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  • Scenario:

    Suh in the first, and if Colt McCoy is there in the 2nd round, do we take him?

    Why/Why not?
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Scenario:

    You'd have to strongly consider it. The financial obligations are lowered drastically, and there's less pressure on him to come in and immediately make an impact.

    You also have to consider the value at this pick in the second round, which would be very good for a potential franchise QB.

    I think if this situation arises, Spags and Devaney take a long look at him.


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      Re: Scenario:

      I really don't like the middle of this QB class. I like Bradford Claussen at the top, but they guys in the middle don't really jump out to me at all. I love Suh and I think the Rams would love to have him, but D-line is the deepest part of this draft and QB is extremely top heavy thats my only problem with this scenario.


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        Re: Scenario:

        If the situation arises yes. I dont like taking McCoy in the first, to much money for a spread offense qb imo. But if we can knab him in the second, you cant really ignore the talent he has even if it is based in spread. We take him and sit him till our bye week like the bucs did freeman.


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          Re: Scenario:

          Originally posted by 39thebeast View Post
          I really don't like the middle of this QB class. I like Bradford Claussen at the top, but they guys in the middle don't really jump out to me at all. I love Suh and I think the Rams would love to have him, but D-line is the deepest part of this draft and QB is extremely top heavy thats my only problem with this scenario.

          I feel that's the point-- the Dline top end class is better than the QB top end class.

          I havent been sold on Bradford (too much talent around him that makes him look good) or Clausen (1 decent year at ND). We jsut need a game manager ATM for QB as we have the running game. We really need a profound, impact run stopper and a superior WR.


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          • eldfan
            Ndamukong Suh Will Go #1 That Doesn't Mean Rams Won't Get a Qb
            by eldfan
            by Jonathan Maurer Jonathan MaurerContributor

            Contributor Written on February 08, 2010

            The Rams have the #1 pick in the draft which comes as no surprise to a lot of people. It is pretty clear that the Rams are not gonna pass up on a monster like Ndamukong Suh. But that does not mean that they can't find a franchise QB in the draft. Why? Think about it! Joe Montana went in the 3rd round and won 4 Superbowl's with the *****, Brett Favre went in the 2nd round, Drew Brees who won the Superbowl yesterday was drafted in the second round, Tom Brady went in the 6th round!

            I think the future franchise QB for the Rams is Colt McCoy. I actually think Colt McCoy is the next Joe Montana (no joke). Joe Montana came from a famous school in Notre Dame but wasn't really looked at as your prototypical NFL quarterback. But he was still an accurate passer and he was a winner. That is what I see what with Colt McCoy which is an accurate passer and a winner. People doubt him because of his arm but those same people doubted Drew Brees and he won a Superbowl MVP yesterday.

            If the Rams do draft Colt McCoy he might not contribute right away. So the Rams should sign Marc Bulger to a two year deal that way Colt Mccoy can develop more. I know there are going to be some that will disagree with me (or a lot who will). But I will stick by my statement until proven wrong. Colt McCoy is the next Joe Montana!
            -02-09-2010, 01:23 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            If the Rams stay at pick #1, there are really only 4 candidates.
            by AvengerRam_old
            If the Rams don't trade down from the first pick in the draft, their choice really comes down to four players.

            The Frontrunner: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
            I call Suh the frontrunner because he is the player that most people consider the best prospect in the draft. While I obviously don't have any inside information from the Rams, I certainly can see a coach like Steve Spagnuolo, who built a champion defense on the strength of the D line, favoring Suh.

            The Dark-Horse Candidate: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
            While he is currently overshadowed by Suh, he is still considered a top 3-5 pick. If Suh slides during the evaluation period, while McCoy shines, he could rise to the top.

