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Real Speculation Begins on Clausen...

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  • Real Speculation Begins on Clausen...

    Per *Rumor Central*

    For over a week, we've been speculating on which NFL team would draft Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen if he went pro. Take the "if" out of that equation now, because's Joe Schad is reporting that Clausen will declare for the draft. So was he pushed in that direction by some unruly fans? We got word from's Joe Schad on Tuesday that Clausen was decked in the face by a surly Notre Dame fan on Sunday morning. It certainly didn't help keep him in school.

    Clausen is one of the more intriguing names on Mel Kiper Jr.'s Big Board, and some analysts think he could be the first QB drafted this April.

    Here was Kiper last week on the teams that might be interested in the gunslinger:

    Mel's take-

    "Leaving all the coaching chatter aside, which could obviously affect his decision, Clausen could certainly be the top quarterback taken. I think he's certainly capable of going in the top 10 or 12, and remember, St. Louis might want a quarterback, Washington might want a quarterback, we're not sure if Oakland will draft one, but they're another team with a problem at the position. The struggles at Notre Dame you can't put on Clausen. He's been battered, particularly early on. But he can play the position and personnel people know it. Comparing him and [UW's Jake] Locker, for instance, Clausen is far more refined at this stage."


    The reason I posted this was because of that one sentence in Mel's quote about personnel people. It'll certainly be interesting to see what we do in the upcoming draft.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Real Speculation Begins on Clausen...

    The majority is saying Suh right now and that's fine, but come the off season alot more people will be riding in the back of my Jimmy Claussen bandwagon.


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      Re: Real Speculation Begins on Clausen...

      Originally posted by Mel Kiper Jr.
      "Comparing him and [UW's Jake] Locker, for instance, Clausen is far more refined at this stage."
      It's interesting in that this isn't the first place I've seen this comment. To an extent, it kind of reminds me of the Eugene Monroe/Jason Smith debate from last year. Do you go with the guy who is more prepared to step in on Day One and play, or do you go with the guy who has more athletic skill and a higher ceiling? Should make for an interesting offseason, if both come out.


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      • shower beers
        Jimmy Clausen the best NFL-ready junior quarterback in league history
        by shower beers
        ***DISCLAIMER: The following article is an article independent of shower_beers. The opinions expressed in this article are of another party, and in no way endorses this opinion as his own ***

        Here's something juicy to hold everyone over until draft time.


        This is Matt McGuire's NFL Draft blog, where he'll talk about the NFL Draft, anything that has to do with football and whatever else is on his mind.
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        Posted Dec. 29, 2009

        Junior Quarterbacks - Jimmy Clausen

        I bet you never thought in the past month that Notre Dame junior quarterback Jimmy Clausen is one of the most underappreciated quarterback prospects in the history of the NFL Draft. But after reading this blog entry, you just might change your mind.

        First, I am going to tell you why you might not like Clausen, and let's be real here, there is a lot of bias against him. Some criticism is warranted, but a lot isn't.

        Notre Dame is the most hated football program in America, period. They are the Duke of the gridiron. Automatically, you hate Clausen because he went to Notre Dame, just like you hated J.J. Reddick because he went to Duke. If you want to make an analysis as objective and professional as possible, then you need to cut the crap and get over the Notre Dame hate if you have it - and a lot of that is out there. Think about it: if you put Sanchez on Notre Dame and Jimmy Clausen at USC, then Sanchez is the hated prospect and Clausen is the beloved underclassman.

        Maybe you don't like Clausen because of the blond, spiky hair, or the limo appearance he had when he was a senior in high school to declare for Notre Dame. These aren't "low profile" characteristics and automatically, you might have disliked him.

        For whatever reasons you're down on Clausen, please put them in the back seat and have an open mind when reading this blog entry.

        Clausen just amassed one of the most impressive junior seasons among pro-style quarterbacks in the past 10-20 years.

        Let's remember that Clausen had a very bad offensive line this year for Notre Dame. Sure, he had good weapons, but the running game was poor and receivers Michael Floyd and Kyle Rudolph missed significant action (eight games missed total between them).

