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    So it's time to talk about the single most controversial player on this team. Richie Icognito. Those who love Richie, love his fire and strength and aggressiveness. Those who hate him, hate how he can be stupid and thick headed and make stupid penalties. We all hoped that Spags could change that. And I must say, I think he has. As far as I can tell, he hasn't been called for a lot of penalties. He was playing well on the offensive line and everyone was gelling. When he went down, the offensive line play started to go down as well. Maybe there is a connection there, maybe there isn't.

    I would love for him to get a new contract and be playing for us in the future. The thought of a Brown-Icognito-run mauling offensive tackle gives me goosebumps.

    If someone had data that proved me otherwise, I would love to see it. I can only base my statement on the games that I have watched.

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    Re: Offensive Guard

    I like what richie adds to the line and I think if we keep that interior line group together they will just keep getting better. I don't think he will cost that much. Continuity is verry important on a line and keeping a group with at least Smith, Bell, Brown, and Cogs and mmaybe Goldberg will help alot. The one problem with Cogs is he hurts the continuity every year because he has never played 16 games. That hurts, but I think we have built enough depth to cope.


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      Re: Offensive Guard

      I don't know. We'll see. The run-duo of Brown-Incognito isn't bad, but when you add in Bell in there, it makes it a bit worse. IMO, Bell does a nice job of pass protecting, but against the run, he makes the occasional good play, and then consistently afterwards gets no push whatsoever due to his smaller frame.

      If I was going to get a new guard, I would get one of the bigger specimens in this year's draft to rotate in and out with Bell, like:

      Mike Iupati -Idaho (6'5, 335lbs.)

      Brandon Carter -Texas Tech (6'7, 355lbs.)

      John Jerry -Ole Miss (6'5, 350lbs.)


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      • 39thebeast
        Our guards Stink
        by 39thebeast
        Jacob Bell, and Richie Incognito are horrible. If there is such thing as a guard basher I am one. They both got no push in the run game and had crucial penalties especially that idiot cogs. Bell has shown 30 million dollars of nothing, Cogs has been a problem child from day 1 an will continue to be. We need to change things up asap. Cogs is lucky Greco is injured. I really think we would be better off with Setterstrom would be an upgrade somewhere in the interior. You could even put Goldberg in there somewhere in there.
        -09-13-2009, 09:27 PM
      • Dr. Defense
        Offensive Linemen Next Year
        by Dr. Defense
        So with yesterdays events (Richie leaving town, Bell to IR) coupled with our tackle issues, I think we aren't in that great of a position going into this draft anymore. I think we are in a lot of trouble right now. As it stands, the only real solidified position on this line is Center. Here is who we have right now from linemen other then Jason Brown. Alex Barron, Adam Goldberg, Mark Setterstrom, John Greco, Jason Bell, Ryan McKee, Eric Young, Phil Trautwein, Rodger Allen III, Jason Smith.

        That doesn't look like a good list to me. I have never heard of McKee, Young, Trautwein, Allen III. We don't know what's going on with Smith. He can't get over this concussion and their are reports saying that the Rams are going to put him on IR. Barron is in the last year of his contract, which should excite us. But with all the holes on this team, we might have to keep him. I could see us franchising him for a year to buy some time. Then you have Goldberg who is a journeyman of sorts and doesn't really do one position great, but does everything well. I think he is more of a backup kind of guy. We haven't really seen a lot from Greco. Bell had been to small, and now he lands himself on IR. Hasn't lived up to his contract. Finally we have Mark Setterstrom, who plays well above expectations when he is healthy, but has an injury issue.

        The way I see it, their is a good chance we might see a lot of new faces on this line next year. Really wouldn't suprise me if Round 1 we went Suh, Round 2 we went Qb, Round 3 we went with a nice big offensive guard, some names to throw out Mike Johnson, Brandon Carter, John Jerry.

        We all know that Spags is a firm believer in winning the wars in the trenches, so why not get some big boys to win those fights. Hopefully with we can Richie Icognito Version 2.0. Except 2.0 has the stupidity chip removed.
        -12-16-2009, 07:01 AM
      • sosa39rams
        Which offensive guard should we heavily pursue?
        by sosa39rams
        After watching our offensive guards play last year, I can truthfully say I am embarrassed. Depending on how much the Rams are willing to spend will determine who the best decision for us is. We have several veteran options who would surely do a much better job at opening holes for Steven Jackson than Adam Goldberg or even Jacob Bell. With that, lets begin.

        Davin Joseph - He is one terrific player. If the Buccaneers make the mistake of letting him go, I think we have no choice but to pounce on him. He is great in both pass protection and run blocking. He can open holes and is versatile. Hes fairly healthy and is in the prime of his career. Legarrette Blount was running wild behind his line. Joseph is a consummate pro who never complained during their losing seasons and would truly make our offensive line elite.