            The Cult Favorite: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
            Those who like Clausen really like him. In my opinion, his size is potentially an issue, and I'll be curious how he is reported as comporting himself in interviews. That said... QBs can rise quickly in the eyes of scouts, coaches and personnel guys. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

            The Forgotten Candidate: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
            Bradford may have been the first pick in the 2009 draft had he come out. Now he stands as the poster child for those who advocate early departures from college. Still, if he passes all the tests he'll be put through in the next few months, teams could fall in love again with his 2008 game tapes.

            There are other top prospects who I really don't think the Rams would take No. 1 overall. I have Derrick Morgan rated #2 on my draft board, but I really don't see the Rams passing on Suh (or McCoy) to take him. Eric Berry and Joe Haden are A list DBs who will both go in the top 10 selections, but again, not to the Rams at No. 1. The Rams may like C.J. Spiller (as do I), but they can't afford to take a RB at No. 1 unless they trade Jackson, which isn't likely to happen. Finally, Dez Bryant, though a top WR prospect, does not appear to be a guy who would go that high.

            So, in my book... its one of these four players or a trade down (which I don't expect to happen).

            Anyone think there are more than four candidates?
            -01-18-2010, 03:45 PM
          • eldfan
            QB or no QB? In draft, Rams in search of new face for franchise
            by eldfan
            By Jim Corbett, USA TODAY

            INDIANAPOLIS The St. Louis Rams own the first overall pick and a likely draft-day quarterback quandary.
            The consensus best prospects among evaluators of this draft class are defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska and Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma.

            But if healthy, former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is considered the top quarterback and the 1-15 Rams are a franchise without a face.

            They seem set on moving on from the battered and beaten-up Marc Bulger and are in desperate need of a long-term answer at quarterback to energize their fan base.

            FROM THE COMBINE: Top prospect Dez Bryant won't work out
            DRAFT ORDER: How teams will select in the first round

            On Thursday, ESPN's Adam Schefter guaranteed on-air that the Rams will select Bradford first overall in the April 22-24 draft.

            One problem. Bradford, who is rehabilitating his throwing shoulder following Oct. 28 AC joint reconstructive surgery, won't throw for teams until his March 25 personal pro day in Norman, Okla.

            Only then will teams have a better idea about the status of the shoulder of the top-rated quarterback prospect.

            PHOTOS: NFL scouting combine

            "That took a lot of pressure off us right away when Dr. Schefter cleared him medically," Rams general manager Billy Devaney cracked Friday. "We feel really good about the health status of Sam Bradford now with Dr. Schefter giving him a clean bill of health and guaranteeing our pick. So we're on to the second round right now."

            Devaney did concede the team is considering Suh, McCoy, Bradford and Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen. "I think we pretty much know who the potential candidates are," he said.

            He also conceded the organization is still mulling which position can help the team most.

            "Sure," he said. "When you're 1-15, there's a lot of different directions you can go and we're still trying to figure that out. There are four guys that will be given consideration. But we have to be prepared for anything (a trade down).

            "Those four guys, we like everything about them so far."

            The Rams have taken a defensive linemen near the top of the draft in two of the last three years, with defensive tackle Adam Carriker (2007) and defensive end Chris Long (2008).

            No team has called yet with any offers for the top pick. What's more, the Rams have not talked to the Philadelphia Eagles about quarterback Michael Vick.

            "I can tell you this, we have not talked to Philadelphia about any of their players," Devaney said.

            Devaney did insist: The Rams can't overdraft for position.

            "If it gets down to we think the defensive tackles, these two kids, are far and away...
            -03-01-2010, 12:36 PM
          • RamFan_Til_I_Die
            Why Draft "Experts" Annoy Me
            by RamFan_Til_I_Die
            I can't be the only one that gets annoyed by all these so called draft "experts" that change there mind like r8rh8rmike changes his underwear...about once a week. I'm going to use SI's main mock "expert" as an example. Not becuase he's the best, but because his past mocks are easy to find. H3e's just an example of what annoys me.

            Don Banks 2010 NFL Mock Drafts thusfar:

            Suh is a rock solid concensus as the surest thing. Sounds great, right?

