

            Went for a beer as soon as I got out.

            So now evertime I hear of a player going for an MRI he has my deepest symapthy.

            -11-05-2007, 05:00 AM
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