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  • Which QB Do You Want?

    Which of the following QB prospects do you hope to see on the Rams in 2010?
    Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
    Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
    Colt McCoy, Texas
    Jake Locker, Washington
    Jevan Snead, Ole Miss
    Tim Tebow, Florida
    Tim Hiller, Western Michigan
    Tony Pike, Cincinnati

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    Re: Which QB Do You Want?

    I have watched Bradford and McCoy play against Mizzou, and neither of them looked like the second coming of a Manning, Favre, or Marino to me, so they'd be out in my book. If I am not mistaken, Tebow is out of commission, so I have to wonder how he'd hold up at the next level. I don't think I know anything about the rest of them. I wish there was a "None of the above" or "Undecided".
    sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!


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      Re: Which QB Do You Want?

      McCoy kicked the Tigers extremely bad last year at Austin, and has never lost to Bradford in the big game in Dallas. McCoy for me


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        Re: Which QB Do You Want?

        I love McCoy. But I think Bradford has the right skill set to run this offense. He's got all the Brady qualities.......not a big arm, but accurate, quick decision maker, and very smart.

        My fear is that Bradford's injury convinces him to stick around another year in Norman. If that's the case (which I doubt), then any other QB would be a reach at the #1 spot.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: Which QB Do You Want?

          Have to go with Bradford on this one, although all three big names scare me a little, with the offenses that they run. We have to do something drastic on offense though, and I think picking the new face of the franchise has to be done.


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            Re: Which QB Do You Want?

            If the Rams are picking high in the first round (ie. top three to five picks), then I think Bradford is probably the only one that holds that kind of value right now, assuming he returns from injury without major concerns. Maybe if Jimmy Clausen keeps having a great year, he could challenge.

            I'd consider McCoy if he were available in round two. I don't think he's a contender for us in the first. Just doesn't have the physical tools, IMO, to value him that highly. Snead worries me simply because he's been pretty inaccurate this season; he's completing just over 50% of his passes.

            Tebow will need years of rebuilding his fundamentals if he's even going to have a chance of success at the next level. The Rams are in rebuild mode, but not THAT MUCH rebuilding, no thanks. I like Locker and Pike, but again, closer to the second round at this point.


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              Re: Which QB Do You Want?

              Yes Bradford is good, but does he have a cool football name that lends itself for an even cooler football nickname like Colt "trigger" McCoy? He's a winner. Did Joe Montana have all the atypical "physical tools"? Am I saying Colt will be the next Joe Montana? YES I AM. You heard it here first.


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                Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                No love for Dan Lefevour huh?


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                  Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                  Kirk Herbstreit predicted that Colt McCoy would be the Drew Brees of this draft Saturday. I'll take his word for it.


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                    Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                    Come on clannies...a cross between Brady and Montana (and maybe ability to run like Vick). My goodness, what more do you want?
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                      Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                      mccoy's accuracy has been pretty inconsistent, and he has no arm strength. i don't know what's to love, maybe his ability to run in a spread option offense..i don't like it.

                      i picked jake locker, this guy has shown nfl accuracy on top of the ability to run, and has done it in an nfl-style offense as opposed to these spread option clowns. he doesn't have a cannon for an arm, but he has more arm strength than bradford or mccoy and looks more accurate this year. i like bradford too, but i think he'll have a transition to make from college to the nfl, so i'd like to keep bulger around anyways if we grab him.


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                        Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                        Scott Wright of nfldraftcountdown did a nice write up on Tony Pike. But even he said that he's more likely a high 2nd round pick at this point.

                        I'm going to withhold my vote until S. Bradford returns to playing form. Yeah, he's racked up a lot of gaudy numbers, but so did Graham Harrell and Chase Daniel which proves that numbers alone do not tell the tale.

                        WHAT SAY YE?


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                          Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                          I like Bradford, but that injury has me worried.

                          If we can get him in round two or later, I'm all for Tim Tebow. All we need to have him do is hit quick slants and go for a long ball occasionally. He can also make plays on his feet.


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                            Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                            Originally posted by bigredman View Post
                            Yes Bradford is good, but does he have a cool football name that lends itself for an even cooler football nickname like Colt "trigger" McCoy? He's a winner. Did Joe Montana have all the atypical "physical tools"? Am I saying Colt will be the next Joe Montana? YES I AM. You heard it here first.
                            What about "Yosemite Sam"? He has two guns! My Sam over here says "Sam the Ram" and the Pharoahs. He's just silly.
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                              Re: Which QB Do You Want?

                              Originally posted by molar_pistol View Post
                              mccoy's accuracy has been pretty inconsistent, and he has no arm strength. i don't know what's to love, maybe his ability to run in a spread option offense..i don't like it.
                              Nah...Colt has no arm strength nor accuracy....Yeah, right! He just wins baby!
                              YouTube - Texas Longhorn Colt McCoy's 78 yard TD Bomb To Jordan Shipley!
                              YouTube - Colt McCoy Highlights 2008
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                              • Barry Waller
                                Not a Good Day For QB
                                by Barry Waller
                                The idea of the Rams taking a quarterback in round one next year seems to be getting less attractive, as today bot Colt McCoy of Texas and Sam Bradford of Oklahoma saw their fortunes take a hit, literally in the case of Bradford, thought by some to be the only one worthy of a top five selection. Just back a week ago from a shoulder injury, Bradford landed on the same one early in the game, his throwing side, and left for what appears to be another extended period.

