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  • NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

    OK. The Cardiac-Kids-of-the-Mississippi moved to 3 – 1. While the team moves heart defibrillator sales off the charts, let’s talk about whether the Front Office might be in a position to give St. Louisians heart palpitations. Just speculation mind you, but it’s Monday and some of us need to step back and revisit whether fact can indeed be stranger than fiction – just to settle the nerves.

    Franchise free agency. The Rams have been at the vanguard of the movement. Daniel Reeves moved the Rams from Cleveland in '46. In '72 Irsay traded the Rams to Rosenbloom for the Colts. In ’78 the Rams moved from the LA Coliseum to the “Big A” in Anaheim despite league opposition and due to a successful restraint of trade lawsuit. In ’95 Georgia bartered the Rams to St. Louis. She’d did well for herself. She extracted concessions, like cleaning up the ownership of the dome lease, acquiring revenue from stadium luxury suites, club seats and concessions, plus a separate practice facility.

    Since then revenue sharing has become even a greater issue. Not the broad-based revenues of TV broadcast rights, but locally-based revenue accruing from things like suite leases, naming rights, corporate sponsorships and a plethora of other income-producing opportunities. Apparently locally generated income has grown from 12 percent of total league revenue to 20 percent. With the extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement earlier this year, NFL owners agreed to implement a three-tiered revenue sharing system whereby the top 15 teams would pay into a system to distribute among the less-wealthy teams.

    Guess who’s now among the “less-wealthy”? Uh, huh. Since the move of the Rams to St. Louis the team has fallen among the league’s have-nots – if there is such a thing given the fact that the TV-broadcast revenues meet the salary cap portion of a team’s expenses by themselves. Part of that is because Georgia lost a little blood in the process of her franchise free agency. Revenue from personal seat licenses was a bone of contention between the NFL and the LA Rams. When the Rams made the move to St. Louis, she was forced to share $17 million worth of revenue generated by personal seat licenses with the NFL. St. Louis Convention & Visitor Comm'n v. NFL, 154 F.3d 851 (8th Cir. 1998).

    Couple that with the fact that the Rams are 22nd in seating capacity. Add to that their number of luxury suites is a paltry 120 vs Washington’s 243. And pile on the fact that they have only 6500 club seats. Simultaneously other teams have gotten, or are about to get, stadium upgrades (AZ and NO just had upgrades. Dallas, SD, Indy, Minn, and the Giants/Jets are due in short order). Consequently, a team like the Rams, which ranked among the top six NFL franchises in revenue after its 1995 move from LA, is now in the bottom half of the league. [Per Marc Ganis of Sportscorp Ltd]. Its trend-setting stadium deal has now been eclipsed by those of bigger markets. Bigger markets can command higher priced suite leases.

    Where does this leave Georgia? Under the terms of the Rams' 30-year lease, the Convention Center is required to maintain the Dome as a "first-tier" NFL venue. That means that every 10 years, the stadium must rank among the top 25% of all NFL facilities. If the Center and Rams cannot agree on "first-tier" improvements the Rams can be freed from their 30-year lease and convert it to a year-to-year lease. In an amendment to the lease in 2004 the Rams were allowed to request any stadium improvements team owners deemed necessary to keep the Dome among the top 25% of all NFL facilities. If improvements suggested by Ron Labinski, one of the founders of Kansas City-based HOK Sport, who served as a consultant in deciding necessary improvements to the Dome, aren’t completed, theoretically, the Center fails to meet the team's demands, and the Rams could be released from their obligations. Could this be in the cards?

    Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has said that the NFL isn’t going to be diluted any further and that there won’t be any more expansion. At the same time, the league definitely wants to return to California and exploit the LA market again – in Nov. ’05 the NFL agreed in principal to lease terms with the LA Coliseum. The opportunity to maximize non-shared and ancillary revenues is tantalizing.

    Georgia, may be from St. Louis, but she also knows where the money is. And it isn’t as attractive in St. Louis as it once was. She isn’t in the top 25% anymore. She is among the so-called have-nots. It might be sooner than later for the Rams to be returning to Shaw’s stomping grounds. Franchise free agency is still alive and well in the NFL. Those who follow the Horns may yet be following them across the country again. A few improvements not to come to fruition – and Authority budgets aren’t always what they are cracked up to be – and the Rams could be on the move again – much sooner than one might expect. Keep those defibrillators within reach … time waits for no one.

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    Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

    Most informative piece served by way of excellent writing, ADARIAN. Well done!