        When Floyd went out, Clausen stepped up. With a bum turf toe, he didn't play at all in the second half and led the team to a game-winning drive to beat Purdue. The following week, he posted 422 passing yards against Washington. Over the next three games (USC, Boston College, Washinton State), Clausen threw for 774 yards, six touchdowns and zero interceptions....
        -03-08-2010, 08:19 AM
      • AvengerRam_old
        The more Jimmy Clausen film I watch...
        by AvengerRam_old
        ... the more impressed I am with Golden Tate.

        Its almost shocking how often Clausen heaved the ball from his back foot only to be bailed out by Tate. Those kind of throws won't work in the NFL on a consistent basis.

        If the Rams took Suh in the first round and Clausen somehow fell to #33, I would consider taking a shot on him. Otherwise... not interested.
        -03-16-2010, 10:51 AM
      • shroomysoup
        Todd McShay hates Jimmy Clausen
        by shroomysoup
        Saw this on Sportscenter. McShay vs. Kiper debating on where Clausen will get drafted. Kiper was praising Clausen, saying he is #4 on the big board and could go #1 overall.

        McShay tells Kiper that he would not pick Clausen in the 1st round. He was good in Weis' system, but he doesn't have the arm strength to make the throws downfield. He says that Clausen isn't a good teammate and that no one on the team is going to miss him when he goes to the NFL. He just doesn't have the intangibles to become a good NFL QB.
        -12-10-2009, 12:02 PM
      • flying t-bird
        Rams should draft Jimmy Clausen asap!!!!
        by flying t-bird
        jimmy clauson is an awful quaterback and i dont believe he will ever start a nfl game
        -06-14-2009, 06:45 PM
      • shower beers
        Clausen to enter draft
        by shower beers
        I'm sure this excites a lot of you here...

        per ESPN:

        Jimmy Clausen enrolled at Notre Dame to learn about the NFL. Looks like he's learned enough.
        Following the advice of deposed Irish coach Charlie Weis, Clausen has decided to forgo his senior season and enter this April's draft. Rated as perhaps the top quarterback in this year's class, he is believed to be coveted by St. Louis, Cleveland and Washington -- three teams that will conceivably pick in the top 5.

        Coach Weis told me whether he was going to be here or not be here, it was time for me to go. He thought I've improved so much since I came to Notre Dame. So, I'm taking his advice, and I'm going to head out.
        -- Jimmy Clausen
        "After the season, in talking to my parents and obviously Coach Weis, I just feel it's the right time,'' Clausen told on Monday before a scheduled 2 p.m. ET news conference in South Bend. "Coach Weis told me whether he was going to be here or not be here, it was time for me to go. He thought I've improved so much since I came to Notre Dame. So, I'm taking his advice, and I'm going to head out.''

        The consensus No 1 high school recruit in the country three years ago, Clausen chose Notre Dame over USC solely because of Weis' NFL pedigree. Weis -- who tutored both Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe in New England -- assured Clausen he would prepare him best for the pro game, and Clausen rewarded the coach with a spectacular junior season.

        He completed 68 percent of his passes, and threw 28 touchdowns with only four interceptions -- three of which were tipped. Weis has told NFL scouts that Clausen "didn't miss a read all year," and particularly raved about his accuracy and personal growth.

        As a freshman, coming off of elbow surgery, Clausen weighed only 190 pounds and played behind a porous offensive line. He was vilified during that year's 3-9 season, but bounced back as a sophomore to lead Notre Dame to its first bowl victory since 1994 (over Hawaii). In the offseason before his junior year, he invited several Irish receivers to his home in Westlake Village, Calif., and the bonding experience paid off. He was picked as a team captain, and ended up throwing 24 of his touchdowns to wide receivers Golden Tate and Michael Floyd.

        The Irish slumped to a 6-6 finish, and Clausen was sucker-punched by a fan outside of a South Bend bar after a devastating overtime loss to Connecticut. But six days later, he threw for 340 yards and five touchdowns at Stanford, and his ability to persevere is why several general managers, who have requested anonymity, believe he is the most NFL-ready quarterback in this year's draft. They say he's already mastered an NFL offense, has already been subjected to a leaky offensive line and has already been part of a rebuilding process. They like that he played his entire college career...
        -12-07-2009, 08:24 AM