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what position do we go first round?

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  • what position do we go first round?

    I would have to say it will be DL or CB...

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    Re: what position do we go first round?

    I'm goin' with DL or QB. At this point in time there doesn't appear to be any CBs that project anywhere near the top half of the draft, and, even if there were, the Rams still need to develop both lines and find a future franchise QB instead acquiring yet another rookie CB..



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      Re: what position do we go first round?

      Originally posted by RAMarkable View Post
      I'm goin' with DL or QB. At this point in time there doesn't appear to be any CBs that project anywhere near the top half of the draft, and, even if there were, the Rams still need to develop both lines and find a future franchise QB instead acquiring yet another rookie CB..

      WHAT SAY YE?
      gotta agree with that..and add in that i would look at getting a WR, but there may be better value elsewhere in the draft.

      the last position i would pick in the draft is another CB... we are loaded with youngsters there already and if we gonna give up on CB`s everytime they dont have perfect games..then we gonna be drafting them every year!!!
      its the hardest position on D to play by a long way and even Hall of Fame calibre CB`s have given up plenty of big plays from time to time.


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        Re: what position do we go first round?

        i would say d-line is pretty probable, unless our scouts really like one of these qbs. it's so far away we really have no clue of course, but we for sure need a de and at least one dt, gibson and ryan are rotation guys, not starters.


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          Re: what position do we go first round?

          I'd say QB....or WR.....or DT......or DE......or CB......


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            Re: what position do we go first round?

            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: what position do we go first round?

              We always say BPA, but need always gives a guy who is near the top, but maybe not at the top an assist.

              So far IMO the BPA is a guy on the DL (Ndamakung Suh), but in our situation at this point Jake Locker or Jimmy Claussen is getting the assist.


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                Re: what position do we go first round?

                I'd go QB then DT, DE. I'd work the FA market for a CB, don't want to have to train someone to play the position, (HILL) get someone who's established. Oh yeh, if you have the picks get a OG, OT, and TE.;)


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                  Re: what position do we go first round?

                  Originally posted by HUbison View Post
                  I totally agree! We have spent the past few drafts going after players who we need in a certain position and they have thus far disappointed (e.g. Long, Smith, Carriker). I'm not calling them busts, but we need to draft the way we did when we drafted people like Jack "Hacksaw" Reynolds, Todd Lyght, Grant Wistrom, Kevin Carter, Kevin Greene and Isiah Robertson to name a few.

                  A player Iwould like to watch for us is Jermaine Gresham at TE from Oklahoma. Of course it depends on our draft spot and who else is available but the TE spot is a new focal point in NFL offenses and we are very weak there and he might be perfect for our new West Coast offense. Just my thoughts at this early stage. Of course Suh the DT from Nebraska might be a good choice too, but I just don't want to be locked on a position for this draft despite our obvious needs at DE or CB.

                  Go Rams!


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                    Re: what position do we go first round?

                    I agree that we need help on the DL and CB. Ndamukong Suh will be a long-term game changer in the NFL. He would be a great Ram! I wish there was a Top-5 CB we could take. A star corner would go a long way to tightening up D. GoRams!
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                      Re: what position do we go first round?

                      QB or DT.

                      JMO but the best players in the draft are Bradford and Suh.


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                        Re: what position do we go first round?

                        DT or QB

                        Suh or Locker or Clausen


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                          Re: what position do we go first round?

                          QB, DE, or DL.

                          I know this to be a fact. How do I know? Because a few people are saying Bulger sucks, Long is a bust, and Carriker is a bust. Since those few people seem to know what's best for the Rams, I am sure Devaney has listened to those people and already has his mind made up.;)

                          Seriously, I think we will go WR or CB.


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                            Re: what position do we go first round?

                            I say we take a DT. As we all know, the teams that have some of the best defenses are based upon a large and dominating force in the middle (Williams in Minnesota, Wilfork in NE, Hampton in Pittsburg). Spags comes from a team where the defensive line was the focal point. He knows what a quality defensive line can not only do for a defense but for a team. He's going to try to set up his own version of giants here. I see us targeting Ndamukong Suh or Terrence Cody.


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                              Re: what position do we go first round?

                              I was of the the thought of DT up until this last game and then once again I noticed the defense started to get tired because the offense wasn't staying on the field long enough.

                              It hit me it doesn't matter who we sign on the defensive side of the ball if we can't control the clock more on offense we will continue to struggle.

                              I think Spags can train up on the D better than we can on the O so I think we need to go...

                              1) QB
                              2) WR
                              3) RT
                              4) RB to help Jackson

                              Yes I'm crazy to think we will go all O in the 1st four but we have got to get that side of the ball going or we can add 3 more JL's and they will all be tired by the 4th quarter.


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                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Prelimary Draft Blueprint
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Presuming no major FA signings...

                                Round 1: OT
                                The Rams need a top OT to anchor the line for the next several years. Barron's future is going to be either as an OG or as a player on another team. Michael Crabtree, if available, would be tempting, but with no O line, he won't be able to do much to help the Rams.

                                Round 2: LB or C (BPA)
                                The Rams need a center, and will have to fill this need with a quality player, but LB is also a top need (particularly if the Rams start thinking of a 3-4). I'd go with BPA between those two positions.

