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T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

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  • T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

    I'd say he's worth bringing in as a candidate to back up Jackson. He's only 28, and has had some success in the league. He's also a very good receiver.

    Plus, it couldn't hurt to have a guy on the team who has inside info on what the Seahawks are doing.

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    Re: T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

    I wonder why he was released.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

      They signed Edgerrin James. I think that, and Duckett's salary, were the main reasons.


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        Re: T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

        Duckett is a beast....He could certainly spell Jackson and help alot in the short yardage game and the dreaded RED ZONE!
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          Re: T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

          One of our main concerns about Jax is keeping him healthy, right? Why not sign one of the best short yardage backs in the league so that we can use him for those 3rd and shorts as opposed to letting Jackson get beat up on those short, goalline type runs?

          Further, Av is absolutely correct in thinking with a bit of gamesmanship in mind, Duckett has been studying the Seattle playbook all offseason long. This is a huge gift into what they're planning on doing, giving us all the more opportunity to get a win in week 1.

          I really don't see a downside here. We should be on the phone with Duckett asap!
          I believe!:ram:


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            Re: T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

            Sounds good to me. I believe Billy D. shoud get on the phone and give this guy a tryout. He is still in his prime and shoud be able to provide some depth at running back. Also we would have an inside guy on what the dreaded seahawks are doing. I hate the seahawks so much...


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              Re: T.J. Duckett Released - Worth a Look?

              isnt this the second time "junior" has cut Duckett? (last time when he was the Falcons HC)..

              Ive always thought of Duckett as a bit of an handful for defenses to play against ..i think we should get as many of those types as possible..gotta agree with every other reason folks have stated why we should go and get him..maybe Devaney knows him (tho not sure if they were both at the Falcons at the same time,but i think they were..)


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