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Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

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  • Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

    Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

    by Carlos Osorio - AP
    The St. Louis Rams would like to see safety Oshiomogho Atowgwe in their future.

    If there is a salary cap in 2010, the Rams will be approximately 35m under the salary, which would be the third most room under the cap in the NFL. There has been some pain this year, but the salary cap should not be the driving force behind any personnel decisions moving forward. This year, we were forced to create a dollar of salary cap room for every dollar of salary cap room spent. That meant making difficult decisions with some talented players, but we made the decisions that we thought were best for the long-term future of this organization.

    Though I don't believe there will be a cap, having $35 million worth of space under the cap is great news. It means that the Rams can really make some strides to fill the big holes on the roster, without having to choose between one position at the expense of the other in the draft. Of course, if it is an upcapped year that means...

    However, if 2010 is uncapped, there will be a limited free agent pool consisting of players with 6 years or more of experience. That will make it harder to sign young, talented players in free agency, the type of player every team wants in free agency. As a result, in an uncapped year, the draft will be paramount, which is one of the reasons we are trying to stockpile picks in the 2010 draft.

    I don't know what his definition of stockpiling is, but so far the Rams have added a 5th round pick from the Eagles in the Witherspoon trade and a 7th round pick from the Falcons in the Tye Hill trade. Those could be packaged to move up in other rounds, of course. I don't know that they'll have much in the way of compensatory picks, since they really didn't lose many free agents of note.

    Which players are up for free agency this year? It depends on the cap situation. Here's the list from Demoff:

    ...eight players...[that] would normally be Unrestricted Free Agents in 2010 who will be Restricted Free Agents in 2010 if there is no salary cap. Those players are as follows: Victor Adeyanju, OJ Atogwe, Alex Barron, Samkon Gado, Gary Gibson, Richie Incognito, Ruvell Martin, Mark Setterstrom. We would have the right to "tender" all of those players as RFA's. There are 6 players who will be UFA's no matter what the cap situation is: Kyle Boller, James Hall, Paris Lenon, Leonard Little, Chris Massey, Randy McMichael.

    We'll talk plenty more about these guys down the road. For now, I'd say you can count on the Rams making an effort to hang onto Atogwe, Gibson, Incognito, Setterstrom, and some combination of Hall and Little. Those last two guys will surely be considering retirement, though they could still be useful as part timers.

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    Re: Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

    The implications of an uncapped year are still mind boggling to me. Hopefully everything will work out with it, because the upcoming offseason will obvioulsly help to make (not break) this young developing team.


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      Re: Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

      Originally posted by Warner4prez View Post
      The implications of an uncapped year are still mind boggling to me. Hopefully everything will work out with it, because the upcoming offseason will obvioulsly help to make (not break) this young developing team.
      Yeah, you think they'd know by now.

      Also, if the Rams overpay for OJ, I'll go on a ranting spree and go insane. It's the worst possible decision they could make.


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        Re: Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

        Uncapped year would be really bad news considering how much more money we would have than most of the league. Also our options adding new young talent would be severly limited.

        keep your fingers crossed for a capped, because with the player restrictions we would be looking at Al and Jerry Steinbrenner.


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          Re: Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

          When is the deadline for all of this stuff? When will we know?
          Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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            Re: Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

            ive been wondering for a while what would be the best for us regarding an uncapped or capped season...this article seems to have cleared up that it would be best for us if it went capped.

            ive been Pro-cap since the get-go..but most of that has been based on what would happen once the cap was brought back in..and the fact that we would likely be herrings amongst sharks in the FA feeding frenzy,only being able to pick up the scraps once every other fish has eaten. with this article i am even more Pro-cap..having a capped year would really speed up our rebuilding growth, going un-capped would stunt that growth


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              Re: Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

              JMO but if 2010 is an uncapped year, the Rams screwed up by making their salary cap purge in 2009. I believe the NFL and players will come to a basic salary cap agreement for one season. NFL teams don't want it I'm sure and I seriously doubt the players would be in favor of it for a variety of reasons. Example, Barron and Incognito aren't free agents when they should otherwise be. Those guys would be royally ticked off. Plus how do teams sign contracts when they don't know what the cap situation will be in 2011? You can't go spend $160 million and then be forced back down to $130 million the next year without there being significant rules and potential for violations. Also, can you imagine all the older veterans that would be cut if there are no ramifications?

