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  • My picks round 1-7

    My picks round 1-7, all information-describing players attributes has been pulled from various draft boards ect.

    Round 1

    Michael Huff - Safety Texas

    SCOUTING REPORT: Huff is a very versatile player. He has been moved all over the secondary and could find himself at either safety spot or cornerback in the NFL. He has played most of his career at safety. He has shown great ability to sit back and make quick reads. He sees the field well and has great instincts, which allows him to break on passes. He jumps underneath routes well and can lay big hits. Huff also has good ball skills and shows nice hands when the interception is there. He has good footwork and hips and can change directions well and shows good closing speed. When he reads run, Huff shows a good burst to the ball and is a very dependable tackler. He generally takes good angles to the ball, but sometimes gets himself caught up around the line and doesn't get back out to the flanks. When tight ends and receivers engage him, he must do a better job of taking on and shedding blocks. As a result, Huff may be best suited for the free safety spot rather than the strong, even though that is where he has played.

    Round 2

    Abdul Hodge Linebacker - Iowa

    Height: 6'2"Weight: 232 Hodge is a premiere ILB prospect for the upcoming draft. He is a very skilled football player that has had great success at the college level. Almost every year it seems like he has 100 tackles to his name. Hodge is a very athletic ILB, he moves really well, uses his quickness to make plays and does a good job running down the football. Hodge does not get caught in the wash either, he does a good job at sifting through the blockers and finding the ball carrier. He is a stout hitter, his good overall athletic ability lets him react quickly. I also like his intensity on the field, you can tell he is passionate about the game. There are not many weaknesses in Hodge’s game, he has proven himself at the college level to be a very sound ILB and most likely he will be a 1st or 2nd round selection. There might be more talented ILB’s in next years draft but Hodge is one of, if not the most consistent.

    Round 3

    Nick Reid - Linebacker Kansas

    Height: 6'4"Weight: 230 Reid is a prospect that is greatly increasing his draft stock this year. Last year he was a solid player but this year he has developed into a legitimate playmaker and potentially a starting OLB in the NFL. He has great speed, runs very well and is great in pursuit. He plays the game very aggressively and is willing to take out blockers if he is unable to get to the ball carrier. Reid will run straight through a defender if he is in the way of getting to the ball. He is an outstanding run defender and when left free to react to plays instinctively and run he can be something special. Reid is a tackling machine. He can play either ILB or OLB I believe at the next level. The only weakness he has right now is in pass coverage, but since he plays so good against the run one will take lapses in pass coverage every now and then. Reid is an intense football player that plays on only one speed: full throttle. Look for him to climb up the draft charts in this year’s draft.

    Round 4

    David Thomas - Tight End Texas

    Height: 6'3"Weight: 245 At the beginning of his senior season at Texas, David Thomas flew under the radar and was thought of as little more than a fringe NFL prospect. He had a reputation as a hard worker with modest productivity, but seemed to lack the size and athleticism pro scouts crave. But in 2005, Thomas became a key cog in the Longhorns' national championship team, leading the team with 50 receptions and scoring five touchdowns. He showcased his versatility by lining up as an H-back and even splitting out wide on occasion. Thomas has reliable hands and the ability to find soft spots in zone coverage. He has also shown good character and scholarship off the field. What Thomas lacks is the size and athleticism of prototype tight end prospects. While he is a willing blocker, he may struggle dealing with larger defensive ends at the point of attack. He is quick and has shown sufficient downfield speed, but may not be able add muscle while maintaining enough speed to outrun NFL linebackers. Thomas may be best utilized at the next level as an H-back or receiving specialist in a West Coast offense, catching short and intermediate passes and blocking on the perimeter.

    Round 5

    Orien Harris - Defensive Tackle Miami (FL)

    Height: 6'4"Weight: 302 Orien Harris is a guy who I truly like as a defensive tackle at the next level of his career. He is an exceptional athlete for a man his size. He is quick, agile, and speedy. He gets admirable penetration on the defensive line allowing him to be relatively active in the run stopping department in his game. He is an outstanding tackler who plays with great range and is great at covering ground on the field. He is also a great pass rusher because of his superior speed for his frame. He is good at beating offensive lineman from both a physical standpoint and a finesse standpoint. He has a good resume of moves that he uses, and they are quite effective too. One thing that is negative about his game is that he is a little unstable in his pursuit to the ball, as he shows rather often that he can be a little bit hasty when flowing to the ball. He is also a little too active in the run game, and can't really wait for the ball to come to him; instead he tries to go for the ball a little bit too often. He doesn't make terrific reads during the course of a play. Harris has the potential to go in the second round, but he will most likely go in third round. He could become a good 3-4-defense player at the next level.

    Round 6

    Johnny Jolly - Defensive Tackle Texas A&M

    Height: 6'4"Weight: 310 When I think of Johnny Jolly's game I think of two words: disruptive force - that's what he is on the defensive line. He is an extremely effective tackler from the defensive end position. For an interior defensive lineman, he is great at getting into the backfield, and whether he's taking down the ball carrier or sacking the quarterback, he is just greatly productive back there. The guy is a solid athlete for his size, fluidly changing directions and playing with great range. He is also fast reacting to the snap, which allows him to get a head start at getting to the ball against offensive lineman. I would love to see him be more physical, as he often gets taken out of plays too quickly. He also has very good second-rate instincts. However, he isn't terrific in pursuit and is often slow getting to the ball. I still love his potential and I think he could go in the first day of the draft. He has a lot of upside and that is what will attract a lot of teams in the draft this year

    Round 7

    Wide Receiver - Skyler Green LSU

    Height: 5'10"Weight: 195 When watching Skyler Green, you witness a player who has a lot of experience and a good understanding of the game. He possesses a lot of speed and athletic ability and has the ability to free himself from defenders. It all starts with his initial first and second step off the line of scrimmage. Green has a very quick burst in his steps giving him a good advantage in man-to-man coverage. He is also very dangerous when he is in the open field. Green has breakaway speed and is very elusive when the ball is in his hands. He is a deep threat every time, a d he has very reliable hands.
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    Re: My picks round 1-7

    First two rounds are great. I would be pretty shocked if Harris and Green were available that late, though. And Nick Reid in the third is a pretty big reach at this point.


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      Re: My picks round 1-7

      yeah, I don't even know if Harris will make it out of the second.


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        Re: My picks round 1-7

        too many teams are looking at Green for him to fall all the way to the 7th, his kick return ability and pretty good 40 time at the combine will probably make him a 5th rounder at the latest
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          Re: My picks round 1-7

          As a KU grad, I'd love to see Reid picked up. I think he'll probably stick with an NFL team because he is so good against the run. That said, I seriously doubt he'll get picked up so early.