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A shocking Discovery!!

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  • A shocking Discovery!!

    I have Found Out that YodaRam Is a Female. That's right. he is a Girl!!
    Last edited by Josh; -08-20-2008, 02:41 AM.

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    Re: Yodaram is a Girl!!!

    So...what is the point. Can girls not post here?? There are more females here than you think, and it is posts like this that discourage them from posting their gender.

    Originally posted by Josh View Post
    I have Found Out that YodaRam Is a Female. That's right. he is a Girl!!


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      Re: Yodaram is a Girl!!!

      Originally posted by Josh View Post
      I have Found Out that YodaRam Is a Female. That's right. he is a Girl!!
      Oh great, you had a crush on him before, now that you know it's a girl, yoda better rush out to get a restraining order.


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        Re: A shocking Discovery!!

        No I had No problem with it. I Just think it's funny how I assumed he was a guy.


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          Re: A shocking Discovery!!

          Is she hot? :] yodaram if youre reading this, call me


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            Re: A shocking Discovery!!

            Originally posted by RamsFan4ever View Post
            Is she hot? :] yodaram if youre reading this, call me
            I could really have fun with this! But this is, after all, the "Under 18" site. FREAK!


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              Re: A shocking Discovery!!

              No.....go ahead Yoda.. Have fun with it! ;)


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                Re: A shocking Discovery!!

                Originally posted by Josh View Post
                No.....go ahead Yoda.. Have fun with it! ;)
                No JOSH, you have fun with it. I figured out who you really are. It's no wonder why we "actually" don't get along. Nice. And you fooled me.;) For what purpose, who knows? Matters not. I will recognize you in the future.

                " ......... " = 1YodaRam = 0

                P.S. Watch your step.

                RAM ON!


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                  What is going on here?
                  by RamsInfiniti
                  That's the question I have to ask ...

                  ClanRam is EASILY the greatest Rams forum on the internets today. Take a minute, go visit some of the other forums out there, and it won't take you long to realize this ...

                  I have paid my dues, I do every year, and I am a premium member here. I love supporting this site. I have had my issues with some folks here, some prominent folks through the times, and despite that, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here ...

                  This board has great members, some very intelligent Rams fans, and I have loved discussing football with many of you from day one ...

                  But what in the world has happened to the quality of the posts here lately? I don't know if it is all the new members, if the newer members are afraid to express their opinions, or what it is. But I am seeing more one-liners than ever, more repeat posts and topics than ever, more one sided discussions that ever ...

                  It's seems to be a great time to be a Rams fan, but something just doesn't seem right around here. I cannot seem to pinpoint it, and maybe I am the only one, but I've found these forums very hard to read over the past couple of weeks. Maybe my comfort level is down because I am seeing so many new faces, but it seems like I am having to pick through alot of jibberish to find the posts that I really want to read and see ...

                  I am just wondering if it's only me, or if others are feeling the same way. During this great offseason, one of the best we've had in a decade, I would really like to be jumping for joy and sharing this with others, but for some reason something seems off ....

                  Hmmmm, I don't know, maybe I am just nuts ...
                  -03-12-2009, 08:45 PM
                • Fat Pang
                  by Fat Pang
                  Greetings all,

                  Quick query if I may..........

                  What are the groundrules for deletions?

                  Now I received a mail from Nick recently (Automated? That's a hell of a program that can scan text for perceived value....) that said that a post that I made recently that signalled my agreement with something was being deleted because it didn't add anything to the thread.

                  I should have signalled my agreement via the rep system.

                  No problem with that per se, and it seems to be a very sensible way on cutting down on some of the guff that's posted, but having had a quick trawl through some other threads where someone may have posted "Yeah man, I agree with that (Insert joke here, even if it's a poor one)" it doesn't seem to be consistently applied.

                  So, in order to save time and trouble could someone please tell me what the rules are these days. You can't avoid being subjective if you don't have any.

                  I might want to know about Rams Players birthdays for example and it might hold just as much value as knowing how heavy Marshall is these days, or how bad our undrafted free agents ACL is, or telling Torry we love him, or whether we leave the seat up or down,etc, etc............

                  I may have missed the rules being published somewhere and if I have can someone please point me in the right direction.


                  -06-16-2006, 10:58 PM
                • RamsFan4ever
                  I made it!!
                  by RamsFan4ever
                  I finally made it to 1000 post!! Its been awesome posting here! I have been here for 100 days and its been GREAT!

                  :helmet: LETS GO RAMS!!! :helmet:
                  -07-10-2006, 02:11 PM
                • UtterBlitz
                  Another person has reached 5000 posts
                  by UtterBlitz
                  Congrats to HUbison......who has proven that he can run his mouth and even fool a few people. I am not going to forget his piece in the April Fool's joke any time soon.

                  Congrats on making it over the 5000 mark man. :up: :bow:
                  -04-04-2006, 08:04 PM
                • Guest's Avatar
                  ok now its getting annoying.....
                  by Guest
                  Some people here like to change their handles into names like Linefan and Georgia Frontiere.....thats all fine until all the threads are being commented by these sarcastic individuals...put an end to it while its funny!! ...Now i have something else to discuss...Linehan may still be the coach next year so deal with it....Georgia Frontiere will still be the owner for many many years to come, so deal with it.....and last but not least if you want to make fun of every individual in the organization, there are 31 other teams with front offices that you may like (the Pats bandwagon is hot so you can easily jump on unnoticed).....I am a rams fan and will support any decision they make and will cheer my heart out for them....i dont care much about frontiere but i would never make fun of her so that i can give fans of other teams a topic to bring up and use against me.....just my two cents...

                  PS.... i came here to talk about football not clown around with people using temporarily funny handles....
                  -12-06-2007, 07:32 PM