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    Well today was a big day for the Rams. A lot of the names that have been thrown out for the Rams picks were playing in big games. These are just the games that I watched and what I thought. Keep in mind, I had an obligation so was not able to watch the entirety of some games.

    1st half of Cincinnati vs Pittsburg game
    Tony Pike- was not impressed at all with the throws that he was making. definitely not a starting quality franchise quarterback right now. However what I did see what potential to become something. Might not be a bad pick if he is on the board later. Although based upon the final score, I might have seen a totally completely different Pike.

    Dom Decicco- Had an interception and was playing quality ball. I think he will be a quality ball player in the future. Wouldn't mind seeing him and OJ roaming around in the secondary.

    2nd half of Alabama vs Florida
    Tim Tebow- Not only did he play himself out of the BCS bowl, also played him self out of a heisman trophy. The crying didn't help either. Definately have no interest in him now.

    Mark Ingram- This kid is something special. Part of me wishes we did trade away Steven Jackson, just so we could get this kid. He will definately be a top 10 pick, and arguably a top 5 pick.

    Terrence Cody- I have been a big supporter of his since day 1. However I am not so high on him any more. Some plays he would get engaged and not be able to move his man. Other plays he was forcing his way into the backfield. Saw a few nice plays where he sidestepped his blocker and managed to stop the running back. Interesting to see what he does in the Bowl game and at the combine. If we do trade back a few slots, might be a perfect fit.

    Greg McElroy- He's had a very up and down season. Looked hot at the beginning of the season, had a rough couple of games, and has picked his game back up at the end. Noticed how we wasn't forcing too many passes, and just letting the plays form. This may because he knew he had a solid defense and a hardworking running back to support him. If he continues this in the BCS bowl, I think we might have to give him a solid look.

    Colin Peek- A large big TE that would be a nice red zone addition. I know he doesn't have a lot of touchdown receptions, but he had a beautiful touchdown catch tonight. If he slips late, would be a great addition to this team. We can't do any worse then we are doing right now at that position.

    Texas vs Nebraska
    Colt McCoy- Have to give credit to nebraska defense. They knew that Colt likes to throw the short little passes, and they covered them up. The defense was throwing him multiple looks and was constantly in his face. Saw some positives though, he is a large mobile quarterback that can be accurate on the run. His receivers were frequently smothered, so instead of forcing a pass, he would simply run it or throw it away. Made quality decisions. However I think his deep ball ability was exposed, he rarely threw down field. Had a couple nice tosses that his receivers couldn't control. Was looking good on the 2nd to last drive. Definitely a 2nd round quarterback at best, as of right now. Hoping he shows better decisions in the BCS bowl. I believe he is a perfect match for the west coast offense.

    Ndamukong Suh- As much as I don't want to admit it, I have to change my pick from Cody to Suh. Suh single handidly changed the complex of the game. The line was in McCoys face all day and didn't give him a second to breathe. He is without a doubt a game changer. I would love to draft him in the first. He is one of a kind.

    Feel free to comment or add any other names that performed today.

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    Re: Todays Games

    KingKong Suh was a beast today!

    He dominated in every aspect of the game. We can't pass him up.