            So roughly a month later, the day before the DT's do anything at the combine, the rock solid concensus is now split 50/50 and McCoy is our choice. Um ok. Nothing changed so why did his opinion?

            So because of one quote from Devaney, who is only making picks to save his job, we're now taking a QB in Stafford. Yeah ok, whatever you say Donny boy.

            Again implying they'll pick to stay employed rather than to make the pick that helps the team the most, while also covering his backside in case they don't pick Bradford. Pretty typical "expert" BS.

            Bradford had a good pro day so now it's a sure thing. OK now at this point I can see someone switching to Bradford as a possibility, but before no way. It just makes no sense. But even still what happened to Suh the "rock solid concensus as the surest thing.?"

            WOW. We sure did a 180 in two and a half months didn't we. First Suh is the "rock solid concensus as the surest thing" and now to take anyone but Bradford is "the kind of stunning turn of events we haven't seen in years."

            This is just one example of what annoys me about these "experts." McShay has flopped from Suh to Bradford also, while Kiper has flipped from Suh being "the most dominating defensive tackle I've seen in 32 years of doing this." to Clausen. It seems like they build up and exaggerate the plus side of whoever they want. For the longest time all we heard was Suh is a lock to go #1 to the Rams, and now it's a QB. Yes I know Blger is now gone, but these guys flopped to QBs while he was still here. Is it anything more than hype and these draft guys feeding off of each other that made Suh go from the guaranteed pick to now being the #2 DT behind McCoy in many people's eyes? I just don't get it. These guys annoy the crap out of me....
            -04-17-2010, 09:26 PM
          • Nick
            Question: Is there a scenario where the Rams take a QB first overall?
            by Nick
            Let me preface this by saying that I was thinking about the Rams’ options with their first round pick, and as I continued to think about the possibilities, a thought occurred to me. I don’t know if it’s a good thought, I don’t know if it’s an accurate thought. I’m not even sure I completely agree with it myself. But it’s something that crossed my mind that I wanted to get some input on.

            Here’s the question: Is there a scenario in which the Rams take a quarterback with the first overall pick in this draft?

            To some, the answer is no way – Suh is the pick the whole way. To others, the answer is absolutely – if the Rams think Clausen or Bradford are franchise-caliber quarterbacks, they should take them without question. So obviously there’s a scenario where it could happen, right?

            Anything’s possible in the draft, so the Rams certainly could take a quarterback with the first overall pick. But consider this - Ndamukong Suh is highly regarded around the league. More than anyone else, he’s viewed as the best overall prospect in this class. In talks with NFL front office personnel, Peter King reported that many felt Suh was the best defensive prospect to come out in quite some time. Some have gone so far as to compare him to Reggie White.

            That’s lofty praise, and it’s the kind of praise that makes you believe teams will be willing to trade up to the first overall pick when normally such talk would be pretty ridiculous. The team that some Rams fans have their eyes on is Tampa Bay. As trading partners, the Bucs make sense for a couple of reasons.

            One, the main reason trading down is so hard is because it takes two teams to pull it off. But Tampa looks like an ideal partner. Picking third in the draft, Tampa is desperate for help at the DT position. And it’s very likely that they could miss out on both of the top tackles, if the Rams select Suh and the Detroit Lions select Oklahoma lineman Gerald McCoy. Now, this appears to be a rather deep class at the defensive tackle position. The Buccaneers are also a team trying to rebuild themselves into a contender, so they’re not going to mortgage the stadium in order to move up and take Suh. But I have little doubt that they’d be interested in trading something in order to move up and take such a highly regarded player.

            Two, and more importantly to the Rams, neither the Buccaneers nor the Lions will have any interest in drafting a quarterback with their first pick. Both took quarterbacks in the first round of last year’s draft, so they’re set at the position. If the Rams are determined to select either Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen or Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford as their first round pick, they can afford to swap picks with Tampa Bay and will in all likelihood still have their choice of quarterbacks at that spot. Moving down further than third jeopardizes...
            -01-19-2010, 04:50 PM