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  • If we Draft a Quarterback...

    ...And I think it's fairly obvious we must, who do we take? I gotta' tell ya, I have reservations about all of the top three guys on most peoples' draft board- Bradford, McCoy and Claussen.

    With Bradford, of course, it's his shoulder. He's injured himself twice this season and this doesn't bode well for the rest of his senior year and who knows down the road. McCoy, quite frankly hasn't played particularly well thus far- and most analysts would agree. As for Claussen, he's probably playing as well as anyone in the country, but he is green and doesn't have much of a track record.

    All of these guys could become good pros, but are they right for the Rams? If so, which one would you want?

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    Re: If we Draft a Quarterback...

    Again i would rather not put a rookie qb at the helm. I would rather try to make a move to get kevin kolb. But if we take a qb in the draft i would like to go after clausen. I saw the ND game today and he seemed to make good throws except for that last throw in th redzone.


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      Re: If we Draft a Quarterback...

      Bradford is injured again, which probably hurts his stock. McCoy did not play well today in the Red River Shootout, though he was supposedly "sick".

      If I had to choose, I would pick either Clausen or Bradford. I love Bradford's accuracy, patience and reads.

      But Clausen is a beast. They would both be good for our team. McCoy, not so much.


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        Re: If we Draft a Quarterback...

        Why would Bradford, McCoy or Claussen want to play for the Rams? Sure the Rams could Draft them but if I was either of these QBs my asking price would be such that keeping Bulger would make more sense. Right now the Rams O-line can't consistantly protect a QB and why want a shortned career?

        Granted in terms of salary cap Bulgers $66mil will be an issue, but while the Rams can--use their good picks for Linemen. Doen't matter who you have taking snaps behind Center if he can't stay on his feet long enough to throw a ball.

        But if the Rams have to get a QB--Get Claussen--he might survive a bit longer


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          Re: If we Draft a Quarterback...

          Tony Pike!!!!!


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          • r8rh8rmike
            The Watercooler: Who Are The Rams' Top Draft Options At QB?
            by r8rh8rmike
            10.22.2009 12:27 pm
            Who are Ramsí top draft options at QB?
            By Roger Hensley


            QUESTION: If the St. Louis Rams were to take a quarterback in the first round of next yearís draft, which current college quarterback would you suggest they select?

            BERNIE MIKLASZ
            Very tough call, and of course I reserve the right to change my mind later, after these kids play more games and also go through the NFL Scouting Combine. Because a lot can change between now and the draft. But if we are talking right now, Iíd go with Washingtonís Jake Locker. Big (6-3), strong and athletic, Locker has a plus arm, and a quick release. Heís been thriving in the pro-style offense installed by first-year head coach Steve Sarkisian. Also, Locker is being tutored by one of the best, QBs coach Steve Clarkson, who in the past has worked with Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart and others. Clarkson cleaned up Lockerís mechanics and the improvement was immediate. And keep in mind that Locker is getting it done at Washington, and heís not surrounded by elite talent. That makes his performance even more impressive.

            Notre Dameís Jimmy Clausen has moved up as an NFL prospect. Clausen has always had the natural talent, but heís grown at Notre Dame, and is more physically imposing now. Looks like a tough kid, too. He is certainly used to pressure and it doesnít get to him. The best is yet to come for Clausen. The red flags are out on Oklahomaís Sam Bradford; itís not only the shoulder injuries, but the questions of whether he can throw while under pressure, because he doesnít encounter much of a pass rush at OU. Cincinnatiís Tony Pike could be the steal of the draft; heís likely to be downgraded and drop down the board because of multiple injuries to his left wrist. But heís a player. Not sure if Colt McCoy (Texas) has the frame, but he seems like a good fit for a West Coast offense. Jevan Snead (Ole Miss) has been touted by scouts and draftniks, but I havenít seen enough (yet) to get excited by his NFL future. Again, that could change. All of this could.

