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The Rams Draft Position?

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  • The Rams Draft Position?

    Im seeing it very often that the Rams are in the top 3 in many mock drafts from other sites. Also here on clanram i hear stuff like "we will draft in the top 5" that's understandable with the Rams 1-7 start and all the talent issues.

    But unlike KC no Ram player has publicly called out our head coach. None have called our Shurmur yet either. Spags is also sticking with Bulger eventhough we the fans may not like it; it seems like spags is not labeling this a failed season yet by starting Kieth Null or giveing Kyle Boller another shot. So it seems like the player have bought into spags and Shurmur is learning on the job. So i wouldn't be surprised if we finish the season at 5-3 and go 6-10 the rest of the way. WE HAVE 5 WINNABLE GAMES!!

    We play the Saints hard everytime so i would be happy if we win this week but that is not the winnable game im talking about.

    We play The Cards at home week 11 and our pass D is not as bad as advertised. Yea they have Larrry Fitz but have S-Jax who can rip though there D.

    Then we face the Sea Hawks at home and should show the improvements we made since week 1. We were 1 man away from haveing momentum in that game (12 men on field flag)

    Then we play back-2-back road games in Chicago then Tennessee. We have played pretty well of late on the Road vs. the Jags and Lions and the Jags are not a horrible team. Chicago is a winnable game i expect Chris long to get a couple sacks on Orlando Pace. However not sure if titans are a winnable game because we dont have the speed to stop Chris Johnson.

    I think we should beat the Texans at home cuz S-Jax can be a beast vs. the that D. And there running is not that good.

    Oh an we can beat the 9ers and spoil ther playoff hopes last game.

    Last only the Packers were 6-10 and they drafted at #9

    So what do you guys think? Is it fair to assume that we are destined for a top 3 pick? Or a top 5 pick?

    Have you seen some improvements that leads you to believe we can win some more games? Since there isn't turmoil in our locker room do you think we are better than KC, Oakland, Cleveland, Washington? Do you think we are showing better improvements than the other teams like Detroit and Tampa Bay?

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    Re: The Rams Draft Position?

    I think, Kc, Oakland, Washington, Cleveland all play at least one of those teams. so 3 out of 4 of those teams are guaranteed 2 or more wins. Our easiest games are against the Titans and Seahawks and we also have a bunch of divsional games. We have a tougher back end than alot of those teams, so we will have to wait and see. The main competition for a QB is going to be against Cleveland and Washington unless Brady Quinn does something miraculous.