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Getting the Rams this year.

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  • Getting the Rams this year.

    Living in Ohio, I can barely watch the Rams. So, I have opted to get a job this summer in order to pay off any cost it is to watch them.

    Any recommendations on how the non-locals of St. Louis watch them?

    One day I just can't wait to move to St. Louis and watch them live. heh.

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    Re: Getting the Rams this year.

    DirecTV Sunday ticket...
    This space for rent...


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      Re: Getting the Rams this year.

      Originally posted by thoey View Post
      DirecTV Sunday ticket...
      Absolutely the way to go. You'll get every game. I couldn't live without it now.


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        Re: Getting the Rams this year.

        I tried a year without the nfl ticket this last season and I did not enjoy it at all. Highlights don't show much. Bars don't really show all the games, especially with teams that lose lots of their games. I was able to watch a couple of games on the internet, but that was cut off by "the man". Even radio broadcasts are blocked.


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        • LA Rammer
          How do you watch Ram's games?
          by LA Rammer
          Of what I know there is Direct TV $320.00, you get all games (excluding blackouts) and NFL Rewind $40, which plays games 1-3 hours after they have been played. Direct TV is a little expensive, hence my question how do you watch Ram's games?

          BTW Direct TV is allowing free viewing this Sunday as a promo.
          -09-08-2010, 09:08 AM
        • UtterBlitz
          Watching the games? what do you do if they are not on tv
          by UtterBlitz
          I have a question. I had direct tv for many years and I had the NFL ticket so I am spoiled and I like to watch a lot of games. This year I switched over to cable because it was cheaper to do the package deal and I got high speed internet.

          My question is now that I have cable, what do I do without the NFL ticket? How do you guys manage to watch the games? I am planning on seeing a couple of the games in person, but what do I do about the other games? How do you far roaming people get to watch the games?
          -08-26-2007, 09:09 AM
        • Alec22
          Rams on TV
          by Alec22
          Does anyone know how i can watch the rams games on tv this year, without getting direct TV?? is there a way??
          -07-28-2006, 04:45 PM
        • Oshiomogho
          Rams TV Time
          by Oshiomogho
          Being from connecticut, i didn't expect to see the Rams on TV much this season. And they haven't been on TV one time this year. The first and last I will see of them is SJ in the probowl.

          Anybody else have the same problem? :disapointed:
          -01-05-2010, 03:15 PM
        • TheRamsRoc
          Where can I watch this game tomorrow???
          by TheRamsRoc
          Okay, so I'm super pumped for another year of Rams football! The only problem is I have no idea how I can watch Live games on the internet. Anybody have any sites that are at least somewhat reliable?

          GO RAMS!!
          -09-10-2011, 09:58 PM