            VAHE GREGORIAN
            With his bum shoulder this season, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford may be losing stock for the 2010 draft or may even be considering waiting another year to come out. But if heís available, the Rams would be wise to snap him up. Although he could stand to be more mobile, especially considering the Rams line, last yearís Heisman Trophy winner has all the tools to build a team around: accuracy (67.9 percent of his passes last season), height (6-4) and a leadership presence that makes players want to play better just for him, OU coach Bob Stoops says. Maybe some will see the shoulder injury and apparent aggravation of it last week against Texas as something chronic or signs he is brittle, but sometimes quarterbacks just get hit and hurt. Thereís no reason to think itís anything more with Bradford.

            -10-22-2009, 04:20 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            What I'm looking for in a franchise QB
            by AvengerRam_old
            Taking a franchise QB prospect in the top 10 picks of the draft is a daunting task. Will you end up with the next Matt Ryan/Joe Flacco, or the next Alex Smith/Jamarcus Russell?

            There will never be a pefect formula for this, and if there were, I doubt I'd be the one to discover it, but for what its worth, here are the things I'm looking for:

            1. MPTs (Minimum Physical Traits)
            Top QBs don't all come in the same shape and size, but I do think there are a few minimum traits that, if lacked, will doom a QB to no better than mediocrity. They are: arm strength, physical bulk, and "pocket footwork."

            Arm strength refers to the ability to get the ball out and to a receiver quickly. It is a function of two factors: (1) release speed and (2) velocity. One factor can compensate for another, but the best QBs have both.

            Physical bulk, I believe, is more important than height. I'd rather have a well-built 6'1 QB, than a 6'6 string-bean. Otherwise, an injury-filled career is too big a risk.

            Finally, "pocket footwork" is, in my opinion, far more important than running ability. Give me a guy who knows how to step-up, side-step and roll out over a guy who can take off and run for first downs.

            2. Contagious Confidence
            People often mistakenly mistake brashness or vocal presence for leadership. To me, its more a question of a guy who displays confidence in his demeanor, what he says, and how he plays when the chips are down. Give me a guy who can throw 3 interceptions in the first half, shrug it off, and throw for 3 TDs in the second half.

            3. Unaided College Productivity
            Combines and workouts serve a purpose, nothing compares to productivity in game conditions. There's a caveat, though... beware of "aided" productivity. A college QB who racks up great stats in a non-pro style offense, against outmatched competition, or through "all-purpose" yardage will rarely be able to duplicate their productivity when they reach the NFL. You also have to throw out won/loss percentage, to a large extent. There are simply too many great college teams that merely carry their QB along for the ride. I'd rather have a smaller-school guy who plays in a pro-style offense and puts up great stats against teams with similar talent on the roster.

            So... how do I evaluate the top current prospects for the 2010 draft?

            Well, in terms of MPTs, I look at Locker and Clausen as the top prospects. McCoy and Bradford have some "bulk" issues that concern me, though in Bradford's case, his fragility may be overstated. In terms of footwork, I'd give McCoy the highest grade (though I'm not sure I've seen any college QB with better footwork than FSU's Christian Ponder).

            In terms of "contagious confidence," my subjective viewpoint is that McCoy and Clausen receive high marks....
            -10-27-2009, 02:30 PM
          • npow81
            For Me...Its Down to Three QBs
            by npow81
            After seeing everybody play in Mobile, and keeping everything in mind (estimated draft position, etc.) if we are to draft a qb in this draft I think it comes down to three players.

            Colt McCoy
            Tony Pike
            Dan Lefevour

            I know the Clausen and Bradford supporters might come out and state their case, but I honestly don't think the value of either supercedes (1) taking the BPA at #1 (or even at #3 as some want), which they certainly are not (2) the difference in ability from the three above players.

            Personally, while I wouldn't be disappointed seeing us draft McCoy at the top of the second, if he's there, again I think the same principle as above comes into play in the second and there is too little difference in value between McCoy and Pike and Lefevour to bypass the bevy of talent likely available at that slot.