                                Round 3: LB/C or QB (BPA)
                                Whichever position is not selected in Round 2 should be considered if quality is there. Another consideration will be QB, as the Rams need to start developing a future starter, and this draft should have a lot of mid-grade prospects.

                                Round 4: QB/C/LB or SS
                                Whichever need has no been filled should be the priority, unless there is a compelling value at SS.

                                Round 5: SS or RB (BPA)
                                SS is the priority, but if there is a potential change-of-pace/spot starter RB on the board, this would also be a consideration.

                                Round 6/7: RB, NT, OL
                                Looking for depth at this point.
                                -11-04-2008, 08:11 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                If the draft was today, what positions would you target in the first round?
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Right now, the Rams hold the 6th and 10th picks in the draft.

                                There are a number of potential needs, though some may not be dire enough to merit the use of a first round pick.

                                Running Back
                                Wide Receiver
                                Tight End
                                Offensive Tackle
                                Center/Offensive Guard
                                Defensive End
                                Defensive Tackle
                                Best Player Available
                                -10-23-2013, 07:24 AM
                              • general counsel
                                would you pick broehm in round 2?
                                by general counsel
                                Mel Kipper has brian broehm out of the first round. Should the rams use a #2 pick to take him?

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -02-15-2008, 01:27 PM
                              • richtree
                                Rams Round 2 --- Pick #47 --- What the Rams CANNOT do....
                                by richtree
                                Ok, so Robert Quinn the big, DE from UNC is now a Ram. This should make everyone happy for many reasons. He is the athletic, rusher that makes Spags system great. We needed a youthful burst from this side of the ball and him, Long, and Selvie will make us happy for the next 5 years.

                                NOW ON TO ROUND 2, AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

                                #1 We cannot take Offensive Guard here. We took Saffold here last year to protect our investment in Bradford. We also have money tied up in the Oline. A run blocking specialized guard can often be found in the later rounds of the draft.

                                #2 We should only take a DT if he is the absolute perfect fit and the guy we want. This is a position that we can plug in vets for another year and maybe find another guy in Free Agency or in the later rounds. It doesn't make sense to pay Round 2 money (possible last year's contract rules) for a guy that will play limited snaps as a rookie.
                                We have bookend DE's and need to get athletes on the field.

                                #3 Avoid Kyle Rudolph at all costs. If he was that good he would have went already. In a weak TE class, we could wait for DJ Williams or Housler in the next round. McDaniel doesn't favor TE's and we already have 2 young guys with potential. There are plenty of TE's that will be available to block for our vertical attack later in the draft or in Free Agency.

                                #4 Focus on intimidate needs to help get us to playoffs this season. It's obvious we may start slow with a new OC and lots of young guys, but come week 16 we cannot have a bad loss to the Seahawks because of our inability to open up the offense.

                                #5 Get an immediate need at an athletic position. They are:

                                WR, RB#2, OLB, SS, FS

                                Obviously, if we are lucky to have Hankerson, T.Smith, A.Ayers there we should go with one of these guys.

                                But if not lets pass on Justin Houston for a Guard like Wil Rackley because he is rated higher....

                                I truly believe that Round 2, 3, and 4 will have a great impact on the Rams this season.
                                WR, RB#2, OLB, SS, FS <---- These five needs should make up 3 or the next 4 picks...

                                Guys like Jacquizz Rodgers, Greg Little, and any Safety we want will all be there later....lets get athletes all over the field and create a buzz for the future and more free agent guards and Dt's will come play ....
                                -04-29-2011, 08:38 AM
                              • Bar-bq
                                Round 2: Bang for your buck?
                                by Bar-bq
                                It appears concensus that the Rams will try to fill one of two holes with their first round pick. Those are offensive line (via Jake Long) or defensive end (Via Chris Long or Vernon Gholston). I've been pondering strategy for round two since the release of Isaac Bruce, and the apparent release of Brandon Chillar, and what's occured to me is this.

                                We will still have three significant areas of need at pick number 33. They are SLB, WR and either OT/DE. Kinda obvious, huh?

                                But where it gets complicated is finding "bang for your buck". That is, a player who fills a need with value that co-incides with where you're picking. And it appears we may be spoilt for choice.

                                So my question is this; depending on how we choose in round 1, where do your priorities lay in round 2? That is, in order, what positions do you want drafted according to who is projected to be available?

                                If we choose OT, we still have a glaring need at DE, which has to skyrocket to the top of the round 2 priority list, IMO. We could still find a decent player available then and there with a guy like Ellis, Groves, or Jackson. Then you have to look at the strong likelihood that there's a solid wideout avialable, and our lack of depth in the slot. A guy like Tavares Gooden has been mentioned a bit as a candidate in the Pro Day thread, and he could find himself a candidate to replace Chillar here, too- though Devaney has reported to be high on Culberson.

                                However, if CL or Vernon Gholston ends up a Ram, then you have a whole new ballgame to play. The wealth available at WR may be the best option, but it's neck and neck with insurace at OT, IMO. Again, Gooden remains a posibility.

                                So my positional big board for round 2, as of today, looks like this, depending on the player we draft in round 1.

                                If we draft OT, in round 1, my preference is as follows.


                                If we look at DE in round 1....


                                Your thoughts?
                                -03-06-2008, 11:16 PM