                                McCoy wasn't hurt, but he was contained by Oklahoma's defense all day. With Jevon Snead having at least one bad day this season against a top opponent, it's going to take a lot from someone to move up draft boards, and whether Bradford will even get the chance, rem,ains to be seen.
                                -10-17-2009, 08:47 PM
                              • ManofGod
                                Top 5 Senior QB's
                                by ManofGod
                                According to Mel Kiper Jr., the top 5 senior QB's are as follows:

                                1. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
                                2. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
                                3. Dan Lefevour, QB, Central Michigan
                                4. Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati
                                5. Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

                                I believe a few of you may be suprised by this order, and whether you are a fan of his Kiper or not, he does seem to have acces to what many NFL teams are looking for when it comes to the draft. Now this draft order is current (1/8/10), and of course we will have to wait until the combine to see who's stock falls, who's rises, and who simply falls off of the face of the earth.

                                Now since we have the #1 pick in almost every round, baring a monumental improvement by these five men, they will all be available in the 2nd round for us & if necessary the 3rd or 4th. Now I know many of you are Pike fans, and some of you favor McCoy or Lefevour. Some of you even believe in the magic that is Tim Tebow (as I do), but we obviously need to look towards our QB of the future. I believe we start Bulger this season for many reasons most notably being financial, but we do need to start grooming the successor.

                                With that being said my fellow clam members, who from these 5 men would you want behind center as the #2 or #3 QB(provided that we move Null up to #2, or pick up another free agent in the off-season)?
                                -01-08-2010, 12:34 PM
                              • Dominating D
                                Colt McCoy
                                by Dominating D
                                NFL Network reports Rams did not attend Colt pro-day workout. I can only assume that the Rams have no plans to draft a QB in the 2nd round?

                                Looks like Bradford is the only QB on the Rams radar?

                                Anythoughts as to why the Rams did not attend his pro-day workout?

                                Go Rams
                                -04-01-2010, 04:34 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                The QB Issue: 3 Options
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Which do you favor?
                                Take Sam Bradford with the first pick.
                                Take N.Suh or G.McCoy; Hope to land Clausen or C.McCoy with second pick.
                                Trade for Jason Campbell before draft.
                                -04-08-2010, 06:29 AM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                The Watercooler: Who Are The Rams' Top Draft Options At QB?
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                10.22.2009 12:27 pm
                                Who are Ramsí top draft options at QB?
                                By Roger Hensley

                                THE WATERCOOLER

                                QUESTION: If the St. Louis Rams were to take a quarterback in the first round of next yearís draft, which current college quarterback would you suggest they select?

                                BERNIE MIKLASZ
                                Very tough call, and of course I reserve the right to change my mind later, after these kids play more games and also go through the NFL Scouting Combine. Because a lot can change between now and the draft. But if we are talking right now, Iíd go with Washingtonís Jake Locker. Big (6-3), strong and athletic, Locker has a plus arm, and a quick release. Heís been thriving in the pro-style offense installed by first-year head coach Steve Sarkisian. Also, Locker is being tutored by one of the best, QBs coach Steve Clarkson, who in the past has worked with Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart and others. Clarkson cleaned up Lockerís mechanics and the improvement was immediate. And keep in mind that Locker is getting it done at Washington, and heís not surrounded by elite talent. That makes his performance even more impressive.

                                Notre Dameís Jimmy Clausen has moved up as an NFL prospect. Clausen has always had the natural talent, but heís grown at Notre Dame, and is more physically imposing now. Looks like a tough kid, too. He is certainly used to pressure and it doesnít get to him. The best is yet to come for Clausen. The red flags are out on Oklahomaís Sam Bradford; itís not only the shoulder injuries, but the questions of whether he can throw while under pressure, because he doesnít encounter much of a pass rush at OU. Cincinnatiís Tony Pike could be the steal of the draft; heís likely to be downgraded and drop down the board because of multiple injuries to his left wrist. But heís a player. Not sure if Colt McCoy (Texas) has the frame, but he seems like a good fit for a West Coast offense. Jevan Snead (Ole Miss) has been touted by scouts and draftniks, but I havenít seen enough (yet) to get excited by his NFL future. Again, that could change. All of this could.

                                VAHE GREGORIAN
                                With his bum shoulder this season, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford may be losing stock for the 2010 draft or may even be considering waiting another year to come out. But if heís available, the Rams would be wise to snap him up. Although he could stand to be more mobile, especially considering the Rams line, last yearís Heisman Trophy winner has all the tools to build a team around: accuracy (67.9 percent of his passes last season), height (6-4) and a leadership presence that makes players want to play better just for him, OU coach Bob Stoops says. Maybe some will see the shoulder injury and apparent aggravation of it last week against Texas as something chronic or signs he is brittle, but sometimes quarterbacks just get hit and hurt. Thereís no reason to think itís anything more with Bradford.

                                -10-22-2009, 04:20 PM