            Therefore, hoping (and praying) either Pike or Lefevour is available in the third I take the remaining qb in the third and I think we have our qb of the future. Either of which I would be plenty happy with. As always, its a roll of the dice drafting a qb, but I think this situation will maximize value while minimizing the risk associated with drafting a qb and allowing us to fulfill other important holes along the way.
            -01-31-2010, 02:29 AM
          • eldfan
            Considering Clausen for the Rams next QB
            by eldfan
            Considering Clausen for the Rams next QB
            by VanRam on Nov 24, 2009 3:58 PM CST in 2010 NFL Draft 35 comments

            Ok, with Bulger's tibia fracture barely days old and the (likely) end of his career with the St. Louis Rams, it's time to start talking QB of the future. Not that we haven't been talking about that since the last draft, but such chatter earned a new lease on life with Bulger's injury.

            Carneros got it started yesterday with this post, and I'm going to feed the fire some more today. First, a quick review of the Rams QB options moving forward. Boil it down to the essence, and the Rams have three options at QB for 2010: 1) sign a free agent (personally, I like Jason Campbell if they go this route), 2) draft a QB or 3) keep one of the in-house options, Bulger (if he can return) or Boller. Note that 2 and 3 are not mutually exclusive.

            And now, I submit for your consideration Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen.

            With Sam Bradford on the mend, Clausen is racing to the top of draft boards, at least among QBs. I think he'll be the first QB taken in the draft. I guess we'll have to see how much fan damage he incurred on a punch to the face this weekend. Will the Rams take him? Should the Rams take him?

            Why Clausen?

            Let's start with the stats, more specifically, the stats that can tell us something about success at the next level. According to the Lewin Career Forecast, the two most important things to look at when trying to gauge NFL success are a QBs career starts and completion percentage.

            Clausen's a junior this year. He took over starting duties early in his freshman year, true freshman year, and ended up starting in nine games, and started every game in two seasons since then. For his college career, he has a 62.2 percent completion rate, a stunning 67.3 percent this season.

            His TD to INT ratio of 23-4 speaks to his accuracy as a QB.

            One thing I like about him is his ability to find receivers and create plays where others cannot. That's something the Rams have really been missing. Yes, St. Louis lacks the established talent at WR, but after watching this season of west coast offense move forward in fits and starts, it would be wise to have a QB that could find receivers or even go through the reads.

            I'm not qualified to judge much about college players, especially the "intangibles". Talk of Clausen's acumen for the game, ability to read defenses and assuredness resonate for a long suffering fan of this team. Here are a couple of scouting reports from FFToolbox and Walter Football.

            As a junior, there's still no gaurantee that Clausen will declare for the draft this year. I'd be pretty shocked if he didn't given the fact that his stock is skyrocketing. In fact, with Bradford unlikely to be ready for the Combine, I wonder if Clausen does separate himself from the rest of the...
            -11-25-2009, 08:31 AM
          • richtree
            Bradford statement
            by richtree
            I think all Rams fans should be extremly happy today. Many Ram fans are saying, "Clausen and McCoy are both available and we should have taken Suh or traded out of the #1 slot."

            I personal think that is not the right way to look at this.

            I think all Rams fans should be even happier with their selection of Bradford. If no team wanted to trade up to get Clausen or McCoy at the end of round 1, it just greater confirmed the disparity between Bradford and the rest of the QB's.

            I myself wanted Suh and Vick, Pike, or even McCoy but after seeing Clausen and McCoy not present in round 1 and that a team would actually take Teabow over the aforementioned just greater confirmed the franchise's selection in SAM BRADFORD.

            I know if we took Clausen #1 overall there is no way he would have made it out of the first round or even past the top 12 picks. And definately Teabow wouldn't be selected over Bradford.

            So, after greater analysis, I hope the Ram Nation can see that this is the best pick for our franchise.

            Don't be the gambler that roots against his selections because he couldn't get his bets in to his bookie/vegas. You should want to win and we won with our selection and the #1 pick.

            I myself understand this being a Suh fan, Vick promoter, and Tony Pike hyper....

            But yet I know we made the best pick at #1 and hopefully go :

            G. Tate / A. Benn Round #2 <---this is the pick we can fight over ..offensive, denfensive, trade....

            but NOT Sam Bradford !!


            -04-23-2010, 08:14 AM