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Not much value will be had after June 1

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  • Not much value will be had after June 1

    I really don't see much value coming out of the second round of free agency which begins June 1. Reason: the cap is so big that teams will be able to keep players at the position the Rams are in need.....D line. I really don't think any team is going to be so cap strapped that they have to let a stud on the D line go.

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    Re: Not much value will be had after June 1

    Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
    I really don't see much value coming out of the second round of free agency which begins June 1. Reason: the cap is so big that teams will be able to keep players at the position the Rams are in need.....D line. I really don't think any team is going to be so cap strapped that they have to let a stud on the D line go.
    Yep, circumstances in free agency have worked against us this year. Let's face it though, as bad as things have been the last few seasons, it was going to be a multi-year fix regardless of what we did this year.


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      Re: Not much value will be had after June 1

      It wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have stupid drafts............I really think if we have a few good, solid drafts that will provide good players and depth to the defensive issues we have, free agency will be great for us. But since we haven't really drafted any defensive wonders over the past years with MM, we don't have anyone to rely on and we're forced to work with free agency, and unfortunately it back fired.
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      • Goldenfleece
        What can an uncapped year do for you?
        by Goldenfleece
        It won't help you get younger. Assuming there is no collective bargaining agreement signed within the next three weeks, this will mean (a) most of the players who would have been unrestricted free agents will likely be retained by their current teams, (b) the free agents who do hit the open market will mostly be 28 or older because they have to have six years in the league, and (c) the youngest talent in the market will be players who were eligible for free agency several years ago and were unable to land long-term deals.

        This is bad news for the Rams. If the old CBA was intact the Rams would be sitting pretty $35 million under the salary cap. If the owners successfully negotiated the cap down, this would be even better for the Rams because it would put the squeeze on teams that had been playing it close. With no cap, the Rams are just a mid-market team in the middle of a transition in ownership.

        The free agent market will likely be smaller than usual and more expensive. Because there will be so few starters available in free agency, I would predict competition would be more fierce. This has less to do with the lack of a cap and more to do with simple supply and demand. Effectively, the 26-year-old crowd who would normally be up for their second contract will be removed from free agency, but there will still be a market for the 31-year-old third contract group and to a lesser extent the 35+ "I'm not dead yet" market.

        There will still be a few positions we might improve. The quarterback market is likely to be almost non-existent. Even guys like Tarvaris Jackson and Jason Campbell could be retained if their teams so choose, but there will be a few options at back-up runningback including Leon Washington, Willie Parker, Chester Taylor, and Chris Brown. It is unlikely that a true #1 receiver will hit the market, and only a small number of solid #2's. L.J. Smith, formerly of the Eagles, might be an option at tight end, and Ben Watson will be one of the top names in free agency if he is available. The best starter prospects are probably at defensive end: Julius Peppers, Aaron Kampman, and Kyle Vanden Bosch are all possibilities provided they are not tagged. There may be a few options at linebacker including Gary Brackett, Scott Fujita, Angelo Crowell, Cato June, and Tully Banta-Cain.
        -02-14-2010, 08:29 PM
      • rammiser
        I'm beginning to hate free agency.
        by rammiser
        Free agency is getting out of control. As I watch average player after average player get signed to record deals and the really good ones get even more it really is out of control. This is something the NFL should look into. I dont know how they can do it but they need to figure this out. Performaced based maybe? Do you think the Whiners believe Clements is worth his contract from last year. He's a nice player sure but he's not worth more money than Bailey. It's just getting out of control every year the free agents get rediculous contracts that set the price tag for an even higher payoff the next year. Most of the time it isnt even worth what you paid. The draft is almost the same way, the number one pick get all this money and for what? Being the best college player? I like the NBA's system where there is a cap on how much you can make based on how long you've been in the league. It can be tough on older vets but it's not getting out of control anymore. I want the Rams to get some good players but I hate to see them get an average player for top tier money and that is free agency in a nutshell.
        -02-29-2008, 12:35 PM
      • eldfan
        No-cap year would hurt the Rams
        by eldfan
        No-cap year would hurt the Rams

        New York Jets running back Leon Washington, left, and San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. (File photos/AP)By Jim Thomas

        Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations, said there were times during the 2009 season when he would look at the team's salary cap sheet, "and we had about $2,000 of room."

        That was with a salary cap of nearly $128 million. But with the blessing of team ownership, the Rams decided to jettison several high-priced veterans, some who were aging and some who were under-performing.

        As a result, the team led the NFL in "dead money" money that counts against the cap for players no longer on the team. The dead money soaked up much of the team's cap space. But the payoff would come this year, with the dead money cleared from the books, giving the Rams sufficient money to re-sign their own players or go out and sign other teams' free agents.