        Justin Blalock - Justin Blalock is an extremely healthy (only missed 2 games in 4 years) young up and coming guard. He has done a solid job on the Falcons line for the past 4 years. He is under appreciated and over looked because of the other guys on that line (Harvey Dahl, Tyson Clabo). He is a very efficient run blocker using his big 6'4 329 lbs frame. Blalock is above average in pass blocking. He would be the cheaper option between him and Joseph, though both would do wonders towards our running game. Especially the short running game such as 3rd and 1 or in the redzone.

        Now we enter the very expensive options. I don't believe we will pursue either of these guys because of the money we already have invested in our line.

        Carl Nicks - He is a top 5 offensive guard in the NFL. He is terrific in creating holes for the run game and keeping his QB standing in the pass game. He would be a very expensive option if the Saints where to let him go. They won't be able to afford the 2 most expensive guards in the game (Jahri Evans, Carl Nicks). I don't see us giving up a ton of money for him, though the difference between him and Adam Goldberg is unbelievable.

        Logan Mankins - Mankins is considered the best guard in the NFL by many. He is terrific in every aspect of the game but is looking for a huge payday. I don't see us pursuing him at all. He also held out until week 7 last year showing what kind of character he is. Greed seems to have taken over his brain. I will admit he is on another level skill wise.

        At the end of the day I'd say we end up with Blalock. He is flying under the radar and would be terrific on our line. He would improve Steven Jacksons yards per carry. I could see the Rams convert a lot of 3rd downs and 4th downs, as opposed to last year where they were absolutely horrendous on those downs.
        -07-21-2011, 12:03 AM
      • MauiRam
        Greco vs Bell ..
        by MauiRam
        Greco vs Bell (2nd SF game review)
        by sbrown1021
        July 17th 2009 from another site

        Greco Vs. Bell

        Bell started the game, and then came out after 2 series (3?), and Greco played the rest of the way....Here is what seems to be the truth:

        Just my opinion…I didn’t know Bell was so weak, until I looked at him play after play. This is how I see him and Greco:

        Teams find a weak guy and exploit him. It seems like when Jacob Bell plays, tackles push him off balance, and his shoulders are out of position (not square) all the time and therefore he has no power on most of his blocks; and then when a running back changes direction toward Jacob Bell’s space, Bell has done nothing to clear his man out of the way and the back gets no yards, or loses yards….versus when John Greco comes in, they don’t toss him around, at all. Huge difference to me. Honestly, I am not sure if I have ever seen such a huge disparity in theoretical strength required for the position and the actual strength the player has.

        I have more hope for Tye Hill making a comeback, than JB being a good guard for the Rams….of course Bell says he is 15-20 pounds heavier…hmmm, sounds easy...just gain weight....

        A center in NFL gets ‘help’ on straight ahead running plays, probably 90% of the time. Every O line coach assumes this, when diagramming plays. Only a few centers can take on a nose tackle and even managed a stand off. (Jason Brown is one!) So, it is ok to be ‘weak’ at center.

        But, being ‘weak’ at guard, well that is a big problem…unless you work for the Colts or Mike Martz (semi joke,there)

        Tom Nutten weighed about 280 ;lbs, which is why he got no push in the straight ahead run game, except for a few games. Nutten was a great pass blocker. Those old 80’s 49er teams had small guards too, but their ‘angle’ block schemes invented by the their genius OL coach, McKittrick, allowed for smaller, quicker guards. Those guards were made for pass blocking, pulling and screens. Jacob Bell would have been very successful, like Nutten, in the Rams GSOT offense….or playing for the Colts Run-lite offense, Bell would be a good fit too.

        The moment Greco came replaced Bell against the ***** (week 16), the Rams line look solidified and they didn’t get pushed around on his side…Sometimes your brain plays tricks…could there be such a difference between these guys? How could Bell be starting? AM I high? How did Bell even start for a power run team like Tennesee? I must be wrong about him.

        So, I thought I would make a comparision between Greco and Bell…in light of the emphasis on power blocking, it becomes apparent to me that even with 15 pounds Bell will not be adequate….though Jason Brown will help him a lot this year, if he does start!

        Pass Blocking

        Greco, being a good tackle in college (similar to David...
        -08-07-2009, 09:14 AM
      • bruce4life
        The offensive Line.. the decent and the down right ugly.
        by bruce4life
        I'll tell you this now can you guys name one play where Orlando Pace has gotten beat this season? He is not one of the rams problems this year folks.

        The problem is Nick Leckey.
        -09-17-2008, 12:53 PM