    Well then, our EJD home, not that attractive. Let's continue winning and see how that may alter the cash registers.

    I mean winning all the way to a respectable 12-4 record or better. Move into the playoffs. Get a few more jerseys printed with Rams names. A couple more Fathead stick-on designs too.

    And I know that all this is, ultimately, petty cash. Enough to pay the pretty Cheerleaders, perhaps.

    Let's go to the bank and pull out the loans to modify the stadium's image to the needed "status", whether by adding luxury suites or by selling better quality hotdogs and less expensive soda (these revenues stay home, I hope). I think a good, solid winning record could get us out of the 'have-nots', that you mentioned.

    Chicago's Soldier Field and the New Orleans Superdome are perfect examples of what can be done by means of a dramatic make-over (albeit those two stadiums had very different issues, motives and moneys). We at the St. Louis Rams have, so far, placed new carpet in the main room. I realize it may not be much --renovations to the NFL real estate is soooo pricey!

    But, hopefully, we can prove we love our team and want to support it to stay put and to be part of a good, respectable neighborhood. Not necessarily to be among the fanciest high style houses but certainly among the decent and dignified.
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      Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

      Just a brief reply to thank you for your warm remarks.

      If I were to put money on one of the Board's sponsor's betting sites I'd throw a little disposal income on the Rams moving again. The question is whether Anaheim or the LA Coliseum would still be available in 2015 or whether through some twist of legalese Shaw can manuever the organization into a year-to-year lease and get the Horns back to the LA market around 2008/9?

      Personally, I don't care whether the Rams go to LA or Anaheim, in any case the first team of the cheerleaders gets an all-expenses paid ticket to come along ...


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        Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

        O please dont tease me so. I for one would love to see the Blue & Gold back in So Cal. Nothing against St. Louis they have been an OUTSTANDING home for the Rams, but for my own selfish reasons i want them back in So Cal.


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          Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

          Originally posted by BIG-BLUE View Post
          O please dont tease me so. I for one would love to see the Blue & Gold back in So Cal. Nothing against St. Louis they have been an OUTSTANDING home for the Rams, but for my own selfish reasons i want them back in So Cal.
          Man you and me both. It's funny cause I was talking with my wife about this she was no way it happens. I'm like think about it makes since, they all ready have a built in market. There are a lot of fans in L.A.. Plus Los Angeles Rams has more of a ring than the St Louis Rams. If the Oakland Raider can come from one place and move back to that same place for most of the same reasons that this was started for to mention. I thinks it's a 75% chance the Rams move back.

          Also let me state that it also makes since for Division reasons, every team in our division is a true West Coast team. If the NFL is smart they'll do it.


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            Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

            That would be something. :r

            Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, Big-Blue, in that the Rams presently have an outstanding home -- even if not up to par with other stadiums of more prominence.

            I too would be elated along with Big-Blue and JJ seing the Rams return to the Los Angeles; that is where they were when I "discovered" them in 1965 and fell in love with the franchise, uniforms and all.

            As 3000 said, if the Oakland Raiders were able to do it (leaving their city for L.A. then back to Oakland), perhaps we could as well. There are many complexities to such mega negotiations that involve vast amounts of planning and approvals from city managers, owners, the NFL Player's Association, etc. x3. But it can certainly come to fruition.

            If that were the case, yes, I also believe Los Angeles would welcome them back with open arms. The fan base there is still strong and fond of many a fine and gratifying memory. I only hope the team would be in winning spirit and form.

            Adarian, you must keep this thread saved somewhere. Bring it back to the front page in a couple of years or three as you've prognosticated.

            That would certainly be something. :r


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              Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

              Let me voice the argument- MOving to St Louis has been a blessing for this team- Nothing against the So Cal wants , but the LA market is horrible because there is no real revenue like in St Louis-
              LA no matter what is not a Pro Football city and the support is not even as close to being real as is in St Louis. St Louis is a diehard sports town.
              I love the hospitality and the hometown flare- In LA it's the fast lifestyle and if you do not win we do not care. Serious fans deserve a serious team.
              The LA Chargers is a better bet than the LA Rams going back anytime soon.
              Bottom line this Rams team was meant for the city of St Louis and the fans in the this city appreciate the franchise.
              As a diehard i am not saying that there is no true support in LA- but it's nothing compared to the support in the midwest. Midwest folks are great and now i love the trips to the dome versus Anaheim/LA Coliseum any day of the football season.
              My vote is for St Louis--They love us and the city has done a wonderful job of promoting and making this team their own.
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                Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

                I couldn't disagree with you more GOAL. In Los Angeles, going to a Rams game was like going to a Lakers game. The Rams lost the support of the city when they moved to Anehiem. You gotta get your facts straight, I know cause I live in L.A.. Its funny when I here people say that L.A. doesn't have a fan base, or its a win and we come, loose and we don't city. Fans still pack the Staples Center when Shaq left, and the Dodgers set some records with attendance two years in Row. The fact that L.A. has a lot of football fans from different areas of the Country would ensure we have sell out crowds. What I mean by this is, when a team such as the ***** come and play fans will come. L.A. wants a team, we don't really care who comes. But I can guarantee we would LOVE to have the Rams back.