        That strategy was implemented under the premise of a salary cap in 2010. But unless there's an extension of the current collective bargaining agreement between the players and the club owners, this league year will be uncapped. The new league year beginning with the opening of the free-agency trading period starts March 5.

        The thought of no salary cap brings visions of free spending and players changing teams in record numbers. As it turns out, an uncapped year is not nearly as enticing because of accompanying provisions that kick in if there's no extension of the labor agreement by March 5.


        Players with expired contracts are eligible for unrestricted free agency only if they have six years (or more) of experience instead of the usual four years. Under this scenario, players with four or five years of experience would revert to restricted free agency status.

        Each team would be allowed an additional "tag" further limiting player movement. Currently, teams can use one franchise tag (or transition tag) on a player per offseason. If it's an uncapped year, teams can designate one additional player with a transition tag. ShopSTL Marketplace

        Additional restrictions apply to the eight teams that reached the conference playoff semifinals this season. Those don't apply to the 1-15 Rams.

        But the impact of the first two provisions, particularly the six-year free agency requirement, hits the Rams where it hurts.

        "It limits the player pool," Demoff said. "It's going to be a challenging dynamic for all teams on how you get better, how you compete for players, and where you find the players that make your team better. Especially if you're a team that's still rebuilding."

        Such as the Rams.

        "I think everybody...
        -01-22-2010, 01:32 PM
      • Fat Pang
        The 'Phoney war'.
        by Fat Pang
        These have been exciting times recently.

        And I'm not talking about the Cowboys much heralded (and maligned) signing of the 'antichrist' who spells doom for the rest of the NFL. (I really do think he's being afforded a little more importance than he's worthy of)

        No, I'm talking about the much anticipated (and realised this year) spending spree that occurs whenever teams want to slash their cap value or change their fortunes overnight.

        I'm as guilty as the rest of us in this regard and make no apologies for it.

        The Rams in recent years, haven't ventured into free agency as aggressively as other teams, and when we have, hindsight that wonderful facility that provides a superb 20-20 vista, tells us we've shafted it. Coakley, Claiborne, Hawthorne, Tucker, are the most recent example of the Rams trying to be sensible about overpaying for other teams leavings and getting nothing of substance as a result.

        And therein lies the rub my friends. The problem with free agency is that because of it's very nature (Teams ditching contracts that age and recent performance make risky investments) those players that teams do pick up are only likely to provide expensive short term succour if they provide it at all.

        There are exceptions of course. I think Witherspoon could well be an outstanding acquisition because his age would suggest he's on an upward curve and that he'll do really well, but the overwhelming impression that I get from watching this free agency jamboree, is that it's much ado about nothing.

        Its a very expensive band aid that always comes off when it gets wet or dirty.

        Compare this to the draft if you will. This is by far the most important factor in rebuilding any team. That's the way the Colts and Patriots are approaching it, and I thought the recent article that featured Bill Polian commenting on the departure of Edgerrin James summed up the responsible approach to building a franchise.

        You build through the draft and fill holes in free agency. The long term success of your franchise is how well it drafts not how much cash you splurge in March.

        Draft picks tend to play less than 50% of snaps in their first year, and this is the slack that free agents are meant to pick up. Long term responsible FO's are looking down the line.

        The problem with us of course, is that the paucity of our drafts has given us many gaping holes that we're now being obliged to fill. I think we've made good strides here, but the point for me is this:

        Don't get excited about who we've added up to this point in free agency, get excited about who we're going to add in the draft, because that's the real difference maker.

        And this applies to everyone else in our division and the wider NFL too. I don't see many signings like the Witherspoon signing, a signing that becomes a solid foundation...
        -03-25-2006, 07:58 PM
      • lordwhttgr
        Free Agency
        by lordwhttgr
        Please Rams, don't do anything!!! Free agency is for teams that need spot filled to get better right now. We are not in that group. We need to build great players from the ground up and that comes from the draft. I mean who is out there that we need so bad that we can't wait and see what is available in the draft. In my honest opinion, our Defense is tight and our Offense just needs tweaked to get going. T Austin, Z Stacy and even K Clemens improved through out the year. We beat teams like the Colts, Bears and the Saints. The Rams where the youngest team in the league last year and we reached 7-9. With Sam coming back, I think we can break into the playoffs for the first time in 10 years.

        Stay the course, cause it is way more fun that when we had Linehan and watching 1-15 to 3-13 every year!! We don't need those has bens on our team!!!

        GO RAMS!!!!
        Buy Season Tickets!!!
        Keep the Rams in St. Louis!!!
        -03-12-2014, 05:07 AM