              Lastly, without a salary cap, the Rams could just save the $35 million and not spend it. With a salary cap they are required to spend most of it because teams are required to meet a minimum salary figure. If two teams have more than the Rams, I gotta believe the players would be more rewarded with a cap versus the excess spending by a few teams if there is no cap.


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                Re: Rams VP Kevin Demoff covers the cap, free agency

                Agree with wondering where our draft "stockpile" is.

                Really great news, seeing that we'll be so far under the cap next year. What a quick turnaround.


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                  Ok, I understand we have a 9 million dollar cap salary...

                  With that what are we able to do? We have to resign our players, we must sign our draft picks and maybe even a free agent.

                  What are our restrictions and what can we do with this much money? I'm not sure if we can do TOO much with this kind of salary.

                  Anyone have input on this?
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                  Anyone know?
                  by Guest
                  1. Approximate cap dollars for Free Agents this coming off-season? (I realize the cap figure has not been set)

                  2. Ways we might try to free up cap space?

                  3. What free agents might we go after?

                  I know this is rather early but I am sure the organizations are thinking about what needs to be upgraded and how to go about it as they evaluate the players the rest of the way out.
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                  Cap Questions
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                  I end up asking a bunch of questions about the cap every year, but this year it's different. We need space - and a lot of it.

                  1. I've heard $8 million, $14 million, and everything in between. Since I can't seem to find any official amount, exactly where are we?

                  2. What is the date we MUST be at or below the cap?

                  3. It may sound stupid, but... What will happen if we aren't under the cap?

                  4. If I remember correctly, it's only the top 52 who count against the cap. How many of those are likely to be gone before camp, and about how much space will that give us?
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                • eldfan
                  No-cap year would hurt the Rams
                  by eldfan
                  No-cap year would hurt the Rams

                  New York Jets running back Leon Washington, left, and San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. (File photos/AP)By Jim Thomas
                  ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                  Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations, said there were times during the 2009 season when he would look at the team's salary cap sheet, "and we had about $2,000 of room."

                  That was with a salary cap of nearly $128 million. But with the blessing of team ownership, the Rams decided to jettison several high-priced veterans, some who were aging and some who were under-performing.

                  As a result, the team led the NFL in "dead money" money that counts against the cap for players no longer on the team. The dead money soaked up much of the team's cap space. But the payoff would come this year, with the dead money cleared from the books, giving the Rams sufficient money to re-sign their own players or go out and sign other teams' free agents.

                  That strategy was implemented under the premise of a salary cap in 2010. But unless there's an extension of the current collective bargaining agreement between the players and the club owners, this league year will be uncapped. The new league year beginning with the opening of the free-agency trading period starts March 5.

                  The thought of no salary cap brings visions of free spending and players changing teams in record numbers. As it turns out, an uncapped year is not nearly as enticing because of accompanying provisions that kick in if there's no extension of the labor agreement by March 5.


                  Players with expired contracts are eligible for unrestricted free agency only if they have six years (or more) of experience instead of the usual four years. Under this scenario, players with four or five years of experience would revert to restricted free agency status.

                  Each team would be allowed an additional "tag" further limiting player movement. Currently, teams can use one franchise tag (or transition tag) on a player per offseason. If it's an uncapped year, teams can designate one additional player with a transition tag. ShopSTL Marketplace

                  Additional restrictions apply to the eight teams that reached the conference playoff semifinals this season. Those don't apply to the 1-15 Rams.

                  But the impact of the first two provisions, particularly the six-year free agency requirement, hits the Rams where it hurts.

                  "It limits the player pool," Demoff said. "It's going to be a challenging dynamic for all teams on how you get better, how you compete for players, and where you find the players that make your team better. Especially if you're a team that's still rebuilding."

                  Such as the Rams.

                  "I think everybody...
                  -01-22-2010, 01:32 PM