                If the Rams get out of their contract it will be to come back to L.A. Shaw lives in Los Angeles, so I'm sure they've discussed this amongst the brass of the Orginizatiion. And the issues with the stadium, have been ongoing. They had to twist arms to get the new turf put in, and there venue is not in the top 25, it's not even in the top 40. So We'll see what happens


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                  Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

                  It doesn't really matter to me where the Rams play. St Louis is great and more convienent for my annual trips, however I do feel that St Louis is more of a baseball city. If they should move back to LA I hope they go back to the old white and blue.

                  None the less no matter where they call home they're still my team.

                  GO Rams
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                    Soldier Field

                    Chicago's Soldier Field and the New Orleans Superdome are perfect examples of what can be done by means of a dramatic make-over

                    I cannot say that I have been inside, but the outside is a monstrosity. It looks like something out of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." I do prefer my football outdoors, however. I will be a Ram fan wherever they play. It will be easier when Queen Georgia's reign comes to an end. But please don't put them in a ruined shrine like "National City Bank Bears Soldier Field"


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                      Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

                      Are you kidding, Cowboyhater, or just grossly misinformed?

                      Hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into each of these stadiums to renew them, they went through a true and complete make-over (that I had already aluded to), in order to bring them up to TOP FORM. Not only completely functional but functional beyond their original design. Attractive and elegant, they are, definitely, one of the city's, i.e., Chicago and New Orleans, most important features.

                      a) [add 'http://' at the beginning to form copy/paste link]

                      b) [add 'http://' at the beginning to form copy/paste link]

                      c) [add 'http://www.' at the beginning to form copy/paste link]

                      In case you did not see the pre-game show of the recent Falcons at Saints match on MNF, you missed a very interesting report (BTW, partly presented by our own Marshall Faulk, a New Orleans native), about the impressive accomplishments made by that city to restore the Superdome to its super initial condition -- and then some!

                      Again, this feat, particularly when the deep disasters of hurricane Katrina are considered, has made the refurbished Superdome a fine, attractive stadium of the NFL. As the New Soldier Field now stands in Chicago as well.

                      Let's not forget that even our very old, historic Los Angeles Coliseum had to be seriously restored!

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                        Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

                        They'll always be the "Los Angeles Rams" to me.

                        I wish they'd bring back their blue and white uniforms.

                        Gabriel to Snow = poetry in motion.

                        Oh, the joyful laughter, watching Messrs Jones, Olsen, Bacon, and Talbert, cry havoc while letting lose the dogs of war.

                        But hey, the people of St. Louis have earned the rights to this team. While we went fickle (justifiably so), they said, "come". Now they smile and wear a ring.


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                          Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

                          Coy, I appreciate your prose and poetry for you made me revisit those days of white and blue too. 40 years ago, the Coach Allen years, proud and powerful Bighorn roaming in the Coliseum before gametime, ramming the enemy during battle.

                          Perhaps Adarian has the right vision of this team coming back to the great angeline arena. And if so, as Laram0 said, "...I hope they go back to the old white and blue."

                          Hey, remember DE Gregg Schumacher, No. 81? He had the privilege of the few that played at times as back-up with the Fab Foursome, 1967-68.


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                            Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

                            I highly doubt st. louis will lose the team over some stadium matinence issues. That's ridiculous, you're gonna have to find a better reason then that


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                              Re: NEWS FLASH: RAMS MOVING AGAIN … NOT … yet that is ?

                              There's no way they move..YET AGAIN after only being in the Lou..for only a short period of time. Sure, there are LA connections..but I think you guys are just...reading into it a bit too much. Every team not in Green Bay, has a few bad years. The Rams just need to win again. When they won, the team was in the Top-5 in almost everything. I'm sure you guys are just chopping at the bit for the Rams to come back to LA, which I would be too...but I highly...HIGHLY doubt they move back. I for one would also be quite heart-broken.